Monday, August 17, 2009

momentous occasion

guess what i did today?!
i handed in my maths assignment. on time. all my own work. good copy written up.
i dont think ive done that since year 10.
go me :)

i think im treading very dangerous water with jake. he text me today and was talking to me about how hes stressing that nutter is hanging out with fingers a lot. just cause of everything last year. but i promised him i wouldnt tell him. but i think she should know (aside from the fact that im pretty much obligated to tell her) so i think tomorrow im going to pull her aside, make her promise that she wont react in any way to what im going to tell her, show her the messages from him, then give her a plan of action that involves her not letting on to jake that she knows anything but still changing so that he feels more secure.

today i saw the nicest heels. and i could walk in them. so if they are still there tomorrow (and still on sale) im going to show mum and maybe get them.

and other sarah gave me gossip girl season 1 on dvd <3

ahhh im so excited im going to visit QUT tomorrow!! yay for film/drama excursions!! we had a talk from them at parade today and honestly... i fell asleep. no joke actually fell asleep :S i hope tomorrow is better.

well now im going to go look for more formal dresses. *sigh* it really shouldnt be this hard.

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