Thursday, December 24, 2009

more proof that brae is a sweetie :)

I'm feeling pretty low at the moment so I started thinking about Brae cause he makes me happy. Then I had a great idea. Why don't I write down all the amazing things he has said and done for me so that the next time I'm feeling shit I can look over it :)
So here goes :)

- Him, Jake and Toddles were abusing Jordyn over facebook (she got herself into it). Me and Brae were texting at the time and when I asked him to stop abusing her he did :) Then later he opened a conversation with "Am I in trouble?"
- Brae got a new wakeboard (before we were dating) and he said I can choose a sticker to put on it :) I've still got to choose one.
- Again, before we were dating, Brae remembered that he was meant to take me to asain a while ago. As a joke I told him that I had been waiting and he said "Have you really been waiting? I feel bad now"
- "I like your tan. So jealous"
- He's been trying to convince me to go wakeboarding. Some encouraging words "If I can learn how to do it so can you" "I'm not going to laugh at you if that's what you're worried about. I promise I won't" "Every time you fall off I'll carry your board back"
- When I needed to bitch about Taryn instead of him lecturing me or trying to give me advice he said "I totally agree!" even though he didn't know Nic or Taryn but he did know that someone agreeing with me was what I needed.
- One night when we hung out (once we started dating) he felt like he didn't talk to me enough "I was like full neglecting you last night. Hell didn't mean to. Like after we dropped youse off I was thinking to myself I hardly said a word to her all night"
- I was stressing about my OP the night before it came out. I was explaining to Brae that I was stressing cause once I have my OP then I can't deny it and he said "You won't have to deny it. It'll be epic" and "I don't really know why you're worried though. You're amazing"
- When we were working out when I was going to go over there I made him choose what time I was coming over and he chose night time :)
- When he was telling me a secret thing he said "You can't tell anyone. Except maybe the Sarahs as long as they promise not to tell anyone" He understands how things are with me and the Sarahs :)
- Brae was watching a doco on these birds that fluff themselves up and dance to attract mates. He was paying them out and I told him that I always do that to get boys and it's how I got him. To this he answered "Whatever you did, you did it well"
- He was going to come visit me at work the other day. He said coming to see me "would have been worth the walk/wait"
- "Hey babe"
- When I told him that I wasn't getting into Uni he said "What :(? That's fucked. Wow. I don't really know what to say. You were so set on that. I'm sorry" Even though there was absolutely nothing he could do and he didn't say that much, he still made me feel better.
- Brae quotes "Hairchef" "I used to be incest with dolphins" "food room thing"
- "I'm going to come visit you on boxing day. Just throwing it out there"
- I was insulting my sister and showing him halarious photos of her that I found and he said "I'd say something like rats hang around in dirty places but I don't know if that's called for so I'll just quote it" He was worried about hurting my feelings :)
- He told me he's going to try to cheer me up tomorrow :) He also tried to cheer me up tonight by saying "If it makes you feel any better, which I doubt it will, on youtube a guy got crapped on by a horse" It made me feel better :)
- I always explain myself. After explaining myself before he said "You're not on trial. You don't have to explain why"
- We were talking about New Years and when I asked if he had plans he said "My plan is to have some drinks and hopefully see you" :) I'm going to try my hardest to have one of those hell romantic movie kisses just as the clock strikes new year :)
- "That reminds me, whats your home number?"
- "Am I allowed to buy you a present?" "I ran out of ideas when Sarah Jean told me that Gossip Girl season 3 isn't out on dvd yet. FML. Hint hint." He had a whole plan worked out "That totally ruined my plan. I was going to rock up at Rivers, with a huge box, wrapped up and shit, with just a dvd inside. It would have been classic."
- When I stayed at his house I asked him about WOW. He was so embarrassed it was so weird (in a good way) that he cares that much about what I think of him. When someone came on Vent and started talking to him about WOW he was like "Shut up! Shut up! My girlfriends here!" He called me his girlfriend :) Pretty sure I managed to convince him that I didn't mind that he played WOW though :)
- When we hung out at Sarah Jeans he put his arm around me infront of everyone and everthing :) And he held my hand :)
- He put my name in his status :)

Could I have asked for a better boyfriend?

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