Tuesday, June 23, 2009

just around the corner

i cant believe that i only have like 4 months or something until i graduate.
this year has flown by that quick.
its almost over.
and im completely terrified.
i keep on forgetting that everything is going to change. that im not going to see my best friends every day. that im going to have to work most days just to be able to support myself. that uni in crazily harder than school in every way possible. that ill have to start growing up.
i dont think about it too often but every now and then it hits me and i feel completely desperate to somehow make it last longer. its the worst feeling. like the best years of my life are slipping through my fingers.
i had one of those days today.
i hung out with rae, jamie, brent, tom, nick, both sarahs and anna today. and mel and tegan briefly.
through the whole day i was fine but when i got home and looked at the photos from today i had a moment.
but it was a great day :) i got a text from other sarah this morning at like 11 (waking me up) saying "beach??" which lead me to curse myself for not doing my washing last night. i text her back saying that i had chores and would call her when i was done.
so i jumped out of bed and got all my washing done in like under 2 hours. im just that good. so i called sarah who was at raes house picking up rae and jamie so other sarah, rae and jamie came to get me :) dancing and singing in the car the whole way of course :) it was halarious we were behind a dog-wash-tralier-thing and after being behind it for like 5 minutes other sarah exclaims out of no where "WHAT IS THAT THING IN FRONT OF US??" after we explained that it was shaped to look like a dog sarah was like "but it doesnt even look like one!" rae said "thats cause we're behind it" and other sarah realises what rae means "ohh" haha :) and there was a truck just chilling in both of the lanes at once accompanied with another exclamation from other sarah "WHAT IS THAT TRUCK DOING??" :) then we finally got to the beach to meet up wtih tom and nick who werent there haha. theyd left to take harry to the plaza. we met up with anna as well and sunbaked. other sarah, jamie and rae went to simplys for a visit and a pie then other sarah went to sister sarahs house to drive brent and sister sarahs to brents house so that brent could drive jamies car. yeah confusing, i know. somewhere in between other sarah leaving and coming back tom and nick came back. then mel and tegan came but they were acting really antisocial and left after like 10 minutes. then sister sarah and brent came. after chilling on the beach for a bit longer we decided to go to landmark cause the sun wasnt out anyways.
me, anna, tom, nick and the sarahs went up first cause the others were scared that there was too many people.
it was heaps of fun chilling in the spa. heres the photos :)

hi, im anna. have you met my legs?

shes so pretty

tom. these pictures dont even begin to do him justice.

this is just expected from brent.

rae has the most gorgeous laugh.
maybe thats how she looks so gorgeous doing it.

i love sarah. even if she did tell tom about Gilly Giant-Jugs.

again; gorgeous.

she would kill me if she knew that i put these up.

hahahaha. need i say more?

i love his pants.

comparing chest hair cause nicks is growing back since cole waxed it and tom just doesnt have any.

im actually not sure what im doing with my mouth in this photo.

the sarahs <3

i have such pretty facial expressions.

awwww; i love nick :)

blu-tak nipple stars; ahaha

then sister sarah had to go to work and other sarah had to go home to make dinner so she dropped me home on the way. i love people having their licences :)

mum and grace fought pretty soon after i got home :( mums being a bit ridiculous really.

i think im going to make a scrapbook of this year. record everything. i shall start as soon as i have money :)
well im meeting nutter tomorrow and i dont want to miss the bus so im going to get a good nights sleep.

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