Wednesday, June 24, 2009

im just so popular

i know everyone :)
example 1: today at the plaza i saw maddie, kamara, naomi, britta, kezia and alex.
example 2: i also saw elliot, joe and their other friends.
example 3: i also saw corey and corey.
example 4: then i saw zak and rhys.
example 5: then i saw naomis sister kaitlyn.
example 6: then i saw rachelle.
example 7: then i saw jack.
example 8: then i saw sam.
yeah as i said, im pretty popular :D

today i got woken up by mum. i was far from pleased and answered her with a grumpy "what?" she then said "heres $5 for the bus" boy did i feel bad. i got up later and got ready. then i somehow almost missed the bus and had to run for it. and i took my shoes off to do so. i bet grace would have loved that. she caught the bus with me today. how embarrassment.
so i got to the plaza and brought makeup while waiting for nutter.
then we met up and walked around the plaza for a bit before resting at coles. she drew me a picture of her new house that was pretty awesome haha then we went to maccas and ate.
then elliot and joe came in. they were going to sit with us but their friends were awkward so they didnt.
then corey and corey came in and sat with us. they mentioned that they had just been to see transformers with zak and rhys so we called them and they were sitting just outside maccas!! so they came in and sat with us.
then the coreys left, then rhys left then me, nutter and zak walked around the plaza.
then we saw kaitlyn. well no zak saw kaitlyn and said "isnt that naomis sister?" and im like "no she has different hair" and hes like "no im pretty sure thats her" so nutter calls down "kaitlyn" and she turns aroud. so yeah zak who has seen kaitlyn once can recognise her. compare this to kaitlyn being my adopted sister who i have spent countless times with and i couldnt recognise her :S
then zak left and me and nutter went into target where we saw rachelle working. so we chatted for a bit, tried on some heels then left.
then we went to kmart, brought $1 lollies, went to a seat and had a picnic :) nutter brought food from home cause shes broke :) shes so cute :)
then i saw jack and waved to him. he did the whole double-take thing it was halarious :) so he came over and chatted for a bit. he looks exactly the same as he did in year 7 except with braces :) it was expectedly awkward.
then sam sat next to me and i got super-dooperly amazingly excited and kind of ... ignored jack :S then he left with his friend without saying goodbye so i guess that our thing is ended :l
so we chatted some more with sam then kamara came and sat with us too. then sam left, we picnicked some more then nutter had to leave so we walked her to the bus stop then me and kamara chilled some more before catching the bus home.
pretty much a great day :) it was good to chill with nutter again :)

nsw lost origin. epic sad face. epic shame face really.

so yeah. ohh wanna hear my plan for tomorrow? im going to the library and getting some of the books from my list :) then im going to read them on the beach all day and at some point go visit other sarah to grab the schoolies deposit money off her. im glad i didnt have to ask cause id feel so rude. i hope i dont have to ask sister sarah.

if you have any books to suggest drop us a comment :)

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