Monday, August 31, 2009

qcs soonishly

so yeah the queensland core skills test starts tomorrow at 9 am tomorrow. or is it 8:30 am?
fuck you can tell im prepared cant you? :)
anyhoo we have a communal breakfast for the grade starting at 7:30 am to promote eating before the big test and to bring the group together which should be fun :) other sarahs taking me as well :)
then the writting test starts. im kind of happy that that ones first cause thats my best one so ill be feeling great for the multiple choice in the afternoon :) unless i completely fuck the writting test. then ill probably be on the edge of suicide. nahh jokes everything will be fine :)
then me, the sarahs and anyone else who wants to join is going to zarraffas to relax :)
then we do it all again on wednesday with the short response in place of the writting task. oh joy. but then its done and over which will be an amazing feeling :)

and im meant to be sleeping now cause samaha told us to go to bed early but i doubt i could sleep if i was in bed anyways. so instead im watching a show about penises. go choice. whats more im watching it with my mum. go awkward situations.

i really quite miss tom. i mean i havent had proper tom-time in two weekends now. but we had the cuddly side last weekend which was great :)

on another point i may have found my formal dress today. its much to hard to explain so ill just take a picture when i try it on next :) im taking dad to see it on saturday or sunday. im taking mum to see it sometime too. then if i get approval from both of them (and ive already got approval from the sarahs) then ill buy it :) and its only $200 so that means $100 left over for shoes/bag/jewellery/makeup/hair :)
im a bit sad that we cant take dates to formal. well no thats not right we can take dates but we have to take people from our school and grade and even though i love our boys im not game enough to ask any of them in case they think im lame which pretty much leaves it up to them and i dont think they would ask if they wanted to. so yeah essentially no date. but oh well that means i can dance with whoever i like :) still it would have been pretty awesome if i could have brought tom, other sarah brought ron ron and sister sarah brought reiss :)

well thats all thats happened in my life really. i really really really just want it to be wednesday afternoon when everything is done. the song that comes to mind is the cadbury ad song "wouldnt it be nice..."
p.s. sister sarah brought her formal dress today :) its rather pretty :) and black. so if i get the dress i think im getting it will go sister sarah in her black dress, me in my black and white dress, other sarah in her black dress. i think that would be quite an esthetically pleasing photo :)

happy birthday bec

so friday was kind of my birthday :)
it was really lovely. on thursday night mum stayed up to 12 with me to say happy birthday :) and ron ron was on the net and started talking to me at 12 so i was like "aww hes going to wish me happy birthday" but after talking for 10 minutes i decided it was just a coincidence and informed him it was my birthday :)
on friday i woke up and opened my presents. i thought i was only getting one but i actually got three :) i got my ipod speakers/radio/cd player, a tent and coconut covered marshmellows :) i love them :) and grace gave me a card and it had the funniest spelling on it; "deriet" meant to be "dearest" :) so i set up my ipod speakers which was a mission but i got it done :) then mum came in and said happy birthday :) then i got ready and other sarah came to pick me up :) then to school and legal for my first lesson and maddie gave me my present. well at least i think its my present but she might not count it as my present. anyhoo its a card made into a flower via origami. its awesome :) then film and i really just hate it when we arent doing group projects. that class is soul-sucking. then lunch and i saw everyone :) kamara gave me her card and present. it was a card that had $17 in coins attached to it :) hahaha and she went to write gorgeous but she wrote gorf so she left it as that :) and naomi gave me her card :) and me and sister sarah did our film all lunch which was stressful cause it was due. then maths and nutter told me halarious things about jake. fuck hes pathetic. then my spare and even though elliot couldnt sneak cupcakes and softdrink into the library he still gave me a birthay hug :) and i actually did work in my spare that continued through my lunch and into next lesson. but i got my drama assessment done and handed it in :) then i went to work and brad and sarian got their shifts cut so i didnt get to see them :( work was a bit boring but it was still fun. sasha and allie came to visit and i found out that allie is 12, not at least 15 like i thought :) then mum picked me up and we went to hathi to get takeaway :) yumyumyum :) i got butter chicken as usual and it it was amazing as per usual. then other sarah text me and invited me to the movies with riley so we went and saw the ugly truth :) its great :) and sister sarah was working so we got in for free :) haha we were trying to convince riley to come to skirmish cause i didnt have enough people at that point and we used the best blackmail ever "we will say infront of luke that you're our favourite creeker" :) we so almost won him over with that :) then other sarah drove me home and we put the music up really loud and danced in the car :)

