Sunday, November 1, 2009

three 18ths in two nights :)

so this weekend i was so popular right. i had two party invites on friday night and three on saturday night. i chose to go to jesses 18th on friday night and naomi and riesses on saturday night. essentually i went to the important ones.

friday at jesses was so good. it was in a park and there was so much of his family there. like they would have outnumbered us two to one. it was great :) the park had the best thing it was like a circle spinny thing i cant even explain it but me, naomi, britta and cassie spent hours on it :) my thighs/ass muscles were so sore the next day. and i crazy danced by myself :) with others at times as well :) cassie is really cool :) there was so much pizza it was great :) and i had great chats with jesses dad :) and all his family got along even though his parents were divorced and whatnot. omg and his sister are adorable :) and when there was speaches all his family gave one and then jesse started crying!! it was amazing! and the cake was so good :) and everyone from school was there and we all just chilled :) it was just great :) then me and the sarahs went back to sister sarahs new house and invited kerian over :) so we all chilled. oh my heart he is amazing. and he played/sung for us and... oh. just oh. him and sister sarah should definetly get together. and we did a late night maccas run :) eventually kerian left and we went to bed. we chatted with the light on for a while then had a war to see who would turn the light off. after a good 5 minutes of tickleing and whatnot sister sarah got up and turned the light off cause in the energy we used to not turn the light off we could have turned the light off a million times already :) i love them muchly :)

work saturday was horrible. sarians last shift. cry. not a fun shift at all. im going to miss him so much. when i got home sister sarah came over and we got ready for naomis. i didnt have a costume cause im gay but oh wells (alice in wonderland theme btw). we got to naomis and everyone was wearing costume and everyone looked so good :) naomi look so amazing! we gave her our presents and chilled with everyone. there were so many people from school it was great :) and kaitlyn and all her friends too :) throughout the course of the night many halarious things happened. these include:
- me drinking out of a little kids plastic tea cup cause i couldnt find cups
- glen head banging
- naomi falling over lots but not getting hurt :)
- doing the hoedown throwdown with naomi and britta for everyone (im pretty sure we failed)
- dancing. lots of dancing.
- me and rhysiepoo having epic balloon wars
- sapphos tail
- lots of photos
- ash and co rocking up, seeing jaqui there "jaqui days here? were definetly staying"
- naomi telling everyone that firm was coming then telling everyone not to tell everyone
- firm coming
- naomi telling everyone that she liked firm
- glee songs :)
- miley cyrus songs :)
- calls to nick and ron ron
- jordyns dancing. that girl is insane.
- me telling jordyn that her dancing is insane and asking if she practices infront of a mirror
- good chats with murry
- sams costume
- the decorations were insane :)
there were some definet low points though. micah walked off at one point so i came to chill with him and we got to talking then i accidentally mentioned his sister. i think ive mentioned this before but his sister cuts herself :( he didnt go into specifics but something happened to her a couple of years ago that she could have made go to court but she didnt and its been happening since then. he cares about her so much he wants to be able to help her but he doesnt know how. he started crying. i would love any of my family to care about me that much. just as soon as we had finished our talked brent and jamie pulled up and were so pissed so the car ride wasnt fun. also aimee whoose naomis best friend was meant to be coming to naomis once she finished work at 7:30. at 8 she called and asked "can morghan and john come?" she had asked naomi earlier in the week and naomi had said no which is what she said again. then aimee said "well im at a party with them at the moment so it would be kind of rude to ditch them" (not like it would be fucking rude to ditch naomis 18th or anything). so naomi said they could come. naomi repeatedly called aimee throughout the night and aimee picked up every time saying that she was on her way. at 11 she called naomi and said "zak had said that naomis dad had kicked everyone out and that the party was over so she didnt come and that morghan had taken aimees phone off her which is why she couldnt call to check" even though naomi had been talking to her. argh. doggest effort. so mad. naomi deserves so much better. argh. just argh.
so me and sister sarah got to riesses and... he was passed out. im kinda pissed cause if id known that i wouldnt have left naomis cause i was only there for him. but oh well. jake ingham was there and he was such a mess. he started complimenting me and stuff. then he abused some girls he didnt like and i said "wow jake its nice to see you say something to peoples faces for once" (this guy bitches behind everyones back. i mean everyone) and he was like "what i dont say things behind peoples backs blah blah blah" so i told him to stop talking bullshit and just own up to the shit hes said and basically called him on his bluff. so then he was cut cause i hated him. like i care. and mitch was being so sleazy! and nick was so drunk! and tom left to go clubbing so i text him saying "hey text me when you get home i might still be here and could come over if you want xx" i made myself a booty call :) and then tom called, found out that there was still people here and came back to see me :) i feel so hot :) ohh and there was these year 11s from my school there and every day at school one of them wears this fucking huge bow on her forehead and it frustrates me so much! i told her "every time i see you wearing that bow i want to just rip your face off" im clearly a bit extreme when i drink :) eww and harvey from adams party was there and i was so scared of him! and nick was my wingman :) i found out some really interesting things at riesses. 1. nick has had sex with mel. 2. nick knows about riess and other sarah. 3. nick is really mad at riess and pretty mad at other sarah for it. i dont really see how nick could be mad at either of them when hes had sex with mel but oh well people can be silly sometimes. i think me and him are going to have chats about it soon so ill keep you posted. we got riess up for midnight then his parents shut down the party so we (tom, ron ron, other sarah, paul, brendon, laura, me) went to pauls and chilled and slept. well eventually anyways ;) i think things are sorted with tom. i think i over-reacted to what people said cause he was completely fine at riesses. haha i wore him out this time not the other way around :) and we tried new positions :) like doggy style lying down and sideways :) oh i feel so good :)
work today was death. like actual death. although fiona got me hot chips and gravy :) they were probably the best thing i had ever tasted :) and there were chocolates as well. i came home and nanna napped before calling naomi. i was meant to do my film tonight but i really dont think it would make much sense if i wrote it at the moment. much like this post.
night xx

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