Monday, June 29, 2009


i have a follower :) hi there :)

now ive been quite busy so heres the catch up on the last couple of days :)

other sarah picked me up around 8:45 and we dropped her car at the kmart mechanics. thats right kmart has a mechanic :) then we went to work to drop of my stuff cause they had given me a shift from 1 til 6. guess who was working? brad. yepp. and jess g and nic as well. so i asked jess g if she was working all day and no she finished work at 1:45. and nic was finishing at 2 which was why i was in. yepp.
then me and other sarah went to maccas for breakfast :) then we shopped.
then she got a call from the mechanics asking her if she had got a road worthy on her car. she had but it turns out the guy who passed it was dodge and shouldnt have passed it. so the car was going to have to stay in all day therefore meaning we couldnt pick up ron ron. he attempted to bus it but realised that he didnt have any money on him or at his house. and the bus driver wouldnt let him on. so he had to walk about half hour to get to the shops to get money out. which he said he was going to do but didnt end up doing.
so me and other sarah went dress shopping on our own. i found lots of nice ones but they were all strapless which i dont think will work for me cause i want to be able to dance at formal. other sarah found a really nice one :) its back was amazing.

see you can kind of see the back in this one ^^


then i went to work, other sarah walked me and we all chilled with jess g and nic for a bit :) it was quite nice
then she left and i started working. jess g told me that brad had to stay down the back cause we still arent meant to be working together. not long after brad came up to get something. so we talked a little bit. then jess left. then nic left. then it was just us. but he was still down the back. at the very end of my shift i asked him to honestly answer me about when we broke up if he meant what he said about him thinking i was cheating on him every weekend. he said "i said a lot of stupid things when we broke up" but i double checked "so you didnt mean it?" and he shook his head :D which is fantastic cause thats what i was stressing about the most. after working with him i decided i liked him again :S
then i left and other sarah (with max) picked me up. she is so funny she got to the school before realising that she had left me behind! we went to her house, she got ready then we went to dominoes cause other sarah had a free voucher :) a couple of minutes after ordering sister sarah called and said she was at my house. so she chilled with my mum until we got to mine with the pizza. mum got me drinks which was nice :) so we got ready and things were... okay with sister sarah. i dont know if it was awkward or i was just being awkward.
we were all going to walk to ashlees cause its close but it was raining so we called zack and he got some guy to pick us up :) thanks guy :) we got there and it was actually way better than i expected. it was kind of separated but it was still fun. i introduced rhys to everyone as rhysiefaecies :) he was getting mad but not the real kind of mad just the playful kind. ssiter sarah was threatening to tell the boys about Gilly Giant Jugs then later on rhys came up and was like "Hi Gilly" so i went to sister sarah and was like "omg i cant believe you told them im going to tell them about Betty Big Bra blah blah blah" and ran off and told the boys. then i found out that sister sarah had only told them to call me Gilly. stupid bec. so i apologized alot for it and the photos on myspace and told her about how i thought she hated me cause of it and everything. she said she didnt hate me and everything but i still dont know cause she would never tell me if she was angry. two guys from corbos were there, im pretty sure they were called scotty and ryan (sorry im really bad with names) and they were like the only non-sleazy guys from corbos so i chilled with them a bit. and there were heaps of people from my school that i used to be friends with so i was chilling with them as well. i stole like half of torys vodka haha :) thanks tory :)
then we got a call from the creek boys saying that they were all drinking at adams and we should come. so we were trying to figure out how to get there when cameron, a guy that used to go to our school but was hell dodge when he did, offered to drive us. and we were like "no you cant its in minyama thats too far" but hed just gotten his Ps so he really wanted to drive and he hadnt been drinking so we got in his car. hes a nice boy :) so we got there and even though he refused to take money i gave him some. we got to adams and hayden greets me with "guess what bec? toms here" so we went inside and said hi to everyone. everyone being adam, alistair, julian, haden, riley, ricky, rickys gf (yepp they're still together somehow) ron ron, reiss, tom and sam. i was so fully stoaked i still had all my drinks when i got to adams :) so we chilled in the lounge room and drank. tom was very very very drunk, he was hallucinating :S me and riley chilled again and it was good :) we took some great photos too :)

the face haha.

