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operation week epic continued

so yeah friday was graduation :) where do i even begin?
in the morning i met up with britta and everyone to open the time capsule that we made at the start of the year. omg i was so lame. ahhhhh it was halarious :) once we read them and whatever it was time to go down to graduation. i wasn't even excited about graduating until we started walking down to the hall. then it hit me. after that i couldn't even keep my voice at an outside level it was at an orbiting-earth-level. constantly. dad was there which was really great cause i thought he might not show. we all hung out the front talking, signing shirts, taking photos, meeting parents and just screaming at each other cause we were graduating. then it was time to go in and on my seat there was a card with my name on it. turns out mrs ritcher (my form teacher) has made everyone cards and written a message in them. mine was funny it was about how i always swear and fall asleep in class :) classic :) then the ceremony started. i can't believe how... not interesting but less boring it was when it was the real thing. when the first class got up to get their certificates i started crying and pretty much didn't stop for the rest of it. jorgo made a lame speach as per usual, the captains speach was good, chappys was nice and our video dominated all of it :) when i was standing up on stage i couldn't stop moving. deadset i couldn't have controlled my body even if i'd tried to. i saw rhody and sarah jean laughing at me but in a good way :) when the ceremony finished everyone that was in the hall stood in a line and gave the year 12s a guard of honour our of the hall. that moment was just... both the most freeing and scary moment of my life. that moment was the moment i graduated, the moment i started the rest of my life. it was the moment i left everything i loved and hated behind and started everything that i have no idea about yet. ive never cried so hard. and all the silly parents took photos when i looked so gross. oh well.
then we went to the beach. in short maroochy high dominated the beach. there was another school in the water when we got there. by the time half the school was there, they were out of the water. but oh no we weren't done yet. later they tried to get in front of the tv crews. the whole grade got out of the water and ran infront of them. we also chanted many times. our chants included "mdore", "fuck you" and "moist". that's how classy we are. we also showed our classyness when every girl had their top ripped open. it pretty much went "why is your shirt not ripped? *rip* " other schools came later but they had no chance either :) as i said we dominated. i took heaps of photos but ill only put them up (along with my formal photos) once i have my schoolies photos cause after all it was week epic :) then we went to maccas. ahhh fun fun :) zak had the best reaction to nutter there. she was wearing her togs underneath her shirt when we were at the beach but when we got to maccas shes had changed out of her togs into her bra to wear without her shirt. once we explained it to zak there was a full five second pause before a completely confused look and (in a high pitched voice) "WHAT?" best reaction ever :) and then rhysiepoo secretly took sarah jeans keys and drove her car. her reaction beat zaks :)
then we went schoolies food shopping. my work people and other people at the plazas reactions to three girls completely dripping with ripped shirts and skirts hitched up so they don't get caught in their legs gave us almost a better reaction than sarah jean or zak. shopping was actually really nice people were talking to us and asking us how graduation was and what we're doing for schoolies and things. it was like we were instantly adults, not silly children anymore. i had to go to the doctors after which was a bit lame but oh well.

saturday i woke up late so i made us a little late haha :) yes i made us late for schoolies :) sarah jean came and picked me up and after packing all my stuff in we went to sister sarahs. after tetrising all our stuff into moses (sarah jeans car) we were off. we went to visit the sarahs friend ollie on the way cause he lives in brisbane. he was pretty cool. we were going to visit monica as well but we couldnt be bothered. the drive was pretty good but longgggg.
now im going to break down schoolies into parts cause it was so huge.

the hotel: surf city motel, room 201.
what a hole. the room was a kitchen and bedroom combined with a bathroom off to the side. we had two balconies but we were lucky. we had two forks, two knives, two spoons, two plates and three tea cups. and no stove. but we had a microwave!!.... that didnt work properly. as i said: what a hole. but the people at the hotel were great! best neighbours and security guards you could ask for. and we were really close to everything. i liked it, i wouldnt change it at all. staying a dump i can tolerate, staying in a boring place would be horrible.

