Thursday, August 13, 2009

not an ordinary wednesday after all

when i woke up today i presumed it would be much like most of my wednesdays since me and brad broke up; boring and lonely. but it wasnt :)
i got woken up with a text from work asking if i could do an afternoon shift then nic called to ask if i could work 12:45 to 5:45 (im guessing i fell asleep in between these cause its weird for nic to call) then after working out that i could work and mum could take me i went to go back to sleep and other sarah text me asking if i was awake so that she could bring my bag that i left in her car on saturday night over. so she visited me for a bit :) then i went back to bed :)
at 12 i got up, got ready and went to work. when i got to work i got the greatest news. im allowed to be on register again!!! so fully stoaked :) so i worked register all day. ohh and someone stupid snuck into our backroom and stole sashas purse :( you suck stealer.
then when i was at work i got a text from nick telling me he had made mini muffins :) and offering to pick me up after work in his new skyline!! so when i finished he was waiting in his fully awesome new skyline. hes wanted one forever, since like i met him and he finally got one :) and omg im not a car person or anything but his car is amazing. like it has so much power and its so flash looking and nice! i am slightly in love :)
so yeah we went home and i ate all but two of the six or so mini muffins he brought over :) gosh they were tasty and cute to top it off :) he ended up staying for like two hours :) we talked about the other sarah thing and i think hes going to be okay :) it was really good to hang though :)
so yes not an ordinary wednesday at all :)
i hope you had a good day too :)

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