saturday i woke up, let sister sarah in and started getting ready for skirmish :) then we picked rhody up and were on our way :) when we got there we found out that jesse didnt have a way to get there so mum went and picked him up :) everyone came and tom and other sarah both got there in time :) the people that came were the sarahs, ron ron, reiss, tom, ben, adam, naomi, britta, maddie, alex, rhys, jess lee, josh lee, glen, rhody, jesse, sasha and sandra. oh and me of course :) omg skirmish was.... omg. reiss, being hardcore like he is, rolled up his sleeves and pants :) and i introduced britta to tom cause tom thought i was making her up (even though they've met before) and i pointed out to sasha who tom is :) then we started and me, sasha, sandra and sister sarah got put on the bucks team :) i have to say that the first game ties for favourite with the last game. the first game was capture the flag with my team defending. us girls stood on the truck where the flag was and absolutely innihilated people and got it back in return :) reiss was a crazy nutter he walked straight through the middle of the feild, posing and dancing along the way :) and i shot him first :) and we kept the flag the entire game :) i ran out of bullets about half way through the game so i did a kamikaze run through the middle of the feild :) the second game was capture the flag again but with our team on the offence this time :) man did i get nailed by the boys. it was great :) we got the flag once but then the other team got it back. haha i got some good shots in there :) then near the end of the game sash just runs blind through the feild, grabs the flag and runs up to our part :) and we kept it for the rest of the game so we won :) the third game was an explosives round but it was megerly intense and i got shot even though i was in barracades haha :) and my gun broke three times :/ and a guy from my team shot me and was like "sorry" cause that makes it all better and everything haha. i sat out of the fourth game cause i wanted to have as many bullets as possible for the last round. the sarahs and sasha and sandy and rhody sat out too so we all just chilled and chatted :) then the last round which was free for all :) oh lord that was great :) i hunted reiss and found him. i was hiding behind some metal when i saw him so i shot him then hid :) then waited and shot him and hid :) and then waited and shot him and hid :) then i had to move cause there was a guy behind me which gave them perfect aim at me. i actually fell to the ground it was so painful but fun at the same time :) then reiss, adam and ron ron came to join me to get some other people. haha adam went about 10 meters back at one stage and shot me in the back :) then i eventually ran out of bullets and went up. it was probably one of the best days ive had this year. i love skirmish and the people that came :) omg so many people had so many brutal bruises :) reiss had them all over his body cause he was just halarious on the feild :) and im proud to say that at least half of them were my doing :) the boys all had a couple, rhody got one on his lip even though you wear a mask during the game...? jesse was by far the worst he had at least 10 on his back and they were bleeding. it was freaking intense :) i have heaps and they are so huge its great :) i have an egg on the back of my head, one on my left arm and one on my right in the same spot :) i have three on my right shoulder from where reiss attacked me :) two on my back, i have a huge one on my right thigh that is still raised also from reiss plus a couple of littler ones (well they actually arent little but in comparision to my massive one they look it), i have three along my pants line that are might uncomfortable, one on my arse and one of my left ankle :) 17 in total :) pretty much im awesome and hardcore :) then most of us piled into cars and went to the beach :) and nick came!! when he got there he said "bec come for a walk for a minute" so i got up and walked with him and he said "guess who made you a cake?!" and i was like "omg you didnt!??!?!" and hes like "i did" so i gave him the biggest hug :) we went to his car and ate a little bit and it was amazing :) carrot cake my favourite :) we were going to bring it down to the beach but it was too windy and i didnt want sand in my cake. the people that came to the beach were rhody, rhys, glen, ron ron, reiss, tom, jess lee, the sarahs and ben. and then nick :) the water was sooooooo good after being at skirmish and just being at the beach in general was amazing :) haha when we were in the water the boys pushed me under about a million times :)  then we decided to go to landmark cause the beach was windy. we got to the rooftop spa and people were having sex in it :) LOL so ron ron, reiss and tom decide to go up there and make them feel as uncomfortale as possible :) which reiss did by standind there with his hand in his pants pretending to wank :) LOL. then we decided to head off. haha we overloaded other sarahs car. it went other sarah and jess lee in the front, glen rhys and sister sarah in the back with me lying over them :) boy going around corners was fun :) and everytime i laughed i would just shake on top of them, making them shake :) we went to sister sarahs house first and she got ready and i stole one of her dresses to wear that night. we also ate cake :) then we piled back in the car and dropped jess lee off at her house meaning i could get in the front :) then we went to my house, sister sarah stole one of my dresses, i packed my stuff for that night and off we went to other sarahs house. we all chilled at other sarahs house while we got ready. they boys were great. glen had the best quotes "hi, im glen, you may remember me from such beds as yours" :) and "i got in other sarahs bed with sister sarah" cause they were lying on her bed :) and i showed the boys how i can walk in heels :) and i showed ange my skirmish bruises :) then glens mum came to get him and we left. we were going to bli bli for sister sarahs mums partners sons birthday party (yeah work that out) so we dropped rhys off on the way. he has a nice house :) then we went to the birthday bbq :) it was really nice, like one of those homey houses with heaps of family all gathered :) they were christians so they said prayers and stuff but it wasnt too bad. and they did this really cool thing where they asked each person to say a high point and a low point for the month. it actually made me discover that this month has been freaking awesome :) really i havent had any low point thats lasted more than like a day haha :) it was really nice :) then we ate and all the food looked amazing but i was feeling dehydrated so i didnt each much. soon after we decided to leave so we said bye, drove back to other sarahs house to get her bag, had the music up mega loud the whole way singing and then went to sister sarahs house to chill. so we invited reiss, tom and ron ron naturally :) the six of us chilled waiting for someone to text us saying that there was something on but nobody did so we decided to chill at sister sarahs :) we called around seeing who could get us alcohol and dean got it for us :) we couldnt all fit in other sarahs car so me and tom stayed behind and chilled :) it was really nice he said "im glad you stayed cause i wanted to talk cause we dont really talk that much" and i was like "we talk" and he said "what get in the bed?" haha :) and i told him a bit about my family even though i probably shouldnt have. awwww and at one point he looks at me and says "do you want to kiss?" and that was when he was completely sober and everything :) and we kissed upside down at one point too cause tom wanted to see what it was like. then the others got back and tom made sex noises when they came in :) me and the sarahs got wipeout and juice, ron ron and reiss got jim beam and tom got extra dry. man reiss was egging tom on to drink that night, he got so smashed it was funny :) it was really nice to have the six of us just chill and talk :) and reiss told me i was one of the boys :) best thing ever :) and tom rode sister sarahs bike :) other sarah almost mentioned toms fail by saying "tom you cant drink too much" but i covered it by making up a lie about brad :) awwww i was sitting on one of the benches cowgirl style talking to everyone and tom came and sat behind me and cuddled me :) he touched one of my skirmish buises so naturally i winced and he was like "ohh sorry, where are they?" and he put his hands in my hands in mine and got me to show him where my bruises were so that he wouldnt hurt me :) reiss made the comment "man each time they (they being me and tom) are starting earlier, soon their going to start dating" to which i shook my head :) i love what me and tom have :) then we decided to go inside and watch a movie (euro trip) and i picked out that the girl twin in that movie is georgina from gossip girl :) a skill that is normally toms and i beat him :) then we were all chilling on the couch and tom started being naughty so i had to stop him and then he told me that any guy would love having sex with me, that my husband will be very lucky cause i orgasm so easily :) soon after he went to be sick even though reiss tried to convince me he hadnt been. when the boys were looking after tom (aww i thought it was cute that they went with him) other sarah started saying all this cute and halarious stuff like "i have very beautiful friends" and all this stuff about how shes so glad she brought me to adams in febuary and that i should change my name to sarah so i can be one of the sarahs :) shes great :) and it was really lovely :) then tom came back and pretty much passed out on the couch. reiss and ron ron were like "bec you have to go to the lanos! its the only thing thats going to keep him awake! save the night!" so we went to the spare room cause the spare room was free once more :) we started trying to have sex but tom was just too drunk and couldnt keep it up :( so he pretty much passed out and i went to bed. a while later sister sarah came in and told me to come to her bed cause he mum hates it when boys and girls sleep in the same room. which then meant i had to get dressed. hmmm problem. i couldnt find my underware. i searched for ages and after a while took other sarahs advice of "just do it later" so i borrowed some of sister sarahs and slept in sister sarahs bed with the sarahs. oh and other sarah kissed reiss :) we were egging her on all night :)

this morning i woke up and chatted with the sarahs and told them about toms fail. then we decieded to get up. i went into the spare room, found my underware (tom must have been lying on them) put them on then came outside. we were in the kitchen and other sarah went searching for tom. she came back and was like "wheres tom? the lanos is still here but i cant find him" then we saw him lying on one of the benches outside. poor tom he was in so much pain :( hahahaha at one point he accidentally knocked the bike and the handles hit him on the head :) it was halarious :) and other sarah suggested he hop in sister sarahs pool so he rolled into it :) we joined him on the side of the pool and layed there chatting for ages. it was nice :) he was being really open about the whole debacle, like even in front of other sarah! he openly appologised it was so lovely :) then we chilled, cleaned up, sister sarah left for work, tom and reiss left, other sarah and ron ron left and i chilled there by myself until mum came :) mum had been at the markets so she had my favourite donuts in the car for me :) then i came home, had breakfast and slept. it was weird i woke up and felt really shit but i dont know what from. then i went to work and sarian was there but only for a couple of minutes :( awww the work people put together a massive card with everyone writting stuff on it and im going to get it tomorrow cause then jenny can sign it :) i love them :) fiona and sasha were just laughing at me all day cause i was so fragile :) then home and i slept more. ive come to the conclusion im either sick or just exhausted from the weekend cause i kept on like slipping in and out of consciousness instead of falling asleep and waking up. then dinner and left over hathi :) other sarah called and we talked for a bit. and now im blogging :)

so that was my amazing birthday :) i honestly could not have had a better birthday weekend everything was just great :) i love my friends they made my days :)
best birthday yet :)

i cannot wait to go to school tomorrow and show everyone my buises :)
so im going to bed :)
night xx

p.s. qcs is on tuesday!! ahhhh!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i made a new blog :)

its called sound bite
check it out here
im kind of trying to write something that isn't a diary (like this blog) but more an expression of my state of mind with lyrics, pictures and limited words. im going to try to not say anything specific so people can look at my posts and link it to their feelings. appealing to the wider audience and whatnot :) and it will work for me as well if i look back on it later :)