the people: the good.
im going to do some shout outs to some amazing people i met while at schoolies.
room 202 - our neighbours. these guys were sick and really friendly :) it was hell good talking over our balconies to each other. cody especially - he didnt know that we knew but we knew about everything that had happened to him in the past month and the fact that he is such an up beat and glass-half-full person still is truely inspiring.
room 207 (i think) - more neighbours. they were pretty cool too. i walked into their room and they offered me a smoke before they knew my name. very cool.
room 105 - our new neighbours. nino, jacob, jack, jelly, dom, pedo bear and probably other people. these people were by far the best people i met at schoolies. i've never laughed harder, felt more included or been happier to meet new people. these guys came to surfers city motel half way through schoolies week cause they got kicked out of the chevron for having too many parties. they came from one of the nicest places in surfers paradise to our dump. and not only were all of them loosing their bond they have to pay more. $1600 bond and they have to pay more. do i really need to say anymore? nino was drunk at least 95% of the time i saw him. he was the funniest kid. he had a broken arm so of course one of the first things we asked him was how he broke it. after lots of "you should have seen the other guy" nonsense he finally told us the story. it was the second day of schoolies and after the party they had in their room finished nino looked around and saw that everybodies ipods, phones and wallets were missing. he was very drunk, got really angry and punched a door; needless to say the door won. he walked outside to rage more, slipped on something, hit his head on the wall and blacked out for a couple of minutes. once he got back from the hospital he found out that his friend had forgotten to tell him that he hidden everyones stuff so that it didnt get stolen. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. jacbob got introduced to us with about 20 different nicknames ranging from black attack to dj shadow. shots at 10 in the morning, yes please. jack was just an amazing guitar player and singer. the first time we met him was cause we wanted to hear him play. and jelly (or elenor) was just mad. also amazing at guitar and singing and just a great person to talk to. dom is abes best friend from primary school. weird hey! ohh and btw nino went to formal with jess! weird! pedo bear... where do i start? he brought a full on bear suit on ebay a while ago and wore it for most of schoolies. like you know in theme parks and stuff those full body suits? yehh a bear one. and he wore it when he went around knocking on peoples hotel room doors, hugging people, swimming in it, going to beach parties and everything in between. he was great :) and watching him swimming in our absolutely foul pool and eating cookies and drinking drinks that we threw down to him was highly entertaining too. essentially they were the best.
jonny - our security guard. what a legend. funniest guy to talk to. and he worked from 4 pm - 4 am while working a day job. and he made all of us safe. he let sarah jean use his radio to get eddie "eddie come here jonnys scared theres been a fight he needs you here" just cause we wanted to see eddie. hes great.
eddie - our other security guard. he had the coolest accent. he let us sneak people into our building when jonny turned his back (which jonny did deliberately) "i see nuttin" :) you two were legends.
the couple (sorry guys i've forgotten your names). i was a little upset one of the nights so i left the mosh and sat on the sand bank. no sooner had i sat down that these two came and joined me, talked to me about why i was upset and once i was ready to go back to the mosh they walked me back. also they were planning on cooking the red frogs breakfast the next morning. they were some of the most genuinely nice people ever.
the people at the marriot courtyard. you lobby people were so nice :) thanks.
the red frogs. you guys were great. walking people home, high fives, breakfasts and chats. not to mention we were at your stage every single night for the beach parties :) you guys rock.
schoolies support crew. man you guys must put up with some crap. thankyou.
the police (well the nice ones). yehh same deal. you guys helped me. or tried to. thanks.
sorry if i missed anyone and if i remember ill put you in later!

there were some terrible people though. and they're getting a mention because i feel like a rant.
crazy russian bitch (i think her real name was nina). owner of the hotel. i think her name says it all.
crazy girlfriend bitch. sarah jean and a guy ford who was staying in the same hotel as us hooked up. he suggested they go back to his room and they had sex. after they finished he was like "ohh i have a girlfriend but we're on a break that was her idea. and shes staying in the same hotel" so yeh not cool but not sarah jeans fault at all. the next morning the girlfriend came and asked sarah jean about it, she was pretty cool, just wanted to know what happened. turns out they weren't on a break and ford was a lying dick. after that night the crazy girlfriend/nongirlfriend got well... crazy. trying to kick down our door and shouting abuse through it was one of the many highlights :) not good for making sarah jean feel bad though cause really she didn't do anything wrong.
the bad coppers. arresting jake for pissing in a dark alley, cmon. and the ones on horses, you guys were brutal. and the one that wanted to put that drunk girl in the paddy wagon part.
amazingly enough i think that was all the bad people i saw the entire week :)

