Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas just brings the best out in everyone huh?

So my Christmas was actually really good :) Mainly because Grace got kicked out. I know that might be perceived as bitchy but it was just so much more peaceful once she was gone.
She was the biggest bitch this morning. I woke her up and she said "Do you think that I care?" then rolled back over. So I went outside and started opening my presents and then she came out. She gathered up all her presents and took them to her room to open. She didn't talk to us until around lunch time when Mum tried to get her out of her room to hang out with us. She started abusing Mum and swearing at her. So then Mum told her to leave and she did. Haven't seen or heard from her since. But we didn't let it ruin our christmas!! Also Brae was being really sweet cause he thought I was upset about it and he told Sarah Jean who called to see if I was okay so we got to have epic catchups again :) All in all a successful Christmas day :)
I got a massive beach towel (not weird I actually asked for it), perfume, a over-night travel bag with like travel stuff in it, a sarong, earings, the Twilight series, money and probably other stuff I've forgotten.
Definetly not looking forward to work tomorrow. And it's not even good money cause the public holidays is on the Monday instead. But at least I'm working that too. And New Years day even though that's shit. But good pay.
Just think of the money, Bec, just think of the money.
What did you do for Christmas? Get anything awesome?

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