Sunday, August 23, 2009

just found a really good idea for a tattoo i could get

so i dont think ive mentioned this but i want to get several tattoos.
either later on in life of as soon as possible.
one that i know that i want asap is the southern cross. its a bit cliche, well a lot cliche but the way i see it its something that im always going to believe in for my entire life and also im aussie and im proud to be it :)
so yeah ive pretty much got it absolutely decided. i want it on my front right hip...? if that makes sense? idk ill take a picture sometime.
i dont know the specifics of the rest of the ones i want. but i do know where i want them. i want words written either on my wrist (palm facing up) or around it like a bracelet. i want something on my lower back. and maybe one on my ankle.

and i just discovered possible the perfect phrase to write on my wrist:
this too shall pass
and i love the idea of having the writing in handwritten form. its like someone wrote it on a note to you to reassure you. like every time i would look at it i am being reassured. so yeah im thinking that phrase or something really really similar.

my weekend was actually pretty average. well no actually friday was amazing. and saturday was good. saturday night was average. and today was good.

friday at school was good, nothing out of the ordinary. then friday night me, the sarahs and the boys from school went to landmark for a night-time bbq and spa :) the boys being (cause i dont think ive mentioned them too much before) sam, rhody, jesse, trentan, james, callum, abe and kellen :) the whole group came! well except for matt but he never comes to anything. it was so amazing that they came cause they never come to anything but they all came!! so we bbq-d, well trentan did and we ate it :) then we spa-d and it was so nice cause it was really windy up there but it was so warm in the spa :) we got kicked out at 9 and headed to maccas before going home.
so many halarious things happened its impossible to remember them all but ill try to list as many as possible.
- callum putting bbq sauce in trentans coke while he wasnt looking and trentan not realising until the last sip
- rhody jumping over the edge and the boys freaking out until they realised there was another ledge below it
- rhody taking off his board shorts surreptitiously then letting them float across the surface
- sister sarah getting pushed underwater, then other sarah
- me paying out on the sarahs cause they wore make-up when they were going spa-ing resulting in me getting pushed under
- so many legs
- other sarahs face when she gets tickled
- jesse with the hot water jets
- sam and abe with the water jets
- racing p platers on the way to maccas
- seeing tash, courtney and aimee at maccas, it really is the place to be
- sam buying his cheeseburger then as soon as he picked it up he threw it at trentan who was leaning against the dorr trying to push it open
- trentan sitting down for a good 5 minutes before he realised that half of sams cheeseburger was still on his shoulder
- sam wishing that he hadnt thrown his cheeseburger cause he actually wanted it
- trentan finding a hat that some people had left behind and wearing it
- girls across the street trying to dance sexy and rhody yelling "filthy" at them
- jesse stopping and starting as other sarah was trying to leave the drive through
it was the best night :) we never chill with the boys from school and it was so good to do it :)

saturday i slept in then worked. work was fun, sarian was in :) but i found out he isnt coming to my birthday :( but we did planned the party that im having at his house for my birthday :) then i finished work and mum came to get me to look at the dress shops along mooloolaba cause id seen one in the window the night before. i tried it on and it was amazing, even if it didnt fit and was too expensive haha but oh well it was lovely :) then i tried on a couple of others but nothing great. then home and i napped until other sarah called me up with plans of adams house :) so mum dropped me there. ron ron, tom, reiss, adam and ricky were there. other sarah was possible going to come later but she couldnt in the end and sister sarah was working then visiting kerian :) i love being the only girl in a way cause it pretty much makes me one of the boys :) we chilled around adams, wrote "Ye Olde Shotgun Rules" on the side of a corona box and then burnt it and tom got me to tell him my sexual preferences amongst intense blushing :) awww and he shaved his parts for me :) some more of the creek boys came but they were being boring and ditched after a while. oh i found out that tom found out about luke last weekend. i asked him if he was angry and he said "not as long as we dont become wiener cousins" hes halarious :) he doesnt believe that me and luke havent had sex and the same goes for riley. gosh silly tom. ohh and guess who was texting me that night? jake. fucking jake. why the fuck was jake texting me? i was being as rude as possible, sending him one word answers and things but he still kept talking to me! i even mentioned tom and he kept talking! so eventually i just didnt reply. then at like 1 in the morning he texted me asking how the party was going. WTF?! arghhh i dont get it! haha when tom found out i was texting jake he tried to take my phone off me and text jake saying "my vagina wants you" :) this girl grace randomly turned up to adams house and told us that her friends 18th was on tonight and like half the party had just left and her friend was really sad so she was going around recruiting people. so we went. god knows why. surely the fact that people left would have been enough indication that it would be lame. but we went all the way to buderim. we were there for about five minutes before we wanted to leave. the music was shit, there was about 20 people, no dance floor, all lame people and everyone was smoking. haha ron ron was in his prime though, the peak of his drunkness. reiss looked at him at one point and said "look aarons having the time of his life" so aaron looks up and yells across the circle "i am not having the time of my life. im keen to leave, bitch" LOL :) and he tried juggling onions with his feet :) and he told everyone he was going to do a DGB (during grog bog) :D and he stole the parents underware and left them in bens car LOL. my friends are of the highest calibre clearly :) so we eventually got outside and ron ron went back to make noodles :) then we called a taxi and $50 later we were back at adams. we were all pretty stuffed so we went to bed. the boys were being a bit of a hassle when me and tom tried to go to bed cause they stole the remote that can turn the fan on and the light on. they kept on turning the light on so i think that tom may have told them about me not being comfortable with having sex while the light is on. not that i mind really but it was just frustrating cause i wanted to get into it ;) so we eventually got the remote and went to bed :) haha then a couple of minutes later adam came knocking on the door to ask if tom had a threesome with me and someone else last weekend cause thats what aaron said. good job aaron :) then we got back into it and he had a condom again :) i think hes into the habit of having one now which is good :) we started going and then after... id say it was about two minutes tom stopped and was like "what the fuck?" and i was like "did i do something wrong?" and he was like "no no you didnt. i just blew my whole load" two minutes! the boy that i normally have to tell to stop finished in two minutes! wtf?! i dont know what i did wrong! he was so embarrassed and confused and i felt so bad for him! i didnt have a clue what to say to make him feel better. he just sat there looking all worried it was so bad! he kept on appologising and saying that that had never happened before and stuff. he made me happy of course even though in his two minutes he already had made me happy :) he always does that everytime at the start with cause during foreplay he will get me to the brink and then alls it takes is a couple of pushes and ive orgasmed :) so he made me happy again and then we lay there cuddling for a bit. he had stubble again it was nice :) he traced his hands over my ass and legs and told me again that i was silly for not wanting the light on :) then we went to sleep.

this morning i chilled with the boys, then reiss dropped me home, i cleaned and rearranged my room, napped, ate dinner and did some of my english assignment. i like the way my room is now, my bed and desk have swapped places :)

well considering how much i didnt sleep last night from stressing about tom being early i should probably get to bed.
night xx

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