Friday, November 20, 2009

operation week epic

me and sarah have decided this next week is called week epic :) (starting on the tuesday just gone) and we're making it our mission to make it as epic as possible. Not that we will really have to try that hard, i mean we've had formal and the formal after party, graduation friday then schoolies. could things get better?

anyways to tuesday - thursday.
tuesday i went to school for the no alcohol and drugs at formal speach. it was pretty lame except sister sarah brought me her jewelery for me to pick what i wanted to wear for formal. shes so lovely :) then rhysiepoo drove me home and i experimented with formal hair styles before packing my bag and getting picked up by sarah jean and going to her house.
we got there, hung out for a bit, then immy and megan came over. immy did sarah jeans hair then mine. sarah jean had her fringe pinned and the rest of it curled, i had my hair curled with a little quiff. immy is amazing she curled it with a ghg in like 10 minutes. it was insane since when we had to curl my hair for musical it took three people with curlers half an hour to do it last year. then immy did our makeup (which also looked stunning) then kamara came over and she got hers done too. then kamara left, me and sarah jean put on our dresses and sarah jeans nana and mum helped me put the hollywood tape on my dress. we all got photos taken and then went to sister sarahs.
at sister sarahs her dad took photos of us cause hes like a crazy photographer man. a moment there was definetly when i decided that the sarahs mums are my adopted mums. i had wanted a photo with just me and the sarahs mums cause i love them so but i didnt want to offend mum. then sister sarahs mum came up with the idea of "other mothers photo" so i got photos with the sarahs mum and the sarahs got photos with each others mum plus my mum. the fact that they worked out a way for me to get what i wanted was truely amazing. i almost cried. the photos that sister sarahs dad took were really amazing i cant wait to have them.
then scotty arrived in his awesome traz am, more photos were taken and we were off. we got there in style but cause we were late almost nobody saw us. oh well it was still awesome :) we went inside and found our boys. this is when i knew that i love my boys. me and the sarahs walked up and said "hey" and the first thing out of rhody and jesses mouth (in unision) was "wow" :) ive never felt more beautiful. we all went around finding people, talking, catching up and taking photos. everybody looked so amazing it was ridiculous.
then the parents left and we all went inside to the dinner part. more chilling and taking photos and everything. then we sat at our table (table 8). the people at our table were me, the sarahs, matt, abe, kellen, rhody, jesse, callum and trentan. best table ever :) the meal was okay, kinda average. you pretty much couldent leave the table or even look away otherwise something would have happened to your food, your drink or both. best sneaky move was when rhody put heaps of salt and pepper in jesses drink when he was in the bathroom then when he gets back sarah jean stands and says "id like to propose a toast to........ table 8!" and we all toasted and jesse drank :) and awards were handed out for best looking guy and girl and other stuff. half of our table got one :)
once desert was served the dancefloor opened :) we had a really good dj actually, he played decent stuff once people were dancing. rhody and corey had the best dance off to single ladies, ive never laughed so hard. dancing was great and i did stay most of the night in my heels :) we even got rhysiepoo and jake and everyone to dance :) we got photos taken with the professional photographer and we actually got all our boys in it which is great :) hours of dancing later and the formal was over :( it was actually way better than i expected it to be cause im not really a formal kind of girl so i was expecting to really hate it.
then sarah jeans parents drove us to the after party at mels cause they were helping  supervise :) we got there, got changed and chilled with everyone. on of the highlight of the night was the bus of people turning up that had left the formal an hour early to get on pingers (lame!)katherine potter walks in "STOP BEING SO AWKWARD. JUST DANCE ALREADY!" then walked off into mels forrest alone for about 5 minutes before reappearing with twigs in her hair. what a mess. i didnt have drinks with me so i scabbed off everybody all night and actually got drunk :) i was going to smoke weed with cj and everyone but they were using a pipe and since ive never used one i didnt want to make a fool of myself. me and zack talked about how he got angry at me but i dont really remember what he said. and tamika lost her voice which was halarious :) me and rhysiepoo had been hanging out all night and were being a little cuddly. we were sitting by ourselves and then he started saying that i owe him for all the alcohol id scabbed off him that night. we had a "nuh uh" "yah huh" fight before i finally gave in and asked him what he wanted me to pay him back with. he tried to get me to decided but i told him since he was the one that was being payed back he had to decide. then he said "i reckon a kiss would do it" so we kissed. oh my. oh wow. then we got moved cause the ambos had been called cause strano overdosed on vodka and morphine (hes fine now) on a side note where do you even get morphine from???? so yeh i went and got my stuff then went out to say goodbye to everyone and when me and rhysiepoo said goodbye to each other we kissed again :) then back to sarah jeans and sleep.

