Thursday, December 24, 2009

adventures with ron ron

So me and Ron Ron had epic catchups tonight. I love our latenight sessions, we always end up doing something great :)
Tonight he picked me up at 6 and off we went to do his Christmas shopping. Somehow ended up in Kawana, then we were half way to Sister Sarahs house before turning around to go back to Ron Rons to get pavlova that he had made for me and Sister Sarah. Got alcohol and drug tested on the way. Got to Sister Sarahs, ate amazing pavlova and chilled. He's the best.
I've decided Brae is a real sweetie :) I saw today that he has put my name in his MSN name :) Some people might think it's kind of juvinile or whatever but personally I love all that cheezey adolescent stuff :) I mean I never had a boyfriend until this year so I missed out on all that stuff. We're going to the beach tomorrow. Maybe Toddles joining as well. And Ron Ron. But then also maybe Tom. I can see it turning out to be me, Brae and Tom. Holy awkward. I was talking to Ron Ron tonight about Brae and how it's going to be when the boys meet him. I'm stressing that Riess and Tom will like... bring up the whole me and Tom thing up. I'm pretty sure Brae doesn't know about all that and while it would be better that he found out from me rather than them infront of everyone... I don't want to tell him! I have no idea how he's going to react about all of it. And it's going to be so awkward telling him! ARGH! I can ask Tom not to say anything and I think he won't. I've already asked Ron Ron but I don't think he would have anyways. Riess on the other hand is a different matter. If I ask him to not say anything he's just going to do it worse. And I don't feel comfortable enough to just hope that he won't say anything. Which means I'm going to have to tell Brae. Dammit.
Well that won't be tomorrow. Tom's not game enough to say things sober so at least I have until New Years to do it.
Awesome (sarcasm).

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