so i cant really distinguish between many of the nights but ill try my best.
the first night ron ron, riess and adam came down. that was fun :) we got drunk and came up to their place. their place (the marriott courtyard) was so nice. its ridiculous for the price they paid. the good kind of ridiculous. pretty sure me and sarah jean talked about whether it would be too weird if i had sex with riess. oh dear. then we went back to the apartment and sister sarah started throwing up so me and sarah jean went to visit our neighbours down the hall. ended up coming back to our room with a couple of boys to check on sister sarah. the next part is just black until me and one of the guys, jack, and me are making out on the balcony. more black and then my hotel room is empty (i checked the bathroom as well). so me and jack start having sex then i hear sister sarahs voice. turns out she was on our other balcony. i freaked out, he ran out, and once i realised that sister sarah was angry she left and i started crying. sarah jean came back and made me feel better before getting sister sarah to come back and we all hugged it out. im not sure if we went to the beach party that night we probably did cause that was at like eight.
okay this planned failed. i can serperate some days but i have no idea what these days are. so lets do this differently.
one day we visited everyone at Q1. abe, kellen, callum, trentan, hannah, hannah, jess, rhody, jesse and matt were there plus other people staying there. man... just man there apartment... man. i met jess's man jaymen. they arent dating but they're close. she introduced me to him as "this is jaymen. we have sex" fuck they were drunk, it was the best. they were all really cool :) we were going to go back later but we couldnt get back in. beach party again.
one night sam came down for a night and stayed with us cause he was turning 18. that was fun :) we didnt see him much cause he wanted to go clubbing but when i woke up at 3 am he was dancing in our room :) then we played a game of who can be sneakier at annoying the other person while pretending to be asleep :) thats how good we are. that was also the night that mel took $200 of pingers and said to sam "would you laugh at me if i rolled?" and started rolling on the ground. also the same night that we went to evolution. man that was shit it was like an expensive and sweatier beach party. i remember pleading to mel "please tell me clubbing isnt this lame" cause evolution was held in a club. so we ditched and went to the beach party instead :) before we left i actually had conversations with like justin bruhn and dean scells and syd warren. weird much. haha ohh and anna tried to get me kicked out of evolution because i started abusing her about hitting tegan and then bragging about it and about her being a slut cause she had hooked up with 15 guys by the third day even though she has a boyfriend. it was funny as cause dean and sarah jean were leaning completely across the table making conversation in an attempt to stop us fighting. she told the security guard that i hit her then tegan and mel made her go say that she lied :) love mel and tegan :) and jake i remember him high fiving me possibly, or something praise-like anyways. ohh and anna got sent to lock up cause she hit tegan over the head with a plastic water bottle half full of vodka. then mel used tegans money to get there and bail anna out (im not sure why mel didnt use hers) and at that point anna wasnt going to pay tegan back (no idea if she has yet) and she was bragging about being sent to lockup. what a mess.
one day we hung out at rhysiepoo and thats apartment. they had a really nice place but they were too far away. we woke mitchidy grub and cj up by jumping on them :) i corked cjs leg woops haha :) we hung out in their pool and steam room all day. i fell asleep at one point cause cj was playing his guitar :) we had subway for lunch. yummm. it was a really good just chill day before beach party :)
we went to morton for a day to see naomi, britta, sappho and aimee. cj and toddles came along as well. staying up the night before until 2 then getting up at 5 to leave to get to the barge in time was not a good idea but we made it work :) it was so cute todd and cj fell asleep on sister sarahs shoulders in the back. we seriously just made it to the barge in time thank god. the barge was fun i chilled out on the back with all the sea spray and everything :) me and britta had the most epic hug we ran at each other and i lept into her arms. i had missed them all so much it was so good to see them. morton was beautiful. like ridiculously beautiful. we were walking along the path to their place which was parrallel to the  beach and dolphins just started doing flips in the shallows :) we went snorkelling but i couldnt so i just chilled on the beach with toddles and co. we all just chilled the rest of the day before getting on the ferry to go back home. the car ride back was fun. we were backed up in traffic when this foodmart truck decides to go four-wheel driving on the footpath. best thing ever. probably another beach party that night.