wednesday we woke up to an empty house and just chilled around. sarah jean made me omlette for breakfast :) i love her. then we were talking to todd on facebook and we were like "what the hell he lives a street away lets go see him" so we went to his house and hung out there for ages. and i tried ezy mac for the first time. omg yum. then we came back to sarah jeans house and went to get her new tyres fitted so we hung out at the tyre place for about an hour before she drove me to the doctors cause the thing on my arm was really hurting (i dont know if i mentioned it but i had like a pimple thing on my underarm and it had been slowly been getting more painful over the last couple of days)
the doctor told me it was a boil and he had to pop it. getting it popped was so bad, i hate needles and i was already freaking out. once it was popped he told me i had to go on antibiotics for 5 days. you cant drink when youre on antibiotics. schoolies is in 2 days. shit fuck shit. so i asked him what would happen if i took them once i came back from schoolies. he said best case scenario youre in more pain than you are now, worst case it either gets into your blood and could poison your organs and entire body or it could get into you bones in your arm and worst case we have to amputate. he said amputate like i had to have bed rest for a couple of days. so then i really started freaking out so he said we could start the antibiotics that day and then if it got better i would only have to not drink the first night of schoolies. however if it doesnt get better i go on another stronger round of antibiotics and dont drink at all. i think if that happens im not going to gold coast. i dont think i would be able to not drink and if i did then i would just be in a shit mood the entire week and bring the sarahs down. neither of which i want to do.

today we had the docudrama, cpr lesson and graduation practice.
the docudrama was about drink driving and car accidents and when we got out there to see it played out jesse, britta and hannah (plus kayla) were the actors. i cried the entire way through. even thinking about it now is bringing tears. to see that, to see my friends, how it looked so real, to see jesse being covered up and put in a body bag, to see britta screaming at hannah "youve killed him" to hear kayla screaming in pain and to see hannah trying to fight the police to get away... i cant even find words to describe the pain im still feeling now. i just cant. i have some amazing people in my grade though. i was separated from the sarahs, im not sure why, but i was standing there crying through the entire thing surrounded by people i barely talk to. rachelle who pretty much hates me put her arm around me at one point and asked if i was okay. some stranger was rubbing my arm, im still not sure who they were i would really like to know. then someone told kamara and she came up from behind and hugged me and gave me a tissue and asked if i wanted to leave and when i didnt she stood there hugging me from behind the entire time. then later when we were walking down to the oval glen saw that i had been crying and that i was on the verge of tears again seeing kayla being loaded into the helicopter, he put his arm around me and told me we were going to do it together. i have the best people. i dont really want to write more about it cause its still making me upset.
cpr was a joke. dedset joke. then we all talked about the formal and the formal after party. then we wrote on our lockers :) mine says "bec '09" :) then at lunch everyone was signing shirts and writting in books and getting peoples contacts. it was really nice :) then grad practice which was as boring as shit. i actually fell asleep towards the end. one good thing though im in the second row :) perfect view. i didnt get to talk to rhysiepoo all day cause we were just never near each other when we could talk.
after school i hung out with sister sarah at the plaza before going to work. cj called me while we were hanging and he told me that he asked rhysiepoo whether he liked me and he basically said yes and cj also asked him whether he would have kissed me sober and he said yes :) work was shit. we are now open late nights again which is just ridiculous cause we had like 10 customers the entire night. stupid taryn there was a reason why rivers stopped that. and she called me jess again. after work ron ron picked me up and along with tom we went to pauls house to watch burn notice :) pretty much didnt end up watching it, ended up looking at shit on utube instead. i love those boys :) then tom dropped me home in his new car (did i tell you? tom fucked up his car) and mum tried to squeeze more shit out of my arm before giving up.
thats everything up to date. i doubt im going to blog tomorrow and then ill be at schoolies therefore without internet but i am taking books down so that i can write down everything that i remember. if you see me blogging next week please send comments of sympathy. lord knows im going to need them.
ohh btw plan of attack with rhysiepoo cause im not still sure of my feelings is to talk to him at schoolies (i doubt ill have a chance before then) and tell him how im feeling and depending on his reaction suggest trial dating after schoolies just to see how things go. fingers crossed.

