Monday, August 31, 2009

happy birthday bec

so friday was kind of my birthday :)
it was really lovely. on thursday night mum stayed up to 12 with me to say happy birthday :) and ron ron was on the net and started talking to me at 12 so i was like "aww hes going to wish me happy birthday" but after talking for 10 minutes i decided it was just a coincidence and informed him it was my birthday :)
on friday i woke up and opened my presents. i thought i was only getting one but i actually got three :) i got my ipod speakers/radio/cd player, a tent and coconut covered marshmellows :) i love them :) and grace gave me a card and it had the funniest spelling on it; "deriet" meant to be "dearest" :) so i set up my ipod speakers which was a mission but i got it done :) then mum came in and said happy birthday :) then i got ready and other sarah came to pick me up :) then to school and legal for my first lesson and maddie gave me my present. well at least i think its my present but she might not count it as my present. anyhoo its a card made into a flower via origami. its awesome :) then film and i really just hate it when we arent doing group projects. that class is soul-sucking. then lunch and i saw everyone :) kamara gave me her card and present. it was a card that had $17 in coins attached to it :) hahaha and she went to write gorgeous but she wrote gorf so she left it as that :) and naomi gave me her card :) and me and sister sarah did our film all lunch which was stressful cause it was due. then maths and nutter told me halarious things about jake. fuck hes pathetic. then my spare and even though elliot couldnt sneak cupcakes and softdrink into the library he still gave me a birthay hug :) and i actually did work in my spare that continued through my lunch and into next lesson. but i got my drama assessment done and handed it in :) then i went to work and brad and sarian got their shifts cut so i didnt get to see them :( work was a bit boring but it was still fun. sasha and allie came to visit and i found out that allie is 12, not at least 15 like i thought :) then mum picked me up and we went to hathi to get takeaway :) yumyumyum :) i got butter chicken as usual and it it was amazing as per usual. then other sarah text me and invited me to the movies with riley so we went and saw the ugly truth :) its great :) and sister sarah was working so we got in for free :) haha we were trying to convince riley to come to skirmish cause i didnt have enough people at that point and we used the best blackmail ever "we will say infront of luke that you're our favourite creeker" :) we so almost won him over with that :) then other sarah drove me home and we put the music up really loud and danced in the car :)