so monday was pretty interesting for a school day.
we had first session which is my spare so i did my english. then on my way to drama i saw nutter and when we were talking she told me that shes thinking of breaking up with jake. im happy but im not happy because i dont like him or because that means ill get to see her more im happy because he makes her unhappy so she is making a choice to make herself happy. then i went to drama and after a while i got a text from nutter asking to meet me at the bathrooms so we met up and she started crying :( jake was just doing more dickhead shit. then once we talked it out we went to go back to class and the fire bell started going off. so we went down to the oval and sat in our class lines in the boiling heat.
after an age instead of letting us go to lunch they moved everyone into the shade. now we were hot and confused. why had they moved us into the shade instead of letting us go back to class (or lunch depending what time it was by then)? it was weird. so when mr. read walked past i asked him what was up and there had been two bomb threats left on the schools automatic answering machine. shit aye. so we were sitting on the oval cause the bomb squad was currently searching through all the buildings in the school for a bomb. shit aye. so we sat on the oval for another age then we went to the hall and got told that no bomb was found and that the person that left the message was a kid from our school. i seriously hope that no-one from school finds out which kid cause he is going to be mauled if he gets found out. then we had lunch cause we'd been sitting on the oval for the whole of lunch.
mel suggested we go to maccas for lunch so me, other sarah, mel, jake and terri went to maccas :) arghhh terri and jake, well no more jake than terri, are so frustrating!! they are so fake and vain and stupid!! it was torture to listen to them talking. and jake uses mel to drive him everywhere, its rude. then we went back to school for legal and i got my test results back. i got a c-. im pretty upset about it. i havent got cs in legal like ever. im a b+/a- student and i got a c-. not good. my teacher was like "what happened?" and i honestly i dont know what happened. arghh. but oh well its done now. just gotta kick ass in the exam i guess. then english last and me and other sarah showed each other our commentaries for our soliloquys and they are done in really different styles. i like my style of it better but im not the kind of person to say or do anything about it so im just hoping that sister sarah likes mine better haha.
then home and i gave mum her birthday present. i asked her the other day what she wanted for her birthday and she said "you've been so good saving for graduation and schoolies i just want something small like a block of chocolate." so i got her a block of chocolate :) we fought a little that night which im not happy about. i was at least trying not to fight. it just didnt always work out like i planned.

today was okayy.
me and elliot had really good talks in our spare about the whole tom thing and he made me feel better about it :) lunch today with the boys was really good we were all just chilling and chatting :) i had maths and i found out that if i do really well in the exam my marks going to go from a c to a b- but the way i see it im going to get to fourth term and either think "sweet im on a b- i can do shit all work and still pass" or think "its last term i dont give a fuck" so the reality is that i can either do epic maths and have a b on my third term report, going back to a c on my fourth (and only important) report card or i can do no work, keep my c and have that on my fourth report card. so yea im not studying :)
when i got home i set up my new corkboard. im going to have one cork board that has my photos on it and one that has a massive calendar on it so that i can write everything on it from social events to reminders to assignments to work and everything in between :) so i made my calendar one today and its pretty awesome :) then i made my new blog :) and its pretty awesome too. as i said you should check it :) and if you want to write me a list of you little things feel free ill put it up :)
now im going to leave it and try to find more people to make lists for me :)
p.s. ron ron's neighbours put a letter in his letter box politely asking him to not walk around his house naked anymore cause there are young children around. LOL LOL LOL.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

just found a really good idea for a tattoo i could get

so i dont think ive mentioned this but i want to get several tattoos.
either later on in life of as soon as possible.
one that i know that i want asap is the southern cross. its a bit cliche, well a lot cliche but the way i see it its something that im always going to believe in for my entire life and also im aussie and im proud to be it :)
so yeah ive pretty much got it absolutely decided. i want it on my front right hip...? if that makes sense? idk ill take a picture sometime.
i dont know the specifics of the rest of the ones i want. but i do know where i want them. i want words written either on my wrist (palm facing up) or around it like a bracelet. i want something on my lower back. and maybe one on my ankle.

and i just discovered possible the perfect phrase to write on my wrist:
this too shall pass
and i love the idea of having the writing in handwritten form. its like someone wrote it on a note to you to reassure you. like every time i would look at it i am being reassured. so yeah im thinking that phrase or something really really similar.

my weekend was actually pretty average. well no actually friday was amazing. and saturday was good. saturday night was average. and today was good.

friday at school was good, nothing out of the ordinary. then friday night me, the sarahs and the boys from school went to landmark for a night-time bbq and spa :) the boys being (cause i dont think ive mentioned them too much before) sam, rhody, jesse, trentan, james, callum, abe and kellen :) the whole group came! well except for matt but he never comes to anything. it was so amazing that they came cause they never come to anything but they all came!! so we bbq-d, well trentan did and we ate it :) then we spa-d and it was so nice cause it was really windy up there but it was so warm in the spa :) we got kicked out at 9 and headed to maccas before going home.
so many halarious things happened its impossible to remember them all but ill try to list as many as possible.
- callum putting bbq sauce in trentans coke while he wasnt looking and trentan not realising until the last sip
- rhody jumping over the edge and the boys freaking out until they realised there was another ledge below it
- rhody taking off his board shorts surreptitiously then letting them float across the surface
- sister sarah getting pushed underwater, then other sarah
- me paying out on the sarahs cause they wore make-up when they were going spa-ing resulting in me getting pushed under
- so many legs
- other sarahs face when she gets tickled
- jesse with the hot water jets
- sam and abe with the water jets
- racing p platers on the way to maccas
- seeing tash, courtney and aimee at maccas, it really is the place to be
- sam buying his cheeseburger then as soon as he picked it up he threw it at trentan who was leaning against the dorr trying to push it open
- trentan sitting down for a good 5 minutes before he realised that half of sams cheeseburger was still on his shoulder
- sam wishing that he hadnt thrown his cheeseburger cause he actually wanted it
- trentan finding a hat that some people had left behind and wearing it
- girls across the street trying to dance sexy and rhody yelling "filthy" at them
- jesse stopping and starting as other sarah was trying to leave the drive through
it was the best night :) we never chill with the boys from school and it was so good to do it :)