Monday, November 16, 2009

guess where i'll be this time next week?

at schoolies. chyea :)

anyways i had a pretty awesome weekend.
i had my last maths exam ever on friday. thats right. last. maths. exam. ever. im pretty sure i failed it but i dont care cause i cant have failed enough to drop my mark. then i helped sister sarah edit the year 12 grad film and we finally finished it :) its so friggen good!! im so stoaked with it!! everyone is going to cry at grad. then we met up with our group at the beach :) it was so good to chill with them, they are great. that night was rhodys 17th so we went to his house for a BBQ. again, great fun chilling with our group :) we played heaps of games that i havent played in years like bullrush and duck duck goose. although we didnt alter duck duck goose by adding in the tackle element :) and we all ate cake and played ping pong and just hung out all together. it was good to hang out outside of school since its finishing soon and all. i hope i dont loose touch with them once schools over. once i got home nick texted me so he came over and ended up staying until 2 am. it was so good to catch up :) we had great talks.
saturday i worked which was a bit average. taryn made me clean - nic never made me clean, she knew i was bad at it and hated it. also she put me on three shifts for the week i was at schoolies. so yehh average. saturday night was alexs going away party. im so devo that hes going to canada for six months when ive only just become good friends with him in the past couple of months. i napped too long so i got there late but oh well :) i was wearing my new heels and i would like to say that they stayed on the whole night :) it was just a gathering really, all of us just hanging out and drinking. we played i never and its the funnest thing with heaps of people like that :) its also funner when you're in a game with someone you've slept with and his friends. some of the i nevers directed at us were "ive never had sex in my friends parents bed" "the best sex ive ever had wasnt from behind" it was good fun :) at one point we started a fire in the middle of the street. good effort i thought really :) and then ron ron wanted to move his car so that his car was away from the fire and as we were re-parking i saw the driveway of an old friend and said "my friend lives up there" and ron ron went "do you want to go up there?" of course i did :) because ron rons tires are so bald we got half way up the hill, almost stalled, floored in instead and did massive burnouts on their driveway and front lawn. we were absolutely pissing ourselves laughing when we finally parked. ohh and i forgot to mention while the fire was being started tom pulled me into the laundry and we had sex on the counter :) well kind of sex anyways. i let him go long enough to make me happy then decided that i was too nervous about being caught to keep going. and yes i did say before, my heels were on all night :) riess shotted boiling hot water. well actually no riess attempted it. poor riess his mouth was sore all night after that. and ron ron made really shit french toast. and the cops came to suss out the fire. we did shots of this blue stuff and it actually didnt make me feel sick for once. after chilling for a little longer we decided to leave. sister sarah wanted to go home cause she had to work in the morning and didnt have her work stuff with her so she called her mum to come get her. the boys started walking to my house so me and sarah jeana lift with nel to mine :) shes so nice. me and other sarah chilled until the boys got there then we all hung out before going to bed. everyone was in my bed so once i couldnt hold off tom for a minute longer i rudely kicked everyone out of my room. the sex was up to par to say the least :) more new positions :) and the best thing ever happened. im sure ive mentioned this before but in case i havent, toms never finished inside me. i always have to stop him and finish him off cause i was too sore. not last night :) he finished inside me and apart from how stoaked i am that i could get him to (ive been trying for ages) he was stoaked which made me happy :) he actually said "that was so good" which is amazing cause he never says anything about it usually. then lied down and cuddled for a bit before riess came in and told us that it was daytime and then again when he needed to show us that adam was sleeping on my couch in his underware. funniest stuff.
this morning i woke up and could hear tom getting his stuff together. i dont know why i do it but every time i wake up because hes getting up i pretend to be asleep until he leaves. so i did but i thought he was just going into the other room but he was actually leaving so i felt a bit bad. then i came into the other room and chilled with the boys and sarah jean. adam had pants on again thankgod. then mum drove the boys home, ron ron came and picked me and sarah jean went to his to get boardies then to the beach :) awwww poor sarah jean she was so fragile all day. the beach was so amazing though :) and we had nandos and that was also amazing :) then i came home, napped and chilled.

