Tuesday, October 6, 2009


since me and tom christened my bed ive been imagining a boy sleeping next to me. not so much tom just any boy. like them having a permanent spot on my bed. sleeping not fucking. awfully like a relationship. oh dear im having an imaginary relationship with a faceless, nameless boy.
ive got to have sex more often.

today i had my last first day of school term ever. wow it feels good to say that.
nothing unusual. we dont have our report cards yet but oh well. VHA 2 in film :) its the only time ive liked the ladder system and thats only because i didnt realise that i was only three below hannah and two below britta. wow.
im a bit worried about the english assessment for this term. its an oral or written (we choose) on our own personal philosophy. like i could do that in 8 minutes or 1000 words. shit. we did some questionaire things to get to our "deeper self" and what not and without sounding dramatic i probably should have councelling. i have a real hatred for my family. i dont know if i like this topic cause i try to avoid thinking about all of that stuff but thats all this topic is about. what made me me. oh well i guess ill just have to find the positives.

i had probably one of the biggest highlights of my life today. ron ron posted this on facebook: Before, I was sitting at my computer desk when mum walked in to talk to me. After talking to her for a bit, she looked a bit awkward. She left the room quickly. I looked down at my boxer shorts a few minutes later; half my ball sack was hanging out. FML.
the best part is that he didnt get it off the website he posted it on the website.
i love my boys.

well thats all xx

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