saturday i woke up, let sister sarah in and started getting ready for skirmish :) then we picked rhody up and were on our way :) when we got there we found out that jesse didnt have a way to get there so mum went and picked him up :) everyone came and tom and other sarah both got there in time :) the people that came were the sarahs, ron ron, reiss, tom, ben, adam, naomi, britta, maddie, alex, rhys, jess lee, josh lee, glen, rhody, jesse, sasha and sandra. oh and me of course :) omg skirmish was.... omg. reiss, being hardcore like he is, rolled up his sleeves and pants :) and i introduced britta to tom cause tom thought i was making her up (even though they've met before) and i pointed out to sasha who tom is :) then we started and me, sasha, sandra and sister sarah got put on the bucks team :) i have to say that the first game ties for favourite with the last game. the first game was capture the flag with my team defending. us girls stood on the truck where the flag was and absolutely innihilated people and got it back in return :) reiss was a crazy nutter he walked straight through the middle of the feild, posing and dancing along the way :) and i shot him first :) and we kept the flag the entire game :) i ran out of bullets about half way through the game so i did a kamikaze run through the middle of the feild :) the second game was capture the flag again but with our team on the offence this time :) man did i get nailed by the boys. it was great :) we got the flag once but then the other team got it back. haha i got some good shots in there :) then near the end of the game sash just runs blind through the feild, grabs the flag and runs up to our part :) and we kept it for the rest of the game so we won :) the third game was an explosives round but it was megerly intense and i got shot even though i was in barracades haha :) and my gun broke three times :/ and a guy from my team shot me and was like "sorry" cause that makes it all better and everything haha. i sat out of the fourth game cause i wanted to have as many bullets as possible for the last round. the sarahs and sasha and sandy and rhody sat out too so we all just chilled and chatted :) then the last round which was free for all :) oh lord that was great :) i hunted reiss and found him. i was hiding behind some metal when i saw him so i shot him then hid :) then waited and shot him and hid :) and then waited and shot him and hid :) then i had to move cause there was a guy behind me which gave them perfect aim at me. i actually fell to the ground it was so painful but fun at the same time :) then reiss, adam and ron ron came to join me to get some other people. haha adam went about 10 meters back at one stage and shot me in the back :) then i eventually ran out of bullets and went up. it was probably one of the best days ive had this year. i love skirmish and the people that came :) omg so many people had so many brutal bruises :) reiss had them all over his body cause he was just halarious on the feild :) and im proud to say that at least half of them were my doing :) the boys all had a couple, rhody got one on his lip even though you wear a mask during the game...? jesse was by far the worst he had at least 10 on his back and they were bleeding. it was freaking intense :) i have heaps and they are so huge its great :) i have an egg on the back of my head, one on my left arm and one on my right in the same spot :) i have three on my right shoulder from where reiss attacked me :) two on my back, i have a huge one on my right thigh that is still raised also from reiss plus a couple of littler ones (well they actually arent little but in comparision to my massive one they look it), i have three along my pants line that are might uncomfortable, one on my arse and one of my left ankle :) 17 in total :) pretty much im awesome and hardcore :) then most of us piled into cars and went to the beach :) and nick came!! when he got there he said "bec come for a walk for a minute" so i got up and walked with him and he said "guess who made you a cake?!" and i was like "omg you didnt!??!?!" and hes like "i did" so i gave him the biggest hug :) we went to his car and ate a little bit and it was amazing :) carrot cake my favourite :) we were going to bring it down to the beach but it was too windy and i didnt want sand in my cake. the people that came to the beach were rhody, rhys, glen, ron ron, reiss, tom, jess lee, the sarahs and ben. and then nick :) the water was sooooooo good after being at skirmish and just being at the beach in general was amazing :) haha when we were in the water the boys pushed me under about a million times :)  then we decided to go to landmark cause the beach was windy. we got to the rooftop spa and people were having sex in it :) LOL so ron ron, reiss and tom decide to go up there and make them feel as uncomfortale as possible :) which reiss did by standind there with his hand in his pants pretending to wank :) LOL. then we decided to head off. haha we overloaded other sarahs car. it went other sarah and jess lee in the front, glen rhys and sister sarah in the back with me lying over them :) boy going around corners was fun :) and everytime i laughed i would just shake on top of them, making them shake :) we went to sister sarahs house first and she got ready and i stole one of her dresses to wear that night. we also ate cake :) then we piled back in the car and dropped jess lee off at her house meaning i could get in the front :) then we went to my house, sister sarah stole one of my dresses, i packed my stuff for that night and off we went to other sarahs house. we all chilled at other sarahs house while we got ready. they boys were great. glen had the best quotes "hi, im glen, you may remember me from such beds as yours" :) and "i got in other sarahs bed with sister sarah" cause they were lying on her bed :) and i showed the boys how i can walk in heels :) and i showed ange my skirmish bruises :) then glens mum came to get him and we left. we were going to bli bli for sister sarahs mums partners sons birthday party (yeah work that out) so we dropped rhys off on the way. he has a nice house :) then we went to the birthday bbq :) it was really nice, like one of those homey houses with heaps of family all gathered :) they were christians so they said prayers and stuff but it wasnt too bad. and they did this really cool thing where they asked each person to say a high point and a low point for the month. it actually made me discover that this month has been freaking awesome :) really i havent had any low point thats lasted more than like a day haha :) it was really nice :) then we ate and all the food looked amazing but i was feeling dehydrated so i didnt each much. soon after we decided to leave so we said bye, drove back to other sarahs house to get her bag, had the music up mega loud the whole way singing and then went to sister sarahs house to chill. so we invited reiss, tom and ron ron naturally :) the six of us chilled waiting for someone to text us saying that there was something on but nobody did so we decided to chill at sister sarahs :) we called around seeing who could get us alcohol and dean got it for us :) we couldnt all fit in other sarahs car so me and tom stayed behind and chilled :) it was really nice he said "im glad you stayed cause i wanted to talk cause we dont really talk that much" and i was like "we talk" and he said "what get in the bed?" haha :) and i told him a bit about my family even though i probably shouldnt have. awwww and at one point he looks at me and says "do you want to kiss?" and that was when he was completely sober and everything :) and we kissed upside down at one point too cause tom wanted to see what it was like. then the others got back and tom made sex noises when they came in :) me and the sarahs got wipeout and juice, ron ron and reiss got jim beam and tom got extra dry. man reiss was egging tom on to drink that night, he got so smashed it was funny :) it was really nice to have the six of us just chill and talk :) and reiss told me i was one of the boys :) best thing ever :) and tom rode sister sarahs bike :) other sarah almost mentioned toms fail by saying "tom you cant drink too much" but i covered it by making up a lie about brad :) awwww i was sitting on one of the benches cowgirl style talking to everyone and tom came and sat behind me and cuddled me :) he touched one of my skirmish buises so naturally i winced and he was like "ohh sorry, where are they?" and he put his hands in my hands in mine and got me to show him where my bruises were so that he wouldnt hurt me :) reiss made the comment "man each time they (they being me and tom) are starting earlier, soon their going to start dating" to which i shook my head :) i love what me and tom have :) then we decided to go inside and watch a movie (euro trip) and i picked out that the girl twin in that movie is georgina from gossip girl :) a skill that is normally toms and i beat him :) then we were all chilling on the couch and tom started being naughty so i had to stop him and then he told me that any guy would love having sex with me, that my husband will be very lucky cause i orgasm so easily :) soon after he went to be sick even though reiss tried to convince me he hadnt been. when the boys were looking after tom (aww i thought it was cute that they went with him) other sarah started saying all this cute and halarious stuff like "i have very beautiful friends" and all this stuff about how shes so glad she brought me to adams in febuary and that i should change my name to sarah so i can be one of the sarahs :) shes great :) and it was really lovely :) then tom came back and pretty much passed out on the couch. reiss and ron ron were like "bec you have to go to the lanos! its the only thing thats going to keep him awake! save the night!" so we went to the spare room cause the spare room was free once more :) we started trying to have sex but tom was just too drunk and couldnt keep it up :( so he pretty much passed out and i went to bed. a while later sister sarah came in and told me to come to her bed cause he mum hates it when boys and girls sleep in the same room. which then meant i had to get dressed. hmmm problem. i couldnt find my underware. i searched for ages and after a while took other sarahs advice of "just do it later" so i borrowed some of sister sarahs and slept in sister sarahs bed with the sarahs. oh and other sarah kissed reiss :) we were egging her on all night :)

