Friday, October 30, 2009

thursday chill sesh

i hung out with ron ron tonight for the second time in two weeks. i hope this becomes a regular thing :)
he brought riesses present (a flask with "to the biggest cunt i know..." engraved on it. omg you should have seen ron ron telling the guy what he wanted he was so embarrassed; it was adorable) and i brought naomis (mosaiced mirror thing). many funny things happened as you would expect if you had ever met ron ron. the highlights:
- ron ron convincing tom that he had brought riess the mirror for his birthday. tom "i dont understand"
- rhysiepoo
- going to kawana to find a pirate eye patch
- ron ron giving me a tour of kawana shopping world because i had never been there
- me realising at the end of the tour that i had actually been there
- going to paulys house to watch burn notice
- realising that burn notice wanst on for another two hours
- creeping out the cold rock staff
- watching the cold rock staff clean up around us
- ron ron getting rid of the rubbish in his car then moving to a car park three spaces away so that noone would know that it was his
- nick driving me home in his skyline <3

on another note my wardrobe doors are now sliders. on the downside the mirror is in the wrong place. i can see myself everywhere. i hate it.
love xx

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