saturday i slept in then worked. work was fun, sarian was in :) but i found out he isnt coming to my birthday :( but we did planned the party that im having at his house for my birthday :) then i finished work and mum came to get me to look at the dress shops along mooloolaba cause id seen one in the window the night before. i tried it on and it was amazing, even if it didnt fit and was too expensive haha but oh well it was lovely :) then i tried on a couple of others but nothing great. then home and i napped until other sarah called me up with plans of adams house :) so mum dropped me there. ron ron, tom, reiss, adam and ricky were there. other sarah was possible going to come later but she couldnt in the end and sister sarah was working then visiting kerian :) i love being the only girl in a way cause it pretty much makes me one of the boys :) we chilled around adams, wrote "Ye Olde Shotgun Rules" on the side of a corona box and then burnt it and tom got me to tell him my sexual preferences amongst intense blushing :) awww and he shaved his parts for me :) some more of the creek boys came but they were being boring and ditched after a while. oh i found out that tom found out about luke last weekend. i asked him if he was angry and he said "not as long as we dont become wiener cousins" hes halarious :) he doesnt believe that me and luke havent had sex and the same goes for riley. gosh silly tom. ohh and guess who was texting me that night? jake. fucking jake. why the fuck was jake texting me? i was being as rude as possible, sending him one word answers and things but he still kept talking to me! i even mentioned tom and he kept talking! so eventually i just didnt reply. then at like 1 in the morning he texted me asking how the party was going. WTF?! arghhh i dont get it! haha when tom found out i was texting jake he tried to take my phone off me and text jake saying "my vagina wants you" :) this girl grace randomly turned up to adams house and told us that her friends 18th was on tonight and like half the party had just left and her friend was really sad so she was going around recruiting people. so we went. god knows why. surely the fact that people left would have been enough indication that it would be lame. but we went all the way to buderim. we were there for about five minutes before we wanted to leave. the music was shit, there was about 20 people, no dance floor, all lame people and everyone was smoking. haha ron ron was in his prime though, the peak of his drunkness. reiss looked at him at one point and said "look aarons having the time of his life" so aaron looks up and yells across the circle "i am not having the time of my life. im keen to leave, bitch" LOL :) and he tried juggling onions with his feet :) and he told everyone he was going to do a DGB (during grog bog) :D and he stole the parents underware and left them in bens car LOL. my friends are of the highest calibre clearly :) so we eventually got outside and ron ron went back to make noodles :) then we called a taxi and $50 later we were back at adams. we were all pretty stuffed so we went to bed. the boys were being a bit of a hassle when me and tom tried to go to bed cause they stole the remote that can turn the fan on and the light on. they kept on turning the light on so i think that tom may have told them about me not being comfortable with having sex while the light is on. not that i mind really but it was just frustrating cause i wanted to get into it ;) so we eventually got the remote and went to bed :) haha then a couple of minutes later adam came knocking on the door to ask if tom had a threesome with me and someone else last weekend cause thats what aaron said. good job aaron :) then we got back into it and he had a condom again :) i think hes into the habit of having one now which is good :) we started going and then after... id say it was about two minutes tom stopped and was like "what the fuck?" and i was like "did i do something wrong?" and he was like "no no you didnt. i just blew my whole load" two minutes! the boy that i normally have to tell to stop finished in two minutes! wtf?! i dont know what i did wrong! he was so embarrassed and confused and i felt so bad for him! i didnt have a clue what to say to make him feel better. he just sat there looking all worried it was so bad! he kept on appologising and saying that that had never happened before and stuff. he made me happy of course even though in his two minutes he already had made me happy :) he always does that everytime at the start with cause during foreplay he will get me to the brink and then alls it takes is a couple of pushes and ive orgasmed :) so he made me happy again and then we lay there cuddling for a bit. he had stubble again it was nice :) he traced his hands over my ass and legs and told me again that i was silly for not wanting the light on :) then we went to sleep.

this morning i chilled with the boys, then reiss dropped me home, i cleaned and rearranged my room, napped, ate dinner and did some of my english assignment. i like the way my room is now, my bed and desk have swapped places :)

well considering how much i didnt sleep last night from stressing about tom being early i should probably get to bed.
night xx

Thursday, August 20, 2009

i have a legal test tomorrow

but really blogging is much more interesting than revising.

so the last time i blogged i do believe was monday. and if it wasnt well nothing too interesting happened on monday.

so tuesday i had a film/drama excursion to JMC and QUT :) and omg it was amazing. we went to JMC first and its really great and homey. like its a smaller campus so its not as massive and overwhelming as bigger places are. we talked to this guy first and he showed us all the people that have done sick stuff after going to JMC like the happy feet movie and the v ad. then he showed us all the jobs available in film/audio and i really wish i had a copy to shove it in my mums face cause shes always going on about how theres no jobs in anything to do with film. then we split into groups and went to different parts of the uni. we went to a room that has like keyboards connected to computers and stuff so you can record it and edit it at the same time :) sarah text me during that part and of course id forgotten to turn my phone on silent so all of a sudden i hear "im a tits and ass man" coming from my pocket. how embarrassing. but the guy was good about it he just laughed and continued :) then we went to the recording studios. omg, i think ive found my calling. we walked into the recording equipment part (like the room thats behind the glass yeah?) and i couldnt take my eyes off the desk. i would have given up the rest of the tour, the rest of the day, to be able to stay there and play with it and make things and just work everything out. naomis quote on how i was acting "are you alive?" then there was the rest of the tour which was nice in comparison to that room.
then on the bus and to southbank for lunch. haha we got attacked by an ibis. it was halarious and made kaitlyn cry. and we went to the sweet shop and i brought fairy floss :) i <3 fairy floss. then back on the bus and to QUT. tom goes to QUT so i texted him asking which campus he was at and if he was there today. he was at uni but not the one we were going to :( so we got there and got shown around the uni and the urban village. while i liked it i kind of felt uneasy there. im sure i could learn to like it but i dont think QUT is the place for me. they showed us their facilities though and that was really cool. i used their crane and it was so smooth and looked so good. not to mention being fun to play with :) and their sound recording studio was good too :)
then back on the bus (and turning many many words in songs to the word firm), school, home then back to school to set up for the social :) we had pizza and music and we did the hoedown throwdown and it was just really fun :) and we got ready together and that was halarious :) and i put my gum in what i thought was a rubbish bin but afterwards discovered that it was actually the cheerleaders costumes bin. woops :) then the doors opened and people started coming in. nobody was dancing though! i tried (and failed) to start a dance floor many times before finally succeeding :) there were actually heaps of year 12s there it was great cause its like our last one and all :) it was heaps of fun everyone let everyone have their moment in the spotlight, or the middle of the circle in our case. and morghan came! and she didnt just stand around with cayde she danced like all night :) kamara was flirting with elliot a lot (N) bad idea. it was really frustrating when we were all in a circle cause stupid juniors would come in groups, stand on the edge of the circle for ages then run across holding hands. and that would be it. it was like jesus why dont you just get in the center and shake it out? nobodies actually doing proper dance moves so its not like you're going to get paid out. but oh well they will learn that in time i guess. it went way to fast, a million things happened, too many memories to remember were made and unexplainable inside jokes were created. basically it was fantastic :) and im epically sad that i wont ever go to another one. but at least i have my memories :) and i will put photos up once i have them :) at the end of the night morghan was one of the last people left so i came over and started talking to her. it was so good, just like old times :) so we talked about catching up and decided on me staying over at hers on wednesday night after aimees lingerie party :) then home and pretty much straight to bed.

wednesday i slept in :) then watched gossip girl while doing legal revision. probably more gg than lr but oh well. i also booked skirmish but cause i was such a slow poke i could only invite 20 people. so i took 14 off my list and invited the rest. id give you the list but i cbf finding it. then i got ready and went to aimees. it was actually lots of fun i think other people felt a bit awkward but im pretty open with underware and stuff so i didnt really mind. i brought a convertable bra so if i do have strapless dresses i can wear it cause it cut down my jiggle quite a lot :) and i brought a dress that can be changed into 25 different ones :) its quite amazing. even though i can only find like 15 of the styles it can do on the website for some reason :/ then we played guitar hero while everyone else was buying stuff and waiting for their parents. then me, morghan and aimee talked and morghan told us amazing news. she wanted to break up with cayde! and she was serious about it this time! like okay i know it sounds mean that im happy that they are going to break up but before morghan started dating cayde she was my best friend but then they started dating and i never saw her. we go to the same school and i would be lucky to see her (see her not talk to her) a couple of times a week. he was just so controlling and fun sucking and clingy and it was bad. but yeah so we talked until 1 in the morning about why she should vs why she shouldnt, will she regret it, winning vs loosing and anything else. then we talked strategy :) then me and morghan walked to her house and we chatted some more. we talked about me and tom and im really happy that lots of people are being supportive even if naomi isnt. then we eventually fell asleep at around 3 id say :)

