Thursday, June 25, 2009


i saw some haikus on a blog describing their life.
so ive decided to write one of my own.
but describing my day since my life is just way to broad.

i have an amazing
amount of emotions for
such a small body

today on the bus i was lip syncing to my ipod and it brought me to think of something sister sarah said (wow lots of Ss) about grace and becky who were lip syncing in the car on the way to and from the D.F.O. she said "why dont you just sing?" which brought me to think "why dont i just sing? what would happen if i did?" i think if a person started singing on the bus i would listen to them. that would be it. do you reckon id get told to be quiet if i started singing on the bus? well i guess it would depend if there was stupid people on my bus or not.
i think i shall try it next time :)



  1. love you blogs!

  2. love your* blog! haha.

  3. Don't tell anyone, but I have always wanted to break out in song on public transport.
    lol ^^.
    Shhhhhh...Our secret.