the last day started with shots at 12, followed by four kings with nino, jack and jacob. man that was fun :) nino was already drunk when we started playing four kings so by the end of it hes sitting there pleading with us "no more drink, no more drinks" and evil-eyeing sarah jean whenever we did the waterfall card. he was also the bitch and when i asked him to get me another drink he crawled to our fridge :) ohh it was a good game :) we also met a guy from downstairs but he was pretty lame. he just bitched about his ex and then left the room claiming that we were "too drunk" theres no such thing as too drunk at schoolies. rhysiepoo and all them came for a bit and we hung out with them and then later on brae and jake came to chill. then we got ready and went to the beach party. zak, kye, tony, peter and shaun had all come down for the night so we partied with them. that was pretty fun. once the beach party finished me, the sarahs and kye went to maccas. i was sitting there eating my food when the girl in the booth next to me reached over and took a handful of my chips. she thought she was so sneaky and that i hadnt seen her. she was so happy that she had chips it was like the happiest moment of her life i swear. it was the funniest thing. so then i offered her more and she was even more stoaked :) then i started feeling really shit and tried to shut my eyes but they wouldnt stay shut. then we went to the bathroom and im about 99% sure that i passed out on the toilet. alls i remember was going in there then sister sarah was ringing me and telling me i had been in there for 20 minutes and my head hurt. oh dear. so yeah then we walked kye back to where the boys were meant to be staying. turns out all of the boys were meant to be staying in tonys car. five boys, one car, serious miscalculation. we're walking through the car park looking for tonys car and then we see a car with feet sticking out the side. me and sarah jean thought this was halarious already. we walk over and see zak in the drivers seat, tony in the passenger seat and shaun taking up the whole of the back seat. me and sarah jean went into hysterics at this point. we were laughing so hard we had to hold our stomachs and gasp for air. we thought it was the funniest thing ever. we kept in saying things like "kye where are you sleeping tonight?" and "kye theres a nice looking bench over there!" or "kye you could sleep in the boot!" we would say these kinds of things over and over again and we still laughed just as hard every single time. it was honestly the funniest thing ever. after we calmed down we decided to sneak kye into our hotel room so that he wasnt sleeping on the beach. or a beach or the boot :) after much convincing for jonny and eddie jonny walked away and eddie gave us the go ahead look :) once we snuck kye up nino came to visit so we all hung out then jacob and jack came up too. it was really good just chilling :) they stayed in our apartment until the sun was up then we decided to go to bed. it was the best last day anyone could ask for.
we woke up at 7:15 and had to be out of the apartment by 8. we hadnt cleaned or even started packing. we freaking dominated that hotel room and we were done by 8:30. nino even came up with super-glue to fix the wardrobe he had broken :) cleaning up was death, there was so many disgusting things and the smell of alcohol was making us all want to vommit. but we got it done, the wardrobe was fixed and we said goodbye to our little room. sigh. i will actually miss it. as gross as it was, as much as i complained, it still made our schoolies what it was. i wouldnt change a thing. we went to rhysiepoos apartment and we were going to make the boys breakfast but then they were busy cleaning so we left. the drive home was so long. we passed sister sarah dads house on the way home and they had piclets and picture frames with formal photos in them waiting for us. they were so lovely :) then we went to sarah jeans work persons place to pick up keys cause she had to open the shop the next day. in between sister sarahs dads house and sarah jeans work friends house moses (sarah jeans car) started shaking and making the worst noises. when we got to sarah jeans work friends house we called her parents and they came and got us. wayne (sarah jeans step dad) was going to swap cars with sarah jean but when we got to the end of the street he called us and got us to come get him. the fact that he wasnt even game enough to drive moses was pretty scary. but we got home all good :)

