Tuesday, October 27, 2009


on saturday i worked in the morning before going to help sister sarah move house. omg her new house is insane. i love it. its just amazing. i cant even explain it. i will take photos. it was much fun helping them move :) when we were going through sister sarahs stuff deciding whether it was important or not she found her life time supply of condoms ron ron, riess and tom brought her for her 16th birthday. and she gave them to me :) is it sad that im excited about trying them out?
jennys 19th was on saturday night. it was pretty good :) some people complained that it was boring but i think i was too drunk to notice. ive pretty much decided the best way to get boys respect is to do shots; respect earnt. pretty much as soon as i saw tom he kissed me. it was kind of nice but at the same time i hate how it kind of makes me "his" for the night or whatever. like i thought we were going to get together at some point i just wish it hadnt been so early. this didnt stop me from shamelessly flirting with a boy named grant though :) and from him getting my number :) normally this would be a win but i when i gave it to him he called my phone so that we had each others numbers but my phone had no missed calls so either i gave him the wrong number by accident or my phones just being special. oh wells it was still a confidence booster :) haha and riess was doing shots through his eyes cause it makes you drunk quickest. soon after that he drank bleach and shotted lemon juice through his eye so id have to say it probably works pretty well. me and nick had good good chats. im pretty sure they lasted at least an hour. and i have almost no idea what we talked about :) and mark said me and sarah jean were his friends :) and pauly almost faught tyrone which was scary. and i met sarah jeans blonde nick. omg. just omg. froth. so jealous. and i met jennys family and i have to say they are the most attractive family i have ever seen. me and tom had private time for a bit then came out and realised that everyone had been kicked out. then we realised sarah jean, riess and ron ron had left so we went find them and then saw that sarah jean had drove :/ i wasnt happy with it but the boys werent going to walk home. but i did make her drive at 40 km/hr which is amazingly slow for sarah. when we got back to my house we chilled in my room. im pretty sure tom tore up one of the posters nutter made me :) riess kept on telling ron ron that me, tom, riess and sarah jean were going to have a foursome and after a while he got sick of it and went to bed. then i convinced riess and sarah jean to go another room and me and tom got into it :) and i used one of my new condoms :) i feel so bad for tom i was way to drunk i would have been horrible to have sex with. im about 50% positive that i passed out during it at some point. which is not helped by a conversation me and tom just had. tom "do you know what be funny bec if a guy passed out during sex" im not sure if that was just a really weird coincidence or if he was hinting it :S it was good sex though :) and i bled which scares me a little but it was still good :)
on sunday morning sarah jean came in and i found out that her and riess had sex!!!!! yay!!! we all hung out for a bit then sarah jean drove the boys back to their cars and i went to sleep.
today i had school then went to work for stocktake. grace almost went to school today, well she got into her uniform anyway. mum spent both the car ride to school and to work abusing me. joy. its okay though cause when i got to school i had sarah jean and when i got to work i had everyone. stocktake was good, we got out an hour early which is pretty amazing. and me and brad talked a bit :) and sarian drove me home :) and nic visited :) it was just good :)
me and nick had really good chats before. i hate how he hates himself so much. hes one of the most wonderful people ive ever met. hes so caring for his friends and he always gives people the time of day. he makes me a better person. i just wish he could see it. i wanted to tell him about riess and sarah jean so badly cause hes already so cut up about them hooking up. but apart from the fact that i would be betraying sarah jean i dont know how he would react to the news but i doubt it would be good. and i wouldnt want to hurt him. i just dont know if im doing the right thing. he told me some interesting stuff on tom. apparently riess was stirring tom on saturday night as riess does. drunken me made a comment about grant (this is before we exchanged numbers) and of course riess took this as i choose grant over tom and gave tom shit for it. saying things like any guy could take toms girl away and stuff. i feel so bad for tom. is it extra bad of me to say that while i wouldnt have minded hooking up with grant i would have gone home with tom? and if something comes from meeting grant so be it. me and tom arent dating so im allowed to do what i like. and im not going to defend myself either.
so thats the update.

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