this morning i woke up and chatted with the sarahs and told them about toms fail. then we decieded to get up. i went into the spare room, found my underware (tom must have been lying on them) put them on then came outside. we were in the kitchen and other sarah went searching for tom. she came back and was like "wheres tom? the lanos is still here but i cant find him" then we saw him lying on one of the benches outside. poor tom he was in so much pain :( hahahaha at one point he accidentally knocked the bike and the handles hit him on the head :) it was halarious :) and other sarah suggested he hop in sister sarahs pool so he rolled into it :) we joined him on the side of the pool and layed there chatting for ages. it was nice :) he was being really open about the whole debacle, like even in front of other sarah! he openly appologised it was so lovely :) then we chilled, cleaned up, sister sarah left for work, tom and reiss left, other sarah and ron ron left and i chilled there by myself until mum came :) mum had been at the markets so she had my favourite donuts in the car for me :) then i came home, had breakfast and slept. it was weird i woke up and felt really shit but i dont know what from. then i went to work and sarian was there but only for a couple of minutes :( awww the work people put together a massive card with everyone writting stuff on it and im going to get it tomorrow cause then jenny can sign it :) i love them :) fiona and sasha were just laughing at me all day cause i was so fragile :) then home and i slept more. ive come to the conclusion im either sick or just exhausted from the weekend cause i kept on like slipping in and out of consciousness instead of falling asleep and waking up. then dinner and left over hathi :) other sarah called and we talked for a bit. and now im blogging :)

so that was my amazing birthday :) i honestly could not have had a better birthday weekend everything was just great :) i love my friends they made my days :)
best birthday yet :)

i cannot wait to go to school tomorrow and show everyone my buises :)
so im going to bed :)
night xx

p.s. qcs is on tuesday!! ahhhh!!

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