we had decided that night that we were going to catch the late bus to school and miss qcs so we did :) it was so good not to go qcs is honestly the least favourite part of my week. then maths and nutter was angry but she wouldnt tell me what at. me, alana and tamkia were all having very obvious quiet conversations trying to figure out what was wrong. then lunch and i finally saw sister sarah! i hadnt seen her since like friday! so yeah we caught up :) then drama and aimee was crying cause shes so stressed about her home situation and school and everything. i really didnt know what to say. then morghan text me "its done" ahhhhh i was so excited!!! so i text back and got all the information. she had a spare and he went out of his class to talk to her so she did it. he was really sad, which was to be expected. he didnt really seem to believe that she was breaking up with him he wanted them to go on a break instead. but she set him straight :) and she feels better now that shes done it :) then i chilled some more, was in legal and didnt do revision for our test which i thought was a bit stupid. then i went to the plaza to see other sarahs formal dress cause shes found it :) they had already put it out the back but ive seen pictures of it and its so amazing :) yay :) then i found out mum was at the plaza so we almost went formal dress shopping but got into a fight pretty much as soon as we walked into a shop so we gave up and went home. then i slept, did shit all legal revision, watched true beauty and that 70s show then blogged :)

and now im going to go to bed cause its late and i have a test tomorrow.
wish me luck! xx

Monday, August 17, 2009

momentous occasion

guess what i did today?!
i handed in my maths assignment. on time. all my own work. good copy written up.
i dont think ive done that since year 10.
go me :)

i think im treading very dangerous water with jake. he text me today and was talking to me about how hes stressing that nutter is hanging out with fingers a lot. just cause of everything last year. but i promised him i wouldnt tell him. but i think she should know (aside from the fact that im pretty much obligated to tell her) so i think tomorrow im going to pull her aside, make her promise that she wont react in any way to what im going to tell her, show her the messages from him, then give her a plan of action that involves her not letting on to jake that she knows anything but still changing so that he feels more secure.

today i saw the nicest heels. and i could walk in them. so if they are still there tomorrow (and still on sale) im going to show mum and maybe get them.

and other sarah gave me gossip girl season 1 on dvd <3

ahhh im so excited im going to visit QUT tomorrow!! yay for film/drama excursions!! we had a talk from them at parade today and honestly... i fell asleep. no joke actually fell asleep :S i hope tomorrow is better.

well now im going to go look for more formal dresses. *sigh* it really shouldnt be this hard.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

i just cant wait for the weekend

god i had a good one :)

friday at school was okay. i abused rachelle which was good to get my frustration of her out. she posted on her facebook "just got abused by a crazy nutter" and nutter clicked the like button. god shes not a good friend at all really. and shes not really a good person. she calls rachelle "whore" every time she mentions her then she chooses rachelle over me. fuck. then friday night graduated creek people were having a catch up at thai seasons so me, other sarah and ashley came too :) then there was a party like 5 doors down from ron rons so we decided to have predrinks at ron rons before heading over. we didnt have drinks but ashleys school ID says shes 18 (even though shes not) cause they have to fill in all their own details in pen when they get their IDs. so she tried it and... it worked!!! so we vodka-d it up :) haha we were racing reiss (with ron ron in the car) all the way to ron rons house. they won... just :) then we found out that the party was really lame so we decided to just stay at ron rons :) we being reiss, ron ron, other sarah, ashley, me and ben :) we played i never but it kind of died quickly cause we've all done lots of stuff ;) and i wore ashleys heels all night cause they are amazing and i could actually walk in them! heres where my memory gets a little foggy :S luke and camille came in and me and luke ended up kissing, im not sure why. bad bec. even though me and tom arent dating id still be cut if i heard he was hooking up with another girl so really i shouldnt be hooking up with another boy. bad bec.

saturday we got up extra extra early cause other sarah had netball at 8 and she was my lift :) she dropped me at kuluin maccas and i walked home from there. then i went to sleep, finished my maths assignment and got mum to drop me at coolum to meet up with reiss, ron ron and ashley :) so we chilled at the beach, shopped for ashleys brothers present, almost got ashley to get her belly-button pierced, back to the beach, fish and chips on the grass and then to the airport to pick tom up. haha the boys have this game they play called shotgun where they call shotgun if they see a girl they would get with/think is hot/think that she has a personality; well basically any girl that is a win :) and if the other boys agree then they get congratualted or if they dont they get denied. so me and ashley decided to steal it and we played it all saturday :) the boys were not impressed cause apparently girls cant play shotgun. but we showed them :) and ashley actually got into a frisbee game with one of the boys she shotgunned :) haha when we went to pick tom up from the airport it was my first time id ever been in a car with reiss driving and hes a good driver when hes not being silly. example 1. hes on the phone to ashley on friday and he says "im a way better driver than sarah look at me ive got one hand on the steering wheel, one hand holding the phone, hang on aaron hold the wheel!" example 2. when we were driving to the airport he starts driving with his knees. but i do love him :) once we picked tom up we went to reisses car and me and ashley fought over the front seat (using shotgun) and i gave into her but then reiss opened the boot before he opened the doors so ron ron crawled through the back into the front seat :) then we went to toms house, swam, chilled then other sarah came and dropped me home before she went home. i had dinner, got ready and then went back to toms cause his family is away. awww it was really nice when i was getting ready tom texted me saying "are you still coming over? x" :) so i got to toms and ron ron, reiss and tom were there playing mario smash bros. gosh it was funny how into that game they got :) then we went upstairs and watched the footy while chilling. then ashley, other sarah and marcus got there and chilled for a bit but they couldnt stay for long cause other sarahs mum said so. reiss and ashley were being real cuddly it was quite cute :) and me and tom were kissing and cuddling :) we went out to his balcony and were looking at the amazing view and he was standing behind me whispering in my ear :) it was quite lovely :) then everyone came outside so i turned around but tom didnt move and mananged to get his hand down my pants! i was like "tom there are people here!" so we went back to the couch and cuddling :) then parramatta v some other team. me and reiss both go for parramatta so we were so excited that it finally started! i actually got really into it :) it was really fun to scream at the tv and jump up and down and give high fives all around :) and parramatta won :) 40 - 4. ohhh i bet thats gotta hurt for the other team :) then we chilled around for a bit, tom made reiss noodles, which reiss fed to me saying "here comes the aeroplane" and ben asked me if me and tom were together, reiss wiped his balls on harrys drum kit and we discovered that a shelf in toms house is uneven by putting a drink on it, wondering why it fell off, drinking it cause it was fizzing, putting another drink up there and having it fall again :) then the boys decided they wanted to watch a movie so we went to toms room to look at what dvds he has. me and tom were on his bed and reiss looks at us and says "awww they want to have sex" and him and ben left the room to go upstairs to watch the movie. it was so beyond tempting to stay in his room and even harder when tom wanted to stay too :) but i didnt want to be rude so we went up stairs and managed to watch half the movie before giving in and going to toms room :) when we were making out on his bed he went to lift my top up and i stopped him and asked him to turn his lamp off first cause yeah i didnt want him to see me with the light on cause i dont even like seeing myself naked let alone having tom see me naked. which is what i told him when he asked why i wanted the light off. he was like really outraged that i didnt like my body and when i said that im disgusting he was like "no no no" and hoped off the bed and asked me what he could do to show me that i am beautiful to which i answered nothing. after a while of him trying to convince me using various techniques (including pulling out his penis so that he wasnt hiding anything from me) he gave up and turned the lamp off :) then we went back to making out and once my top + bra was off he sneakily turned the lamp on again. instant reaction was to cover myself with my hands as best as i could. i felt so horrible, i couldnt even look at tom and was having major trouble talking to him to explain that i wanted the light off. he was really really shocked at how badly it affected me and was like "look at me" and i couldnt even say no i just shook my head. so he appologised and turned the light off and he asked me why i didnt want the light on, what i didnt like about my body. i told him that i hated how i wobbled and he was like "well you have quite large breasts so of course they are going to move around a bit" and i was like "no its not just my boobs, its my stomach and my legs too" so he ran his hands over my stomach and my legs and told me that i was stupid and wouldnt wobble. which was nice of him :) but he still accepted that the light wasnt going on :) oh and he had a condom this time :) it was so nice to be in a bed rather than the lanos :) throughout the entire thing tom kept on asking me whoose team i was on for skirmish cause he wants me to be on his team which would mean i wasnt on nutters but i still managed to answer "nobodies" every time :) we tried it from behind and it was amazing but he kept on coming out so we didnt do it for very long. it was so goooooooooooooood :) then he turned the light on :/ he didnt even turn it on for long enough to really see anything but i still freaked for a minute. soon after that i discovered i was too sore to keep going so i finished him off again. ive really got to stop getting sore its embarrassing and freaking annoying! then we cuddled and we talked more about how i dont like the light on and i said "i just dont get how you can go from being with nutter to being with mei" and he was like "i hated how skinny she was she never ate anything!" so that made me feel a little bit better :) then i remembered my phone was upstairs so i went back upstairs in time to see ben going home and reiss falling asleep on the couch. i turned the tv off for reiss and went back to tom :) he had pulled his curtains open and one of his walls is made entirely of glass which is facing the whole of the coast and it was so amazing and romantic :) if i ever get up the courage to have sex while tom can see me and we manage to be at his house im deffinetly going to have the curtain open :) then we fell asleep together :) the whole night was just really nice i think thats the first time ive ever chilled with just the boys and i was stressing before i came that i was going to be all stupid and shy but i wasnt :) and i love them so much they are my all time favourites :) and marcus is really cool too :)

