Friday, October 23, 2009


sorry for my lack of blogging lately. a lot of shits been going on so i havent really been motivated to do anything.
so lets play catch up.

im back at school for the last term ever :) so im pretty excited. as of today i have 17 school days left and 29 days in total left. cannot wait to be out there in the big bad world :) and schools become so much more chill now cause we only have one piece of assessment for each subject. so compared to last term when it was 10 pieces of assessment in 8 weeks its now 5 pieces of assessment in 7 weeks :)
things at work have been really bad. our shops been franchised so nics out of a job and brad and sarian have left cause they get most of their hours from the other shops. so i have a new boss taryn who i hate out of principle. and im on probation again. and im probably going to quit on christmas eve cause taryn probably wont let me go to woodford like jenny would have. and i wont have my dream team on sundays anymore cause sasha and jenny dont have set days off anymore. basically everything is terrible at work. but on the upside matts one of my favourites. hes actually really cool. we had the work party last weekend and it was really sad. and it was at jennys house which is just amazing. ill take photos next time. and her daughter josie and her partner played and they are great.
i dont think ill ever talk to nutter ever again. theres been more added to the fingers and jake saga but i dont really feel like going through it. whatsmore she called me fat and said that i was pathetic for getting with tom. but i dont see how im pathetic for getting with tom since she dated him and all. so yeah whatevs.
ive been at the beach so much lately its great. im so mega tanned. ohh and sarah jean got a tattoo!! its of a dove and its on the right part of her back. its mega pretty and im mega jealous. lots of people in my grade have got tattoos in like the last week actually. naomi, little aimee, courtney, steph pringle etc.
filming has begun for the year 12 graduation video. how exciting :) and ive brought my formal ticket :) ive got my formal dress, shoes, makeup, nails, underware (nanna pants) and car all set up just gotta get hair, bag and jewellery now :)
heaps of people have been suspended in the last week. i think its so dumb cause its like the last term of year 12. anyways it was callum, corey, syd and others for cheating on the geography test, sam and brenton for being caught smoking pot and callum again for making a joke about bombs on the schools answering machine. so im not sure if they can come to formal which is sad :(
i also have almost all my money saved for schoolies :)
the boy side of things has been interesting of late. me and josh hooked up during the holidays and he liked me so we were going to meet up to see how things went but i decided not to cause i dont want a boyfriend. me and tom went back to being good after me crying and whatnot. i realised i kind of liked rhysiepoo and then found out he liked me. which kind of sucks cause i didnt want anything from it. so i just left it. then me and brad had been talking and we both discovered that we both still like each other but we both know that we shouldnt date. but we still like each other. and at the staff party we hung out but it wasnt the way it normally is it was back to the way it was before we started dating or even liking each other; we were best friends again. but then we kissed but that was all cause there was no place private. and weve been talking almost every night since and are hopefully meeting up next wednesday. but i still dont know what i want. and then on tuesday night we had tamikas party and rhysiepoo was smashed and he was cuddling me and stuff but nothing happened. and its been normal since then. and im really hoping to see tom this weekend cause its been a couple of weeks since last time. and hes always good at helping me to forget about other boys.
ohh and ive redid my corkboard :)
and grace is a slut. like a real no joke slut. and now shes not going to school and wants to move schools cause people are paying her out for being a slut. shes really got to learn to take the consequences of her actions. its gross the stuff shes done.
im getting new wardrobe doors next week. almost got all my stuff to cover the mirrors with :)
sister sarah sold her house! and has brought/found a house to rent in buderim!! yay!! theyre moving in this weekend :)
i had a chill session at my house the other week when mum was away :) it was quite nice :)
david hit on me. that was gross and just plain wrong. jake hit on me then hit on sarah jean through me. that was just funny.
im feeling a lot more comfortable around ron ron now. not that i was uncomfortable around him before. its just even better now :) and same with pauleh and alex :)
i have also mastered the art of falling asleep sitting up. no longer do i have to feel bad for falling asleep in class because no teacher will ever know! it does have a down side though, if i read sitting up in bed i will wake up with my book shut on my lap.
toms been giving me lots of drunk calls lately. its mega entertaining :) he called me a couple of weeks ago telling me that he was the "pussy lion" and "i am tom, destroyer of pussys" :) then he managed to get lost... in his room. ohh hes great :)

im pretty sure ive covered everything. well no obviously not everything but everything thats moderately important. no doubt ill think of more and do another post soon :)
love xx

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