Friday, November 20, 2009

operation week epic

me and sarah have decided this next week is called week epic :) (starting on the tuesday just gone) and we're making it our mission to make it as epic as possible. Not that we will really have to try that hard, i mean we've had formal and the formal after party, graduation friday then schoolies. could things get better?

anyways to tuesday - thursday.
tuesday i went to school for the no alcohol and drugs at formal speach. it was pretty lame except sister sarah brought me her jewelery for me to pick what i wanted to wear for formal. shes so lovely :) then rhysiepoo drove me home and i experimented with formal hair styles before packing my bag and getting picked up by sarah jean and going to her house.
we got there, hung out for a bit, then immy and megan came over. immy did sarah jeans hair then mine. sarah jean had her fringe pinned and the rest of it curled, i had my hair curled with a little quiff. immy is amazing she curled it with a ghg in like 10 minutes. it was insane since when we had to curl my hair for musical it took three people with curlers half an hour to do it last year. then immy did our makeup (which also looked stunning) then kamara came over and she got hers done too. then kamara left, me and sarah jean put on our dresses and sarah jeans nana and mum helped me put the hollywood tape on my dress. we all got photos taken and then went to sister sarahs.
at sister sarahs her dad took photos of us cause hes like a crazy photographer man. a moment there was definetly when i decided that the sarahs mums are my adopted mums. i had wanted a photo with just me and the sarahs mums cause i love them so but i didnt want to offend mum. then sister sarahs mum came up with the idea of "other mothers photo" so i got photos with the sarahs mum and the sarahs got photos with each others mum plus my mum. the fact that they worked out a way for me to get what i wanted was truely amazing. i almost cried. the photos that sister sarahs dad took were really amazing i cant wait to have them.
then scotty arrived in his awesome traz am, more photos were taken and we were off. we got there in style but cause we were late almost nobody saw us. oh well it was still awesome :) we went inside and found our boys. this is when i knew that i love my boys. me and the sarahs walked up and said "hey" and the first thing out of rhody and jesses mouth (in unision) was "wow" :) ive never felt more beautiful. we all went around finding people, talking, catching up and taking photos. everybody looked so amazing it was ridiculous.
then the parents left and we all went inside to the dinner part. more chilling and taking photos and everything. then we sat at our table (table 8). the people at our table were me, the sarahs, matt, abe, kellen, rhody, jesse, callum and trentan. best table ever :) the meal was okay, kinda average. you pretty much couldent leave the table or even look away otherwise something would have happened to your food, your drink or both. best sneaky move was when rhody put heaps of salt and pepper in jesses drink when he was in the bathroom then when he gets back sarah jean stands and says "id like to propose a toast to........ table 8!" and we all toasted and jesse drank :) and awards were handed out for best looking guy and girl and other stuff. half of our table got one :)
once desert was served the dancefloor opened :) we had a really good dj actually, he played decent stuff once people were dancing. rhody and corey had the best dance off to single ladies, ive never laughed so hard. dancing was great and i did stay most of the night in my heels :) we even got rhysiepoo and jake and everyone to dance :) we got photos taken with the professional photographer and we actually got all our boys in it which is great :) hours of dancing later and the formal was over :( it was actually way better than i expected it to be cause im not really a formal kind of girl so i was expecting to really hate it.
then sarah jeans parents drove us to the after party at mels cause they were helping  supervise :) we got there, got changed and chilled with everyone. on of the highlight of the night was the bus of people turning up that had left the formal an hour early to get on pingers (lame!)katherine potter walks in "STOP BEING SO AWKWARD. JUST DANCE ALREADY!" then walked off into mels forrest alone for about 5 minutes before reappearing with twigs in her hair. what a mess. i didnt have drinks with me so i scabbed off everybody all night and actually got drunk :) i was going to smoke weed with cj and everyone but they were using a pipe and since ive never used one i didnt want to make a fool of myself. me and zack talked about how he got angry at me but i dont really remember what he said. and tamika lost her voice which was halarious :) me and rhysiepoo had been hanging out all night and were being a little cuddly. we were sitting by ourselves and then he started saying that i owe him for all the alcohol id scabbed off him that night. we had a "nuh uh" "yah huh" fight before i finally gave in and asked him what he wanted me to pay him back with. he tried to get me to decided but i told him since he was the one that was being payed back he had to decide. then he said "i reckon a kiss would do it" so we kissed. oh my. oh wow. then we got moved cause the ambos had been called cause strano overdosed on vodka and morphine (hes fine now) on a side note where do you even get morphine from???? so yeh i went and got my stuff then went out to say goodbye to everyone and when me and rhysiepoo said goodbye to each other we kissed again :) then back to sarah jeans and sleep.