now heres the things that i either couldnt remember when they happened or just didnt seem to have a place to go.
the first time we met nino and jacob they knocked on our door holding a watermelon. once they were sitting in our room they showed us that it was semi-hollowed out and they poured redbear in it, then stirred it around. it was like eating and drinking at the same time according to nino :) it was pretty good.
we hung with oompa for a bit. dont ask me why.
same goes for jess mans.
james mackay wore his sunglasses inside rhysiepoos apartment at 1 in the morning. why?
i stole the letters from the subway sign. well more specifically i stole B,S,S (bec, sarah, sarah if you didnt get that)
on the last day we had an old guy talk to us about schoolies, asked if we enjoyed it, if it was safe, those kinds of things. it sounds kind of creepy but it wasnt.
one night we had people knock on our door at about 2 when we got back from the beach party. they introduced themselves and hung around in our apartment until about 4. they were cool :) only one of the guys knew both of the other guys so we spent most of the time getting to know them along side them.
nino quote "x's and o's and shit" and him singing bonkers continuously. one of the really cool things was that he had his own friends down stairs and he still came to chill with us heaps :)
sarah quotes "i saw him a pretty decent amount of often" and "caloundra stop hiding!"
my arm thing popped. it was pretty huge by about half way through schoolies. then the night that sam stayed over i woke up at 4 in the morning with my arm hurting and the magnaplasm stuff all down my side. it was all gross and sticky so i got into the shower to wash it off. once i took the bandaid off blood squirted everywhere. i almost fainted (im scared of blood). my blood was black cause of all the crap in it. once i pulled myself together enough i got the rest of it out then went back to bed. in the morning it had filled up again and i had to squeeze it again. cause i was so just not all with it and everything i let sam film me squeezing puss out. he says hes going to put it on utube i really hope he doesnt. it was so gross having to squeeze it all the time and always having to have a bandaid on it (a big patch one not a normal one) and not being able to shave that underarm and not being able to swim and everything. but its all better now :)
we (well we being sister sarah) brought chocolates for the red frogs and gave them out :) they were so appreciative :)
we bitched about crazy russian lady to jonny before finding out that he was her sister-in-law. we also got jonny to admit that he was scared of her :)
pedobear walking into our hotel in his briefs with a roll of toilet paper stuck down there that he had stolen from another dorm. then him later walking in wearing a doona wrapped around his waist. also stolen from another room.
this girl phuong had the coolest tattoo of a dream catcher on her shoulder. it was so nice. possiblity?
our microwave didnt work so we exchanged the use of our microwaveable container for use of next doors microwave.
phone chats to ron ron :) and tom. when tom called he asked if i had a gaping vagina now. which resulted in my yelling at the top of my lungs in the middle of the street "I DO NOT HAVE A GAPING VAGINA! IT WILL NOT ECHO IF YOU TALK INTO IT!" good work tom.
the girl on the floor above that asked the boys in the room next to us if they wanted to do a spastic eagle. LOL. and i called ron ron to tell him so :)
our nightly ritual; dance party then maccas :) what a win :)
ohh and finding out that shane fingered alyssa in the school library and that they would get to school an hour early to fuck in the car park. ewwwwww.
i abused nutter at one point. much about her being a bad friend. and me and sister sarah abused her to the boys and jake when he was up. that was fun :) i told sister sarah to go talk to jake cause he looked lonely so she came up to him, abused him about nutter and walked away. me and brae sat there pissing ourselves laughing :)
the guys calling sarah jean mum cause she made me noodles :)
having mango for breakfast one morning was one of the most amazing things ever :) and the fact that sister sarah used a butter knife to cut it up was even better :)
and sarah jean making omlette on our grill sandwhich maker was amazing too :) watching her flip it was great :)
on the day where i stayed at home because of my arm i woke up halfway through opening a packet of cup-a-soup. another time when i woke up that day it was because our balcony door had slammed shut. i got up to open it again and got lost in the curtain. man that was confusing.
the magnaplasm and the magnaplasm spoon :)

thats it. well i think thats it anyways. ill probably have another post in the middle of the week with all the things id forgotten but heres the most of it. as much as i can remember, as close to the truth as i can remember and all the best parts :)
it was the best week of my life and id do anything to go back.

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