sunday i got woken up by the sun rising cause the curtain was still open a bit so i watched the sun rise :) then back to sleep until reiss knocked on the door to get tom to open the gate for him. it was nice of him to knock in case he was going to walk in on something :) then back to sleep then up again when tom went to shower. tom came out and we sat on his deck looking at the coast and chatting for a while before mum came. it was lovely :) i was going to go to the sunshine coast uni open day but i couldnt really be bothered so i got mum to pick me up and take me home. i took ashleys shorts that she had left at toms house the day before and her and other sarah came by before going to the uni to pick them up and chat :) then they left and i got ready for work. work was really nice, we had good customers all day :) then home and i watched movies and ate nachos with mum :) and i did half of my legal revision sheet :)

well that was my dandy weekend :)
and i just really want it to be next weekend already :)
but for now im going to go to bed cause i have school in the morning and i have to write up my maths assignment.
ta xx

p.s. ashley leaves tomorrow :( epic sad face. but shes going home and shes going to try to convince her parents to let her move here :) :) :) epic win if they say yes :) please let them say yes :)
p.p.s. ashley left her heels here :) she said i can wear them until she comes back :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

moving on up

today i did lots of things that i dont normally do.
but in a good way :)

i started my maths assignment before its due :) and i actually got the first two questions done!! so yes that was rather amazing! then i got stuck on the third one haha :) but i did still attempt to soldier on by calling maddie but she wasnt home.
so then guess what i did?! i went for a bike ride! not like a leisurely stroll but like a proper hardcore(ish) bike ride! there are some epic hills in my 'hood' so it was actually close to a proper work out :) im going to try to do that whole 30 minutes a day thing most days from now. yeah it was actually kind of nice :) even if i was sweating and red faced and puffing :)
OMFG OMFG OMFG nutter is pissing me off so badly! shes kind of been a bit strange all week but ive just been shrugging it off thinking it might have been me being weird or something then today she deliberately didnt sit next to me in legal. like its real obvious if someone isnt sitting where they normally sit in all my classes cause in every single one theres like an unofficial seating plan. so nobody was in nutters seat but she sat on the other side of the room. so after class i text her (cause it was the last class of the day) asking if she was okay and she said she was so i left it. but just before me and jake started talking and i finally found out the real reason. so me and jake have been talking most nights for a couple of weeks and even though jake isnt my favourite person i talked to him cause it would be rude not to and also cause i was kind of thinking that maybe if me and jake become friends then maybe me him and nutter could all hang out and i could have my nutter back. then me and jake had this conversation:
;):) J@l<3>l@J:);) iloveyoutaylor - So people say it's weird that I talk to u later at night when I go to bed, do u think so?, ifso I'll stop talking to ya hey
bec - haha nope it dpesnt worry me :) who said it?
;):) J@l<3>l@J:);) iloveyoutaylor - Tbh I'm unsure either Tay or tamika think it's weird that I do so
bec - ohk
;):) J@l<3>l@J:);) iloveyoutaylor - U heard much about that?
bec - nope. nothing
;):) J@l<3>l@J:);) iloveyoutaylor - Eh just tryin to be friendly :(
bec - haha yea i know that :)

sometimes i dont even know why i bother. and it frustrates me so much more that she didnt even say anything to me instead she just gave me the silent treatment! how am i meant to know what ive done wrong if she doesnt tell me?! not that i even did anything wrong anyway! it wasnt like we talked about her or anything! we were just having casual friendly conversation! arrggghhh!! its such bullshit!
*sigh* alright that was my little vent.
now im going to calm down and go to bed :)
thanks for listening :)
p.s. gossip girl has finally come on normal television and after watching one episode im borrowing the season off other sarah cause i highly doubt i could only watch one episode a week <3

not an ordinary wednesday after all

when i woke up today i presumed it would be much like most of my wednesdays since me and brad broke up; boring and lonely. but it wasnt :)
i got woken up with a text from work asking if i could do an afternoon shift then nic called to ask if i could work 12:45 to 5:45 (im guessing i fell asleep in between these cause its weird for nic to call) then after working out that i could work and mum could take me i went to go back to sleep and other sarah text me asking if i was awake so that she could bring my bag that i left in her car on saturday night over. so she visited me for a bit :) then i went back to bed :)
at 12 i got up, got ready and went to work. when i got to work i got the greatest news. im allowed to be on register again!!! so fully stoaked :) so i worked register all day. ohh and someone stupid snuck into our backroom and stole sashas purse :( you suck stealer.
then when i was at work i got a text from nick telling me he had made mini muffins :) and offering to pick me up after work in his new skyline!! so when i finished he was waiting in his fully awesome new skyline. hes wanted one forever, since like i met him and he finally got one :) and omg im not a car person or anything but his car is amazing. like it has so much power and its so flash looking and nice! i am slightly in love :)
so yeah we went home and i ate all but two of the six or so mini muffins he brought over :) gosh they were tasty and cute to top it off :) he ended up staying for like two hours :) we talked about the other sarah thing and i think hes going to be okay :) it was really good to hang though :)
so yes not an ordinary wednesday at all :)
i hope you had a good day too :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just like old times