wednesday we woke up to an empty house and just chilled around. sarah jean made me omlette for breakfast :) i love her. then we were talking to todd on facebook and we were like "what the hell he lives a street away lets go see him" so we went to his house and hung out there for ages. and i tried ezy mac for the first time. omg yum. then we came back to sarah jeans house and went to get her new tyres fitted so we hung out at the tyre place for about an hour before she drove me to the doctors cause the thing on my arm was really hurting (i dont know if i mentioned it but i had like a pimple thing on my underarm and it had been slowly been getting more painful over the last couple of days)
the doctor told me it was a boil and he had to pop it. getting it popped was so bad, i hate needles and i was already freaking out. once it was popped he told me i had to go on antibiotics for 5 days. you cant drink when youre on antibiotics. schoolies is in 2 days. shit fuck shit. so i asked him what would happen if i took them once i came back from schoolies. he said best case scenario youre in more pain than you are now, worst case it either gets into your blood and could poison your organs and entire body or it could get into you bones in your arm and worst case we have to amputate. he said amputate like i had to have bed rest for a couple of days. so then i really started freaking out so he said we could start the antibiotics that day and then if it got better i would only have to not drink the first night of schoolies. however if it doesnt get better i go on another stronger round of antibiotics and dont drink at all. i think if that happens im not going to gold coast. i dont think i would be able to not drink and if i did then i would just be in a shit mood the entire week and bring the sarahs down. neither of which i want to do.

today we had the docudrama, cpr lesson and graduation practice.
the docudrama was about drink driving and car accidents and when we got out there to see it played out jesse, britta and hannah (plus kayla) were the actors. i cried the entire way through. even thinking about it now is bringing tears. to see that, to see my friends, how it looked so real, to see jesse being covered up and put in a body bag, to see britta screaming at hannah "youve killed him" to hear kayla screaming in pain and to see hannah trying to fight the police to get away... i cant even find words to describe the pain im still feeling now. i just cant. i have some amazing people in my grade though. i was separated from the sarahs, im not sure why, but i was standing there crying through the entire thing surrounded by people i barely talk to. rachelle who pretty much hates me put her arm around me at one point and asked if i was okay. some stranger was rubbing my arm, im still not sure who they were i would really like to know. then someone told kamara and she came up from behind and hugged me and gave me a tissue and asked if i wanted to leave and when i didnt she stood there hugging me from behind the entire time. then later when we were walking down to the oval glen saw that i had been crying and that i was on the verge of tears again seeing kayla being loaded into the helicopter, he put his arm around me and told me we were going to do it together. i have the best people. i dont really want to write more about it cause its still making me upset.
cpr was a joke. dedset joke. then we all talked about the formal and the formal after party. then we wrote on our lockers :) mine says "bec '09" :) then at lunch everyone was signing shirts and writting in books and getting peoples contacts. it was really nice :) then grad practice which was as boring as shit. i actually fell asleep towards the end. one good thing though im in the second row :) perfect view. i didnt get to talk to rhysiepoo all day cause we were just never near each other when we could talk.
after school i hung out with sister sarah at the plaza before going to work. cj called me while we were hanging and he told me that he asked rhysiepoo whether he liked me and he basically said yes and cj also asked him whether he would have kissed me sober and he said yes :) work was shit. we are now open late nights again which is just ridiculous cause we had like 10 customers the entire night. stupid taryn there was a reason why rivers stopped that. and she called me jess again. after work ron ron picked me up and along with tom we went to pauls house to watch burn notice :) pretty much didnt end up watching it, ended up looking at shit on utube instead. i love those boys :) then tom dropped me home in his new car (did i tell you? tom fucked up his car) and mum tried to squeeze more shit out of my arm before giving up.
thats everything up to date. i doubt im going to blog tomorrow and then ill be at schoolies therefore without internet but i am taking books down so that i can write down everything that i remember. if you see me blogging next week please send comments of sympathy. lord knows im going to need them.
ohh btw plan of attack with rhysiepoo cause im not still sure of my feelings is to talk to him at schoolies (i doubt ill have a chance before then) and tell him how im feeling and depending on his reaction suggest trial dating after schoolies just to see how things go. fingers crossed.

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