pretty epic weekend all in all :) im really slack though ive got my drama performance tomorrow and i havent practiced my lines and its like 1:30 am and im not sleeping yet. and i havent got the fake blood or makeup that i need for my drama tomorrow. im so useless.
on the upside im talking to rhysiepoo :)
ohh and heres an intersting conversation me and cj had the other day.
it started off with me not being able to sleep and cj suggested cuddling to help but i said i had no one to cuddle. then he said that he would but rhysiepoo would mind. so i asked why rhysiepoo would mind and he said "well theres a thing between you two isnt there?" and i was like "what thing?" and he said "well you like him and he likes you right?" and then i told cj that i didnt think rhysiepoo liked me in that way and that i though he just wanted to be closer. then cj told me that rhysiepoo wasnt like that, he was more of a relationship guy. then he said "thats why i was and am so worried about rhysiepoo... because if you like him but you're not sure and you give him one glimpse of hope and take it away from him, he'll be shattered coz he isn't really into the dating scene just yet hes kinda a newbie." then i said that was trying to sort my head out and that if i did start something i didnt want it to be a drunken thing. then cj said "bec... rhysiepoo is not coming back a virgin!" and then i got insanely jealous! like the burning stomach and all! i got jealous of some faceless, nameless girl who may not even exist! and cj said "if you do decide you're gona do it with him be careful because theres already a connection between yas and after the sex there will definatly be passion from his side, whether or not there is from yours. and please dont let him see u with other guys all over u it might break his little heart"
so yeh. im in a bit of a pickle really. i just need to sort my head out and hopefully before schoolies. i dont want to hurt rhysiepoo but some days i really like him and other wise i just feel like friends. and i cant start anything if im like that. imagine if i started dating him then just woke up one morning and didnt feel the same. and also i dont know if me and him would be compatible physically. and he hasnt really opened up to me before and because im such an open person i would need someone that could be open with me. and then theres the whole future thing as well. and if i could be a good girlfriend. so many questions and no answers. oh dear.
brad text me last night. i replied a couple of times before finding better things to do. such as tom :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

shes a maniac

no, really.
i cant remember if ive mentioned this but i have o.c.d (or obsessive compulsive disorder). its a really mild case and doesnt usually affect my day-to-day life too much. today i had the first bad day i have had in a while and im going to write as much of it as i can down so that next time this happens i can look back and see warning signs and how i solved it.

