Sunday, June 21, 2009

sunday the 21st

sorry about my incredibly depressing posts last night.
i just wasnt feeling myself.
leading to me feeling depressed and wanted to put my feelings into pictures.
i didnt have any of my own so they are from google and le love.
anyways on with today.

woke up later than usual, got ready late and left late.
graces makeup was halarious it was like an inch think haha.
i drove and picked up graces friend becky (btw its really frustrating having someone with the same name as you in the car) then went and picked up sister sarah.
drove to brisbane with only one major drama. i was just driving along then we got stuck behind a really slow driver and it took me forever to merge to get in front. ohh and when i was merging another time my seat belt came off therefore causing me to career all over the road for a moment in confusion. so two incidences really.
it was so cool going 110km/hr :) its incredibly fast :)
got to D.F.O later than expected, ran through the rain (ugh) decided our meeting times/places and me and sarah went shopping.
we met up with everyone for lunch then shopped more.

i brought great things and only went over my budget by $30 which i thought was pretty good considering i have $300 sitting in my account waiting for myer to get my ipod in.
heres what i got :)
3 pairs of ray ban rip offs from... im pretty sure it was bright eyes but i could be mistaken cause i cant find the receipt. now you may ask did i really need three pairs and the answer is well no not really but it was buy 2 get 1 free so i thought why not :) ones black with pink arms, ones white with pink arms and blue ones with yellow arms. they all have a black design on the arms thats got lines going up and along them. and they all came with cases :) all up $20
i got my ring from fuse silver for $20 and sterling silver too :) id explain it to you but its just too hard but its very nice and it goes on my ring finger on my right hand (therefore not married)
my shorts from seafolly for $10 reduced from $60 :D bargain bargain bargain. they're blue and white with the buttons in the middle but a belt that ties up on the side. they remind me of woodford and summer so much i cant wait for it to be warm again so i can wear them :)
a pair of earrings and a bracelet from charcoal for $6 again bargain :) the earrings are gold with a circle of pearl then a bird then a locket. so pretty. the bracelet is blue with silver beads, again kind of hard to explain.
i got a sweater kind of thing from cotton on for $20 but im not sure if im going to keep it cause i already have one like it and i need to be saving my dough right now. but anyways its white with blue on the ends of the sleeves, the bottom and down the buttons.
from icon i got a necklace for $2 and a wallet for $10. i love the necklace, every store me and sister sarah went into i looked at feather necklaces but they were all too expensive and then i saw this one for $2!! love it :) and the wallet i saw when we were then on our way back from the airport in january and i didnt have any money (having spent it all at woodford) and even after begging mum to buy it for me i didnt get it. and then today i got it! and it was $30 when i saw it in january :)
then we went back to charcoal cause sister sarah had seen a dress in there the first time we were in there but decided to leave it in case she found something better, which she didnt therefore the reason for us going back. as she was trying it on i found a really nice pair of jeans. id been trying on jeans all day and i had had the same problem in every single store. they would either fit really well on my waist with little or no overflow but be too baggy on my legs, making me look fat or they would fit my legs and be too tight on my waist with heaps of overflow, making me look fat. i was pretty downhearted by the end of the day but these jeans were just too nice to not try on. i tried them on and they fitted amazingly!! and they were so comfortable i felt like i could sleep in them! but they were $60 which is more than i like to spend on jeans and would mean that i would go over my budget. so i called mum and got her to meet us to get her opinion. she didnt like them very much but she doesnt like skinnys in general. she got me another pair to try on that were cheaper but they werent as nice so me and sister sarah rocked off to see whether i should get them. i won therefore i got them :)
total spending = $128
i was only meant to spend $100 max but it just means ill have to wait another week for my ipod. it was worth it :)
then we drove home, got lost for a bit cause mum wasnt directing well but we got there in the end. dropped sister sarah and becky home then we went home and showed everyone else our stuff. grace spent her money on the most stupid things $45 for three pairs of under ware that are ugly. oh well it makes me happy haha. my jeans were too long so i showed mum and she cut them, but she cut them just that little bit too short which i was actually really sad about for quite a bit. i was trying not to act cut at mum cause it wasnt really her fault and she felt really bad but i think she knew i was cut anyways.
then i fell asleep on the couch and woke up to a phone call from other sarah. it pretty much went "we're going to grab you and steffs present and go to steffs house to give it to her. me and sarah will be at your house in three minutes" so i ran, got into my jeans, grabbed steffs present and they were at my house. sarahs new car is nice, its not as love able as the bubble but its nice and its flashy :) we drove to steffs, gave her her present and chilled for a bit before going home via maccas :) (which sarah stalled at LOL) they both said my jeans were really nice, they didnt say anything about the length so im hoping its one of those things you only notice once you've been told kinda things.

im rather excited for tomorrow im going to see the hangover with nomi :)
and ive gotta be up super dooper early (well 7 but thats early on the holidays) cause she has to work in the afternoon so we have to catch the first movie. then we're going to "do lunch"
haha i love her so :)
nighty night xx
ohh p.s. i shall no doubt take photos of all my lovely things that i brought today and put them up soon :)

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