Wednesday, November 4, 2009

culture fest

yeahh so culture fest was tonight :) so much fun :) it was my last school thing though which is a bit sad :( and rather scary :/
me, britta, naomi and alex painted ourselves up and acted as live statues for the night. probably one of the best compliments ive ever recieved was from tonight. we were statueing in one of the art rooms amongst all the other art works. theres a competition for the best art work and one lady came up to the people running the competition and asked what number we were so that she could vote for us :) best. thing. ever.
getting painted up was halarious. so many coats. and all the looks we were getting :) and getting juniors to take our earings out :) and mrs johnson styling our hair :)
people trying to make us laugh was great :) we actually managed to scare a fair few people as well :) and sarah jean, ron ron and pauleh came to visit :)
the last performance was an absurd peice by the year 11s. it was so good but im pretty sure most people didnt understand it. i mean shit ive read the plays and deconstructed them and i still had to work at it. then i looked down at my phone and there were missed calls from mum and two messages. the first message said something like "im in the car park near the office and i need you to come now" and the second one said "find your own way home" i seriously dont understand her. i told her i wouldnt be done until after nine and that i would call her when i needed her to pick me up yet she still came to get me at nine without a call from me and it was all my fault. so i called ron ron and cause hes so amazing he came and picked me up with sarah jean and paulehh. we went back to paulehs house for a bit then ron ron took me home.
and i just spent almost an hour in the shower trying to get all the paint off me. and my hair is red cause it doesnt wash out of hair well. and im still red in places like my ears. my clothes, phone and bag are covered in red paint.

so essentially the night consisted of about 10 hours at school, scaring little kids, getting made fun of, mum getting angry at me, making my phone look like a toddlers been fingerpainting with it, being soley responsible for putting the coast back on water restrictions and becoming part of an endangered spieces.
and its going to be one of my most cherished memories :)
photos up soon

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