Tuesday, November 3, 2009

new email

so yeah i have a new email. its kind of strange cause its such a little thing but it means a lot of things. im growing up for one. no longer do i have an email thats embarrassing to give out because its so juvinile. secondly im not adding everyone from my old email im sorting through my friends. so im potentially loosing some friends that i miss out or that dont decide to add me.
but oh well its all a growing process!

im starting a journal soon. while i love this whole blogging thing i think that having things hand written makes it so much more personal and intimate. but dont stress im still going to blog ill just have a hard copy too :) and this way i can scrap book along with it :)
i dont know when i want to start it though. i want to call it the new chapter but im not entirely sure when my new chapter will actually start. is it when i graduate? is it when i go to schoolies? is it when i come back from schoolies? is it when i get accepted into uni? is it when i finally go to uni? i dont know! ill just start it when it feels right i guess :)
i do however have to neaten up my writting, i want my journal to look nice.

me and aimee got into a fight about her not coming to naomis. i dont understand how she sees herself as the person to be pityed in the situation. it wasnt her that got ditched on her 18th birthday after all.
rhysiepoo was really helpful while me and aimee were fighting (we were fighting over msn) he was comforting me so much and making me feel better :) hes great :)

i did my english assignment today. its fairly rough and definetly needs a trim but at least its down. the hard part is done. mrs oconnor gave me a really good quote from shakespeare "how far that little candle throws its beams! so shines a good deed in a naughty world" she said some really nice stuff along with that like that i have a spark about me and no matter whats going to happen in my life i will always have that spark and that i was a survivor not a victim of my family. shes great :)

well im going to read. im way into reading at the moment :) even though its extremely nerdy and taking over my school work time at least i know ill have something to do over the holidays once i dont have a job :)

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