Friday, December 4, 2009

journal scrapbook

So do you remember how I said I was going to start a sort of half-journal, half-scrapbook thing a while ago? Well guess what I did today? I brought a "Visual Diary". Or that's what it says on the cover anyways. It's A4 size, has 120 pages and is acid free (I think that has something to do with helping photos to stay good).
I'm actually really excited about this. Then again who knows, it'll probably be something I'm interested in for about a month and then I'll get sick of it. But oh well I'm interested now!
I don't think I'm going to put anything on the cover. If I do it'll only be twothousandandten I'm pretty sure.
On the front page there's going to be pictures of me as I am now. At parties, at the beach, ones I take myself; just photos of me. With a big BEC in the middle. Appropriate, no?
From there I'm just going to start with my New Years resolutions, my plans/hopes for the year ahead and what I did for New Years. If I can help it, nothing in this journal scrapbook will be about last year. I want this to be about the new me, my new start and my new life. I'm going to put in events, diary entries, things that inspire me, pictures of my life and anything else I can find really. It sounds pretty good, huh?
Also you might have noticed that my grammer and whatnot is a lot better. I know that I have pretty bad grammer and spelling but I'm trying to fix it. After all, practice makes perfect.
Well it's 3'oclock, I'm going to bed. Night xx

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