today i got off at kamaras bus stop and chilled at her house all afternoon. it was really lovely. we used to hang out heaps but with work and school and everything else we've been a bit slack lately so yeah im really glad that today was so good cause hopefully that will mean that we can hang out more again :)
i found out everything to do with her and jackson. they've had sex once. bad. i didnt say it to her but i think that she saw it on my face, im not very good at hiding my feelings. but she isnt proud of it either which makes it a little better. but still. i mean hes 26, hes engaged and hes a father. and hes a fuckwit. he doesnt treat her right at all. and im sad that she isnt proud about her first time, your first time is meant to be special and as she put its it was "bitter-sweet" cause it was with the guy that shes completely in love with but completely not aloud to be with. poor kamara. im glad she told me/i guessed though cause it makes me feel more trusted. and shes rejected him from doing it since so at least shes trying.
even though its really really chronically epically colossally bad shes still my friend and its not my place to judge.
but yeah it was still really good to catch up and she didnt judge me about the tom thing which was refreshing considering the reactions ive been given about it lately :/
then i walked home when the sun was setting and it was just really peaceful :) and having some me time was good cause i havent been alone in a long time to just think. actually i spent most of the time thinking about what i would do if tom pulled up next to me. but it was nice to be alone in my thoughts with tom :)
argh me and mum are fighting about formal dresses currently. as in shes ranting while im typing. she just doesnt get it. we are so different in body types all the ones that she likes wont work for me. she wants low backs, deep v necks, no straps or spaghetti straps. i want them too but i just cant and it makes me even more upset when she brings up things like that cause i know that i cant wear dresses like that. its just kind of rubbing salt in my wound at this point.
well i have to get pretty much all my maths assignment done tomorrow so id best be off. *sigh* bec why do you always leave everything til the last minute?

Monday, August 10, 2009

12 things to do in an elevator

1. when theres only one other person in the elevator, tap them on the shoulder and then pretend it wasn't you.
2. ask if you can push the button for other people, but push the wrong ones.
3. hold the doors open and say your waiting for a friend. after awhile, let the doors close, and say, "hi greg. hows your day been?"
4. drop a pen and wait until someone goes to pick it up, then scream, "thats mine!"
5. stand really close to someone, sniffing them occasionally.
6. swat at flies that dont exist.
7. call out "group hug!" and then enforce it.
8. stand silently and motionless in the corner, facing the wall, without getting off.
9. stare at one of the other passengers for awhile, and then announce in horror, "your one of THEM!" and then back away slowly.
10. listen to the elevator walls with your stethoscope.
11. stare grinning at one of the passengers for awhile, and then announce, "i have new socks on."
12. meow occasionally.

you're 90% of the reason i get up every morning. the other 10% is cause i have to pee.
awww i love that ^^ :)

im not a hopeless romantic, im a hopeful romantic :)
i love that too ^^ :)

nick started a conversation with me today :) i think things are going to be okay. but he said he cant come to my birthday :( but i get it. and its fairly different to usual but i was expecting that. i just hope it gets better with time.

i told nutter about not being in her group for english todat and she interrupted me half way through explaining by saying "oh yeah i know nutter i figured we wouldnt be together" while like smiling and everything :) yay :)

ohh and i cant remember if i mentioned this last night but when i was at mels on saturday night me and tom had a mighty interesting conversation. it went like this:
tom - my parents are probably going away this weekend.
me - ohh cool.
tom - yeah so we'll have the house to ourselves. well not to ourselves, harry and james will be there but fuck them.
me - *laughs* sounds good.
tom - i wanna try having sex on a trampoline.
me - yeah i think it would be fun.
tom - well i have a trampoline.
me - but harrys window faces the trampoline.
tom - fuck harry.
me - *laughs* alright.
tom - sex in water would be good.
me - we'll have to wait until its warmer for that.
tom - oh yeah deffinetly.
im quite stoaked that hes comfortable with inviting me to his house. like even though his parents arent there it makes it a lot more official. like its not just a drunken thing anymore. and sex in a trampoline sounds fun :) sex in water sounds really good, youd feel so lightweight and everything :) and i want to try sex in the shower even though i didnt mention that. im kind of worried though cause there could be a height issue there which would be mega bad. but the thing that i love about the whole friends with benefits thing with tom the most is that its never awkward. like i start to feel awkward or embarrassed by something that i did or said but then he just makes a joke about it and everything goes back to normal. like i told aimee about me and tom today and she asked me "isnt it weird?" and yeah it really isnt :) i dont know if its going to change if we have sex sober but i hope not. awwww it was really cute me and tom were talking on saturday night and he was like "i dont want to have sex with you sober cause i think ill finish too early and wont satisfy you." awww hes insecure :) i reassured him that i have no doubt that he'll satisfy me :)
haha i just realised something quite ironic. ive been thinking over the past couple of days about how much of my person/physical/sex/whatever you want to call it life i put into this blog. yknow things like "what if tom found this blog?" and whether its too personal to actually write down where other people can read it, regardless if i know them or not and whether im going to regret this later. then i realised the name of my blog. doodle and dribbles. its actually scareily accurate. as ive previously mentioned theres a lot of talk about sex and most of what else i write is just dribble, no coherrent theme or purpose. it made me giggle a little. but thats not what i ever meant it to turn out like. well the dribbles part yeah but the doodles part was in relation to all the little drawings i do when im bored that i had the intention of scanning and putting onto my blog before i got lazy. so yeah i just wanted to state that the title of my blog isnt meant to sound like that. k thanks :)
alright now im going to bed.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the best weekend in a long time

it was quite fantastic :)