it started off this morning. i dont know exactly what set it off this time, it just happened. i was telling grace my plans for the next couple of weeks and when i got to the graduation part i started tearing up. i dont cry in front of people so this is strange. then i got to drama and the class realised it would be our last ever drama class and then i almost cried again. and i got in trouble for things that are my fault and again almost started crying. all through today i was either on the verge of crying or i was emotionally void. then we had our last ever parade (no tears there) and we got the talk on safe schoolies and such. sudden boom of emotions, good emotions. excitement and whatnot. spent last session taking photos but not being sad. i got home and went to have my nanna nap as per usual. i then woke up and from about 4 pm yesterday afternooon until 2:26 am this morning i havent stopped cleaning. i never clean. in fact on of my o.c.d traits is not being comfortable in a really clean room. mum mentioned something about how i normally cant handle being in an excessively tidy room and i said "yeah i cant" so she asked why i was excessively cleaning my room and i replied "because it has to be clean" i had no sense, no reason, it just had to be. so today i did all my washing, i picked everything up off the floor, i moved my wardrobe around, i cleaned out my wardrobe, i season and colour coded my entire wardrobe, i folded and re-folded everything, i went through every draw and shelf to put things with other similiar things, tidied my desk, put my shoes in order of most worn to least worn, i dusted, i put my hats and bags all together and my bags in order of most used to least used and sepparated my jewelry. im even at the point where i want to vacuum regardless of the ridiculous time.
all through last night i would stop cleaning and go and try to interact with my family or watch tv but nothing could take my mind off my room. i was manic and i had no say in what i was doing. if i sat still then my heart would beat faster and my stomach would churn. my mind was all over the shop and i found it very hard to maintain coversation. i would also be constantly fidgetting and picking at my face and body. i have also cried alot, in front of my mum too.
i think its all been caused by the magnitude of everything thats about to happen. i think it just hit me harder today than usual. while its big and exciting and new and fantastic and ill be gaining so much ill also be loosing so much of what makes me me. its just a big step and today i felt inadequate. i dont know why im hoping its just a horemonal thing.
so how did i feel better? nick text me out of the blue and we started talking. im pretty sure he saved me. im scared to think of what i might of done if i was left to my own devices without anything else to clean. ive calmed down since talking to him which i think came a bit from talking about it and a bit from not wanting to seem like a freak. ohh and also a bit from him thinking that season and colour-coding my wardrobe was cool :) but the only reason i could only talk to nick was because i was mostly through cleaning my room then so i had enough space in my head to keep the conversation going.
now im going to try to sleep even though i desperately want to vacuum.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

culture fest

yeahh so culture fest was tonight :) so much fun :) it was my last school thing though which is a bit sad :( and rather scary :/
me, britta, naomi and alex painted ourselves up and acted as live statues for the night. probably one of the best compliments ive ever recieved was from tonight. we were statueing in one of the art rooms amongst all the other art works. theres a competition for the best art work and one lady came up to the people running the competition and asked what number we were so that she could vote for us :) best. thing. ever.
getting painted up was halarious. so many coats. and all the looks we were getting :) and getting juniors to take our earings out :) and mrs johnson styling our hair :)
people trying to make us laugh was great :) we actually managed to scare a fair few people as well :) and sarah jean, ron ron and pauleh came to visit :)
the last performance was an absurd peice by the year 11s. it was so good but im pretty sure most people didnt understand it. i mean shit ive read the plays and deconstructed them and i still had to work at it. then i looked down at my phone and there were missed calls from mum and two messages. the first message said something like "im in the car park near the office and i need you to come now" and the second one said "find your own way home" i seriously dont understand her. i told her i wouldnt be done until after nine and that i would call her when i needed her to pick me up yet she still came to get me at nine without a call from me and it was all my fault. so i called ron ron and cause hes so amazing he came and picked me up with sarah jean and paulehh. we went back to paulehs house for a bit then ron ron took me home.
and i just spent almost an hour in the shower trying to get all the paint off me. and my hair is red cause it doesnt wash out of hair well. and im still red in places like my ears. my clothes, phone and bag are covered in red paint.

so essentially the night consisted of about 10 hours at school, scaring little kids, getting made fun of, mum getting angry at me, making my phone look like a toddlers been fingerpainting with it, being soley responsible for putting the coast back on water restrictions and becoming part of an endangered spieces.
and its going to be one of my most cherished memories :)
photos up soon

