Monday, December 7, 2009

more of week epic that i forgot

I can't believe I forgot to mention the boy aspect of schoolies! That's like one of the main things about schoolies at the Gold Coast, fortunately or not. 
Alright so I did mention Jack on the first night.
I think it was the second night that a guy came up to me and said "I haven't had my first schoolies pash yet." Sadly enough, this line did work on me. Just a hook up though. And I'm pretty sure he was a toolie. Ahh, well. Also that night I saw Luke for a minute, like literally a minute and he made out with me. Then I said "Luke! You have a girlfriend!" and he said "She's not as sexy as you." What a mess.
The Evolution night I hooked up with somebody on the dancefloor. He wasn't attractive. I didn't even realise what I was doing and once I did i pulled away.
I think it was the next night that I danced sexy. Oh dear. That was one of my drunkest nights. I never dance sexy or anything like it. But I did that night. God I bet I looked disgusting. Anyways I danced with Brae, but just dancing.
The next night I decided I didn't like Rhysiepoo more than a friend. CJ said it was best that him and Jake tell him so they did while I was in their apartment. That was pretty aweful. Rhysiepoo had already drunk too much and passed out that night so it probably wasn't the best time to tell him. But at least it was done. That night i hooked up with Brae but only once before completely freaking out and literally running away. Gosh I'm embarrassing. I appologised later.
The last day Brae and Jake came up to our apartment and me and Brae probably spent about an hour hooking up :) he's lovely.

Well that's all of it. You might be shocked and whatever cause according to the boys one isn't good enough for schoolies but I don't care. I didn't go down there to get with every boy i saw, I went there to have a good time and that's what i did.

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