friday at school was average, then work with brad :S when i got into work he showed me the to-do list and it said on it "bec do socks" but it was highlighted, meaning it was done. then brad said "look i did the socks for you cause i know you hate them" oh dear. but there wasnt really anything else like that :)
then i went home, got ready and taxied it to sister sarahs house :) i had the coolest taxi driver he played guessing games with me and if i got the answers right then he would take money off my fare :) i got to sister sarahs and sister sarah, steffen, emi, ron ron, reiss, tom and two chicks id never met were there. i really didnt like the girls, they were at a lame party so they invited themselves to sister sarahs, got tom to pick them up, and expected tom to take them back to the party once more people had come. and tom had never even met them before! so tom couldnt start drinking until they decided they wanted to go back. eventually tom got sick of it and was like "either i take you now or i start drinking" so he took them then and started drinking :) haha it was so good me and sister sarah have the same cup size so we call each other boob/opai (japanese for boob) and emi asked us why we called each other that and when sister sarah explained why and that we were size F in japanese cup size and she was like "F?! big big big!" and felt me and sister sarahs boobs while saying more stuff in japanese that sister sarah was pissing herself laughing at. it was freaking halarious :) that night i did shots. lesson learned. i came outside and reiss and tom were sitting on one of the benches so i went to sit on the opposite one but tom patted the seat next to him and they moved over for me so i sat next to tom and he put his arm around me :) and then we kissed :) oh i invited the boys to skirmish then later on i told tom that nutter/jake/todd/shane/alyssa were coming and he was like "yessssss" and called reiss out. when reiss found out his reaction was "im going to shoot her in the vagina." so i begged the boys to not say anything to nutter and they said "oh no we wont say anything" i hope they arent too obvious about targeting her cause then she'll get angry at me. it was quite nice, tom was kind of... following me but not in a creepy, annoying way yeah? so we had lots of private moments :) i had been thinking that sister sarah and steffen had a thing for each other and i told sister sarah she should get with steffen to which she replied that steffen doesnt want that so i went and asked steffen if he would like that and he said "no she doesnt want to" so i said "ahhh but that means you want to! and yes she does!" so i ran off to tell sister sarah and soon after they were making out on her bed :) i am so good :) tom took me to emis room (which is normally the spare room) and asked if i wanted to go in there but i told him that it was emis room so thats not going to happen so he led me to the laundry and we started going at it :) then we heard people in the hallway so we went outside and continued on the concrete before getting interrupted by toms phone. you would think that since me and tom were both missing they would have figured it out! so we came back inside and chilled with everyone some more :) it was really nice everyone was watching a movie so me and tom sat down and cuddled :) then jamie and brent got home and jamie was angry cause ron ron had been into her room and put a stool in there. it was like fuck jamie calm down. then me and tom decided to go to the lanos, despite reiss trying to convince us to go to emis bed. we drove into the next street and started :) we were underneath a street lamp which made me a little self conscious but oh well. and he had a condom this time :) even though the lanos isnt my favourite place to have sex it was still... amazing doesnt do it justice :) we swapped positions a lot which was good :) i had my feet on the ceiling of the lanos at one point :D we had sex for like an hour and a half at least but by then i was mighty sore and couldnt handle anymore so i stopped him and told him so. god that was embarrassing. ive had sex with him three times now! i shouldnt be getting sore! so i started giving him head and then he took forever to finish which then he was embarrassed about cause he had drank too much to be able to perform properly which was cute :) especially since i didnt really mind. i probably wouldnt have found it cute if i minded giving head. oh and the condom didnt even come in use! gosh! then we got dressed, tom called reiss back and then we went back to sister sarahs. sister sarah let us in and we searched around for reisses stuff cause him and sam had been kicked out, with ron ron passed out on the couch. when we were searching tom was telling sister sarah all about our sex life and whatnot. ohh and earlier in the night he came up to sister sarah and said "you cant let me drink anymore otherwise i wont be able to satisfy bec later" and she was like "yeah she needs some lanos time" and he was like "what now?!" like really excitedly :) he was so drunk it was halarious :) he asked me if sex with him was explosive to which i agreed :) and he asked me how sex with brad was and i told him it was nice cause thats really all it was. then jamie came out and started yelling at us to be quiet and for tom to leave. so tom did and sister sarah was like "wtf?" then brent came out and told us why jamie was angry 1. cause people had been in her room 2. cause the boys were being loud and were coming in and out the front door all the time 3. cause the boys all hopped into emis bed when she was in there and emi got really scared cause she didnt know what was happening. when brent said that me and sister sarah felt so bad. sister sarah was saying things like "she was my responsibility" and all this stuff and like im not even hosting emi and i felt bad for not being there to protect her. its not like the boys were going to do anything but she didnt know that. so yeah thats why they got kicked out. so sister sarah went to emis room to sleep so that she could appologize first thing in the morning so i slept in sister sarahs bed with steffen.

saturday i had to work so i got up, got ready, caught the bus to the plaza and got maccas for breakfast before going to work. i was working with sarian and nic for the whole day and chloe was in for three hours. i told her about my night :) work was pretty bad though cause the companies decided that juniors arent aloud to use the register anymore :( it was like my all-time favourite. it was really nice though, when nic was on her break sarian let me do register once he had put his code in :) hes so lovely :) then dad picked me up, we went home to get my stuff and we went to his house. it was so shit in the like 10 minute car ride between work and home we managed to get into a fight. so we went to dads and i read a bit then called other sarah to chat and tell her about my night. then later she calls me and offers to pick me up from dads house in the middle of no where so i can go to mels with everyone! i was like are you sure and she said she was so i agreed, got ready in mega quick time and left dads :) i love her muchly :) other sarah was like "toms coming tonight so you can get your lanos time" but i was like "no i cant im broken still" epic sad face. so we got to mels and tom, ron ron, reiss, mitch and mel were there :) ohh btw we brought ashlee with us :) at mels there was actually a decent bonfire going! we always try to start bonfires at mels house and fail but this time we won! then we took mitch with us to the bottle-o to get us drinks :) we got back and started drinking but i wasnt really in the mood for it after friday night so i only had a couple. ashlee gained massive respect that night, she had the best calls "wheres the candy you promised me?" and "got get a lanos" LOL. and her and reiss hooked up :) they were so cute together :) tom talked a lot about the whole incident with nutter and i guess i never really realised how much she devestated him. it was just really sad. but hes all good now, hes over it but it makes being friends with nutter a lot harder after seeing that. me, nick and tom were talking (oh yeah nick turned up later :)) and nick was saying all this stuff, like hed be devestated if him and other sarah broke up, that he wouldnt know what to do if she cheated on him and all this other stuff and i was sitting there just clamping my mouth shut. i wanted to tell him so so so so so so so so badly but i didnt. at one stage me, nick, tom and ron ron were talking about sex and it was really embarrassing cause they all kept on asking me about me and tom and my sexual preferences and everything! its not that i mind talking about it, but with tom right there i was a bit nervous. i was holding my cheeks cause i didnt want to blush, then tom realised what i was doing and kept on asking questions to see if i would blush haha :) its weird but i like that he knew that i was on the verge on blushing. it kind of made me feel closer to him. he was being incredibly sexual it was great :) at one point he grabbed both my hands, pinned me to the wall and started making out with me :) and he said infront of all the boys "bec has a nice body, she looks very good naked" :) and i explained to him what an orgasm for a chick is like and he asked me how many times hes made me orgasm each time we've had sex :) and i found out he wears large condoms :) it was nice in a weird way to be able to be so honest with him :) it was so bad once i had to explain to him that i couldnt do anything. he didnt believe me to start with! he thought i was making excuses cause i didnt want to (like that would happen), cause it was that time of the month (which it wasnt), cause im over having sex with him and probably more shit. after about an hour of me trying to convince him i let other sarah have a go and she kind of got through to him. he still wanted to do stuff though and it was killing me to turn him down. he kept on saying things like "ill just use my fingers" "you'd be amazed at what i can do with my tounge" "i promise ill be gentle" and stuff. it was so nice of him and i just had to keep on refusing :( we cuddled on the couch for ages it was really nice :) when everyone went to bed we pulled out the bed thing that was on the couch and i caved into him trying to "show me a good time" as he put it (with his fingers) but as soon as he touched that general area i actually said "ow!" and moved away from him a bit. god that was embarrassing. he was like "wow" and i was like "yeah see i cant do it" which he then finally accepted :) and i made him happy :) at one point he pushed my head too far down and i gagged a little and even though it wasnt good it was? if that kind of made sense? and ive never noticed this before but when he comes his penis like moves with each burst. sorry if thats too much information but it really amazed me! then he cuddled me all night :)

today i got up, other sarah drove me home and i pretty much slept all day. around 5 other sarah called me and told me that she was going to break up with nick tonight. so we talked it all out and got her mentally prepared. around 7:30 she came to mine and just started crying :( she was so devestated cause he was so devestated. but at least its done. nick said that he wont be able to talk to me or sister sarah and maybe even tom for a while :( epic sad face. and he cried. like bawled his eyes out on other sarahs shoulder :( when she was at mine he called her and asked her if there was any chance of them getting back together and she said "i cant answer that" so i waved my hand in front of her face and shook my head violently cause i dont want her to lead nick on. so then she said no. after a while longer she left and talked to me on the net for a bit before going to bed. nick was online too but he didnt talk to me :( im so scared i think ive lost him :(

now im going to go to bed cause ive got school in the morning :(
night all xx