other sarah and riley.

fully stoaked... about something.

gosh im a good poser.

my drunk face.

haha talking?

over exposed?

squashed nose.

tom. his eyes are amazing.

tom and sister sarah.

ron ron and alistair.


the face again.

shes gorgeous.

i love them dearly.

then me and tom were sitting on the couch and he started off by putting his arm on the top of the couch then slowly lowering it to rest on my shoulder. it was like in the movies or something :) i was trying to act oblivious cause i didnt want to force anything. then i went to the fridge to get another drink and tom followed me. he fully jumped me!! we started kissing and ended up against the cupboard making out. then he put his hand down my pants before id even realised what he was doing. so i pulled it out and was like "there are people in the room!" (cause the kitchen is connected to the lounge room) and hes like "that just makes it more fun" no tom. so we went back to the couch and chilled with everyone some more. and made out some more :)
then at 12 adam kicked everyone out which was weird cause normally adams cool but whatever. we decided to go back to ron rons so we walked to the nicklin way, checked bus times and walked as far as we could before 1:20 when the bus was meant to come. ron ron and sam walked way ahead cause sam wanted to have talks. on the way i realised that i had no money so we stopped by the 7/11 and got a curly-whirly, 2 chomps and $10 out. the sarahs got pies. quote "boob do you want a pie? no ive got chocolate!" the ladies working must have thought we were halarious :) reiss kept on trying to trip me when we were walking so i kept on running about 20 meters ahead and either danced til everyone caught up or tom would come up and kiss me until we were about 10 meters behind everyone. and repeat. reiss was paying me and tom out cause when we kissed tom would be bending down and i would be on my tiptoes :) when reiss tripped me once i like rolled my ankle and sister sarah offered to piggy back me but i decided i was man enough to handle it :) we got to the closet bus stop and sat there waiting. id needed to pee since we left adams so i went down a back alley and peed. im quite stoaked that i didnt fail :) after waiting for ages we accepted that the bus wasnt coming and got other sarah to call a taxi. the taxi people hung up on sarah the first time LOL. so we got a maxi taxi to come, got picked up, picked up ron ron and sam a little ways down and got to ron rons.
me and tom were in the spare room cause somehow reiss swindled us out of the double bed and into the single. we started making out and everything then i get a text. guess who its from? brad. yepp. it said "look soz if i woke you but i wanna know an answer like i gave you tonight x" so i called him but we didnt talk for long cause his phone died. so he text me and the conversation was a bit confusing but he basically asked if i had cheated on him :( which means he probably did mean everything he said when we broke up :( i went to talk to the sarahs, ditching tom for a minute :S and they said there was no reason for me to tell brad about tom so i didnt. it must have been hell annoying for tom and it was really rude of me. i mean texting my ex while im making out with tom and stressing about not telling brad about cheating on him with tom while toms kissing the back of my neck and leaving the room to talk strategy with the sarahs about brad. stupid bec. but i made it up to him and he didnt fail this time :) i was a bit devo of the timing but tom is amazing therefore still making me orgasm without even taking my pants off :) he also gave me two of the biggest hickeys on either side of my neck. one of them looks like a rash thats how big it is! he has some too :) then we fell asleep together :)
after being with tom ive decided that im not going to get back with brad :) like i probably still love him and everything but hes just no good at the physical stuff. okay, no, hes not no good at it hes good but after being tom i just couldnt go back to that. not now that i know how amazingly-fantasticly-super-mindblowing it can be. it would be like going from living in a small apartment to living in a huge mansion then back to the apartment (no pun intended on the small and huge :P ) it just wouldnt work. i couldnt do it. so thanks tom :)