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

new email

so yeah i have a new email. its kind of strange cause its such a little thing but it means a lot of things. im growing up for one. no longer do i have an email thats embarrassing to give out because its so juvinile. secondly im not adding everyone from my old email im sorting through my friends. so im potentially loosing some friends that i miss out or that dont decide to add me.
but oh well its all a growing process!

im starting a journal soon. while i love this whole blogging thing i think that having things hand written makes it so much more personal and intimate. but dont stress im still going to blog ill just have a hard copy too :) and this way i can scrap book along with it :)
i dont know when i want to start it though. i want to call it the new chapter but im not entirely sure when my new chapter will actually start. is it when i graduate? is it when i go to schoolies? is it when i come back from schoolies? is it when i get accepted into uni? is it when i finally go to uni? i dont know! ill just start it when it feels right i guess :)
i do however have to neaten up my writting, i want my journal to look nice.

me and aimee got into a fight about her not coming to naomis. i dont understand how she sees herself as the person to be pityed in the situation. it wasnt her that got ditched on her 18th birthday after all.
rhysiepoo was really helpful while me and aimee were fighting (we were fighting over msn) he was comforting me so much and making me feel better :) hes great :)

i did my english assignment today. its fairly rough and definetly needs a trim but at least its down. the hard part is done. mrs oconnor gave me a really good quote from shakespeare "how far that little candle throws its beams! so shines a good deed in a naughty world" she said some really nice stuff along with that like that i have a spark about me and no matter whats going to happen in my life i will always have that spark and that i was a survivor not a victim of my family. shes great :)

well im going to read. im way into reading at the moment :) even though its extremely nerdy and taking over my school work time at least i know ill have something to do over the holidays once i dont have a job :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

three 18ths in two nights :)

so this weekend i was so popular right. i had two party invites on friday night and three on saturday night. i chose to go to jesses 18th on friday night and naomi and riesses on saturday night. essentually i went to the important ones.

friday at jesses was so good. it was in a park and there was so much of his family there. like they would have outnumbered us two to one. it was great :) the park had the best thing it was like a circle spinny thing i cant even explain it but me, naomi, britta and cassie spent hours on it :) my thighs/ass muscles were so sore the next day. and i crazy danced by myself :) with others at times as well :) cassie is really cool :) there was so much pizza it was great :) and i had great chats with jesses dad :) and all his family got along even though his parents were divorced and whatnot. omg and his sister are adorable :) and when there was speaches all his family gave one and then jesse started crying!! it was amazing! and the cake was so good :) and everyone from school was there and we all just chilled :) it was just great :) then me and the sarahs went back to sister sarahs new house and invited kerian over :) so we all chilled. oh my heart he is amazing. and he played/sung for us and... oh. just oh. him and sister sarah should definetly get together. and we did a late night maccas run :) eventually kerian left and we went to bed. we chatted with the light on for a while then had a war to see who would turn the light off. after a good 5 minutes of tickleing and whatnot sister sarah got up and turned the light off cause in the energy we used to not turn the light off we could have turned the light off a million times already :) i love them muchly :)

