Thursday, August 20, 2009

i have a legal test tomorrow

but really blogging is much more interesting than revising.

so the last time i blogged i do believe was monday. and if it wasnt well nothing too interesting happened on monday.

so tuesday i had a film/drama excursion to JMC and QUT :) and omg it was amazing. we went to JMC first and its really great and homey. like its a smaller campus so its not as massive and overwhelming as bigger places are. we talked to this guy first and he showed us all the people that have done sick stuff after going to JMC like the happy feet movie and the v ad. then he showed us all the jobs available in film/audio and i really wish i had a copy to shove it in my mums face cause shes always going on about how theres no jobs in anything to do with film. then we split into groups and went to different parts of the uni. we went to a room that has like keyboards connected to computers and stuff so you can record it and edit it at the same time :) sarah text me during that part and of course id forgotten to turn my phone on silent so all of a sudden i hear "im a tits and ass man" coming from my pocket. how embarrassing. but the guy was good about it he just laughed and continued :) then we went to the recording studios. omg, i think ive found my calling. we walked into the recording equipment part (like the room thats behind the glass yeah?) and i couldnt take my eyes off the desk. i would have given up the rest of the tour, the rest of the day, to be able to stay there and play with it and make things and just work everything out. naomis quote on how i was acting "are you alive?" then there was the rest of the tour which was nice in comparison to that room.
then on the bus and to southbank for lunch. haha we got attacked by an ibis. it was halarious and made kaitlyn cry. and we went to the sweet shop and i brought fairy floss :) i <3 fairy floss. then back on the bus and to QUT. tom goes to QUT so i texted him asking which campus he was at and if he was there today. he was at uni but not the one we were going to :( so we got there and got shown around the uni and the urban village. while i liked it i kind of felt uneasy there. im sure i could learn to like it but i dont think QUT is the place for me. they showed us their facilities though and that was really cool. i used their crane and it was so smooth and looked so good. not to mention being fun to play with :) and their sound recording studio was good too :)
then back on the bus (and turning many many words in songs to the word firm), school, home then back to school to set up for the social :) we had pizza and music and we did the hoedown throwdown and it was just really fun :) and we got ready together and that was halarious :) and i put my gum in what i thought was a rubbish bin but afterwards discovered that it was actually the cheerleaders costumes bin. woops :) then the doors opened and people started coming in. nobody was dancing though! i tried (and failed) to start a dance floor many times before finally succeeding :) there were actually heaps of year 12s there it was great cause its like our last one and all :) it was heaps of fun everyone let everyone have their moment in the spotlight, or the middle of the circle in our case. and morghan came! and she didnt just stand around with cayde she danced like all night :) kamara was flirting with elliot a lot (N) bad idea. it was really frustrating when we were all in a circle cause stupid juniors would come in groups, stand on the edge of the circle for ages then run across holding hands. and that would be it. it was like jesus why dont you just get in the center and shake it out? nobodies actually doing proper dance moves so its not like you're going to get paid out. but oh well they will learn that in time i guess. it went way to fast, a million things happened, too many memories to remember were made and unexplainable inside jokes were created. basically it was fantastic :) and im epically sad that i wont ever go to another one. but at least i have my memories :) and i will put photos up once i have them :) at the end of the night morghan was one of the last people left so i came over and started talking to her. it was so good, just like old times :) so we talked about catching up and decided on me staying over at hers on wednesday night after aimees lingerie party :) then home and pretty much straight to bed.

wednesday i slept in :) then watched gossip girl while doing legal revision. probably more gg than lr but oh well. i also booked skirmish but cause i was such a slow poke i could only invite 20 people. so i took 14 off my list and invited the rest. id give you the list but i cbf finding it. then i got ready and went to aimees. it was actually lots of fun i think other people felt a bit awkward but im pretty open with underware and stuff so i didnt really mind. i brought a convertable bra so if i do have strapless dresses i can wear it cause it cut down my jiggle quite a lot :) and i brought a dress that can be changed into 25 different ones :) its quite amazing. even though i can only find like 15 of the styles it can do on the website for some reason :/ then we played guitar hero while everyone else was buying stuff and waiting for their parents. then me, morghan and aimee talked and morghan told us amazing news. she wanted to break up with cayde! and she was serious about it this time! like okay i know it sounds mean that im happy that they are going to break up but before morghan started dating cayde she was my best friend but then they started dating and i never saw her. we go to the same school and i would be lucky to see her (see her not talk to her) a couple of times a week. he was just so controlling and fun sucking and clingy and it was bad. but yeah so we talked until 1 in the morning about why she should vs why she shouldnt, will she regret it, winning vs loosing and anything else. then we talked strategy :) then me and morghan walked to her house and we chatted some more. we talked about me and tom and im really happy that lots of people are being supportive even if naomi isnt. then we eventually fell asleep at around 3 id say :)

we had decided that night that we were going to catch the late bus to school and miss qcs so we did :) it was so good not to go qcs is honestly the least favourite part of my week. then maths and nutter was angry but she wouldnt tell me what at. me, alana and tamkia were all having very obvious quiet conversations trying to figure out what was wrong. then lunch and i finally saw sister sarah! i hadnt seen her since like friday! so yeah we caught up :) then drama and aimee was crying cause shes so stressed about her home situation and school and everything. i really didnt know what to say. then morghan text me "its done" ahhhhh i was so excited!!! so i text back and got all the information. she had a spare and he went out of his class to talk to her so she did it. he was really sad, which was to be expected. he didnt really seem to believe that she was breaking up with him he wanted them to go on a break instead. but she set him straight :) and she feels better now that shes done it :) then i chilled some more, was in legal and didnt do revision for our test which i thought was a bit stupid. then i went to the plaza to see other sarahs formal dress cause shes found it :) they had already put it out the back but ive seen pictures of it and its so amazing :) yay :) then i found out mum was at the plaza so we almost went formal dress shopping but got into a fight pretty much as soon as we walked into a shop so we gave up and went home. then i slept, did shit all legal revision, watched true beauty and that 70s show then blogged :)

and now im going to go to bed cause its late and i have a test tomorrow.
wish me luck! xx

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