alarm went off at 7 :l ugh. so i got up, called mum, found out she couldnt pick me, called riley, found out he could and got ready. sarah text me when my alarm went off asking if it was my alarm so we chilled in ron rons living room until riley came. i absolutely love riley :) he drove from adams house in minyama to ron rons house in currimundi then back to the plaza so that i could get to work :) hes a legend. then mum came to the plaza to give me clothes and stuff for work. then i went to work with my red bull and water, got ready, tried to cover my hickeys, showed jess and chloe my hickeys who told me to put my hair over it then worked. nic didnt notice my hickeys all day i was so stoaked :) work was fun. i knocked my water bottle over at one stage and jess cleaned it up for me and i was like "gosh im so unco" and shes like "thats cause you stayed up all night getting rashes from boys" LOL i chilled with other sarah on my break and recapped on our night/her morning. i so wish i didnt have to work, she had the best morning. everyone went to hers for breakfast and i worked :( haha when tom came into the room in the morning other sarah was like "hey tom whats that on your neck there?" and he turns to the mirror and was like "oh no, oh shit" while rubbing it. she leaned over to sister sarah and, thinking she was whispering, said "becs is worse" to discover that everyone heard. just hoping i dont see the boys before its gone haha :) also i found out that tom borrowed a condom of ron ron which makes me a bit worried cause he had one in his wallet at adams birthday but he didnt have one friday night, probably meaning that hes used it since adams. while i know ive got no claim to him it still makes me jealous. then work, then home, then sleep. other sarah text me later and invited me to a thing with pauly and friends but then she found out she couldnt go and since i dont know them that well i text sister sarah too see if she wanted to come but she never text me back. so i just slept.

my alarm goes off at 8 :l ugh. i thought it was monday so i planned my day before realising that it was actually sunday and i had to work. i got into work and the first thing jenny asks me is "what did you do last night?" and i was like "nothing, why?" and shes like "what did you do friday night?" and i said "i went out, why?" and she says "who were you with?" and i replied "rebound boy" (tom) and she was like "i can tell by the necklace he gave you" LOL i love her :) sash was quite impressed too :) work was good again. chilled with other sarah on my break again. found out that sister sarah had called her last night finding out the details for paulys things and othere sarah said to sister sarah "call bec she wants to go" but i never got a call :( so now im worried that sister sarah is angry at me still. then back to work. megan came in who im not particularly a fan of but oh well :) then drove home and got invited to the movies with pauly, other sarah, mel and riley. we saw year one. its okay, not great. then we went to mooloolaba maccas then went to take rae, jamie, brent, nick, sam and someone else to omalleys :( i so wish i was 18. then we went back to maccas and chilled before going home. sarah came into mine to use the bathroom and ended up staying so late she didnt want to drive home so she stayed at mine. just after we got into bed we got a call from nick saying hed just got kicked out of omalleys with sam and that they were walking back to nicks house. so we went to pick them. we werent going to let them walk from mooloolaba to buderim. we told them we'd meet them at coles but as we drove into coles we saw that there was police talking to sam and nick. since other sarahs on her red Ps we drove out again and tried to call rae, brent and jamie to see if they knew anything but they didnt pick up. then they called and we tried to convince them to go away from coles but then they hung up. we thought that nicks phone had died so we went to coles and saw cops there again. so we drove away again and waited for their call. they called, we picked them up, dropped sam home, dropped nick home and went home. it was so funny when we dropped nick home we walked him to his room and helped him get his shoes off then we tried to get his jumper off and it got stuck on his head!! me and other sarah collapsed on the bed in fits of laughter and nick just sits there, not even trying to get it off saying "ouch this hurts" and "this isnt funny guys" which just made it funnier :)

other sarahs alarm goes off at 8 :l ugh. i said goodbye to her and then went back to sleep until 1:30 pm :) then i got up showered and searched for my pill prescription. which i found :) now im on myspace and msn and i just found out that jackson and kamara got together!! jacksons like 25 and engaged and has a kid! shit! but i cant act like this to her cause ive gotta support her, she supports me. and its not like hes innocent in this either.

well thats everything :)

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  1. hmmmm. bec;;
    i love your detail :P

    gosh strapless!? how unfortunate! xD.

    hmmm, what if brad makes you feel emotionally stable despite the physical differences? is it really all the physical that matters?

    nice covering of your hickeys ;D.

    (i like your blogging ^^)