work saturday was horrible. sarians last shift. cry. not a fun shift at all. im going to miss him so much. when i got home sister sarah came over and we got ready for naomis. i didnt have a costume cause im gay but oh wells (alice in wonderland theme btw). we got to naomis and everyone was wearing costume and everyone looked so good :) naomi look so amazing! we gave her our presents and chilled with everyone. there were so many people from school it was great :) and kaitlyn and all her friends too :) throughout the course of the night many halarious things happened. these include:
- me drinking out of a little kids plastic tea cup cause i couldnt find cups
- glen head banging
- naomi falling over lots but not getting hurt :)
- doing the hoedown throwdown with naomi and britta for everyone (im pretty sure we failed)
- dancing. lots of dancing.
- me and rhysiepoo having epic balloon wars
- sapphos tail
- lots of photos
- ash and co rocking up, seeing jaqui there "jaqui days here? were definetly staying"
- naomi telling everyone that firm was coming then telling everyone not to tell everyone
- firm coming
- naomi telling everyone that she liked firm
- glee songs :)
- miley cyrus songs :)
- calls to nick and ron ron
- jordyns dancing. that girl is insane.
- me telling jordyn that her dancing is insane and asking if she practices infront of a mirror
- good chats with murry
- sams costume
- the decorations were insane :)
there were some definet low points though. micah walked off at one point so i came to chill with him and we got to talking then i accidentally mentioned his sister. i think ive mentioned this before but his sister cuts herself :( he didnt go into specifics but something happened to her a couple of years ago that she could have made go to court but she didnt and its been happening since then. he cares about her so much he wants to be able to help her but he doesnt know how. he started crying. i would love any of my family to care about me that much. just as soon as we had finished our talked brent and jamie pulled up and were so pissed so the car ride wasnt fun. also aimee whoose naomis best friend was meant to be coming to naomis once she finished work at 7:30. at 8 she called and asked "can morghan and john come?" she had asked naomi earlier in the week and naomi had said no which is what she said again. then aimee said "well im at a party with them at the moment so it would be kind of rude to ditch them" (not like it would be fucking rude to ditch naomis 18th or anything). so naomi said they could come. naomi repeatedly called aimee throughout the night and aimee picked up every time saying that she was on her way. at 11 she called naomi and said "zak had said that naomis dad had kicked everyone out and that the party was over so she didnt come and that morghan had taken aimees phone off her which is why she couldnt call to check" even though naomi had been talking to her. argh. doggest effort. so mad. naomi deserves so much better. argh. just argh.
so me and sister sarah got to riesses and... he was passed out. im kinda pissed cause if id known that i wouldnt have left naomis cause i was only there for him. but oh well. jake ingham was there and he was such a mess. he started complimenting me and stuff. then he abused some girls he didnt like and i said "wow jake its nice to see you say something to peoples faces for once" (this guy bitches behind everyones back. i mean everyone) and he was like "what i dont say things behind peoples backs blah blah blah" so i told him to stop talking bullshit and just own up to the shit hes said and basically called him on his bluff. so then he was cut cause i hated him. like i care. and mitch was being so sleazy! and nick was so drunk! and tom left to go clubbing so i text him saying "hey text me when you get home i might still be here and could come over if you want xx" i made myself a booty call :) and then tom called, found out that there was still people here and came back to see me :) i feel so hot :) ohh and there was these year 11s from my school there and every day at school one of them wears this fucking huge bow on her forehead and it frustrates me so much! i told her "every time i see you wearing that bow i want to just rip your face off" im clearly a bit extreme when i drink :) eww and harvey from adams party was there and i was so scared of him! and nick was my wingman :) i found out some really interesting things at riesses. 1. nick has had sex with mel. 2. nick knows about riess and other sarah. 3. nick is really mad at riess and pretty mad at other sarah for it. i dont really see how nick could be mad at either of them when hes had sex with mel but oh well people can be silly sometimes. i think me and him are going to have chats about it soon so ill keep you posted. we got riess up for midnight then his parents shut down the party so we (tom, ron ron, other sarah, paul, brendon, laura, me) went to pauls and chilled and slept. well eventually anyways ;) i think things are sorted with tom. i think i over-reacted to what people said cause he was completely fine at riesses. haha i wore him out this time not the other way around :) and we tried new positions :) like doggy style lying down and sideways :) oh i feel so good :)
work today was death. like actual death. although fiona got me hot chips and gravy :) they were probably the best thing i had ever tasted :) and there were chocolates as well. i came home and nanna napped before calling naomi. i was meant to do my film tonight but i really dont think it would make much sense if i wrote it at the moment. much like this post.
night xx