Sunday, August 16, 2009

i just cant wait for the weekend

god i had a good one :)

friday at school was okay. i abused rachelle which was good to get my frustration of her out. she posted on her facebook "just got abused by a crazy nutter" and nutter clicked the like button. god shes not a good friend at all really. and shes not really a good person. she calls rachelle "whore" every time she mentions her then she chooses rachelle over me. fuck. then friday night graduated creek people were having a catch up at thai seasons so me, other sarah and ashley came too :) then there was a party like 5 doors down from ron rons so we decided to have predrinks at ron rons before heading over. we didnt have drinks but ashleys school ID says shes 18 (even though shes not) cause they have to fill in all their own details in pen when they get their IDs. so she tried it and... it worked!!! so we vodka-d it up :) haha we were racing reiss (with ron ron in the car) all the way to ron rons house. they won... just :) then we found out that the party was really lame so we decided to just stay at ron rons :) we being reiss, ron ron, other sarah, ashley, me and ben :) we played i never but it kind of died quickly cause we've all done lots of stuff ;) and i wore ashleys heels all night cause they are amazing and i could actually walk in them! heres where my memory gets a little foggy :S luke and camille came in and me and luke ended up kissing, im not sure why. bad bec. even though me and tom arent dating id still be cut if i heard he was hooking up with another girl so really i shouldnt be hooking up with another boy. bad bec.

saturday we got up extra extra early cause other sarah had netball at 8 and she was my lift :) she dropped me at kuluin maccas and i walked home from there. then i went to sleep, finished my maths assignment and got mum to drop me at coolum to meet up with reiss, ron ron and ashley :) so we chilled at the beach, shopped for ashleys brothers present, almost got ashley to get her belly-button pierced, back to the beach, fish and chips on the grass and then to the airport to pick tom up. haha the boys have this game they play called shotgun where they call shotgun if they see a girl they would get with/think is hot/think that she has a personality; well basically any girl that is a win :) and if the other boys agree then they get congratualted or if they dont they get denied. so me and ashley decided to steal it and we played it all saturday :) the boys were not impressed cause apparently girls cant play shotgun. but we showed them :) and ashley actually got into a frisbee game with one of the boys she shotgunned :) haha when we went to pick tom up from the airport it was my first time id ever been in a car with reiss driving and hes a good driver when hes not being silly. example 1. hes on the phone to ashley on friday and he says "im a way better driver than sarah look at me ive got one hand on the steering wheel, one hand holding the phone, hang on aaron hold the wheel!" example 2. when we were driving to the airport he starts driving with his knees. but i do love him :) once we picked tom up we went to reisses car and me and ashley fought over the front seat (using shotgun) and i gave into her but then reiss opened the boot before he opened the doors so ron ron crawled through the back into the front seat :) then we went to toms house, swam, chilled then other sarah came and dropped me home before she went home. i had dinner, got ready and then went back to toms cause his family is away. awww it was really nice when i was getting ready tom texted me saying "are you still coming over? x" :) so i got to toms and ron ron, reiss and tom were there playing mario smash bros. gosh it was funny how into that game they got :) then we went upstairs and watched the footy while chilling. then ashley, other sarah and marcus got there and chilled for a bit but they couldnt stay for long cause other sarahs mum said so. reiss and ashley were being real cuddly it was quite cute :) and me and tom were kissing and cuddling :) we went out to his balcony and were looking at the amazing view and he was standing behind me whispering in my ear :) it was quite lovely :) then everyone came outside so i turned around but tom didnt move and mananged to get his hand down my pants! i was like "tom there are people here!" so we went back to the couch and cuddling :) then parramatta v some other team. me and reiss both go for parramatta so we were so excited that it finally started! i actually got really into it :) it was really fun to scream at the tv and jump up and down and give high fives all around :) and parramatta won :) 40 - 4. ohhh i bet thats gotta hurt for the other team :) then we chilled around for a bit, tom made reiss noodles, which reiss fed to me saying "here comes the aeroplane" and ben asked me if me and tom were together, reiss wiped his balls on harrys drum kit and we discovered that a shelf in toms house is uneven by putting a drink on it, wondering why it fell off, drinking it cause it was fizzing, putting another drink up there and having it fall again :) then the boys decided they wanted to watch a movie so we went to toms room to look at what dvds he has. me and tom were on his bed and reiss looks at us and says "awww they want to have sex" and him and ben left the room to go upstairs to watch the movie. it was so beyond tempting to stay in his room and even harder when tom wanted to stay too :) but i didnt want to be rude so we went up stairs and managed to watch half the movie before giving in and going to toms room :) when we were making out on his bed he went to lift my top up and i stopped him and asked him to turn his lamp off first cause yeah i didnt want him to see me with the light on cause i dont even like seeing myself naked let alone having tom see me naked. which is what i told him when he asked why i wanted the light off. he was like really outraged that i didnt like my body and when i said that im disgusting he was like "no no no" and hoped off the bed and asked me what he could do to show me that i am beautiful to which i answered nothing. after a while of him trying to convince me using various techniques (including pulling out his penis so that he wasnt hiding anything from me) he gave up and turned the lamp off :) then we went back to making out and once my top + bra was off he sneakily turned the lamp on again. instant reaction was to cover myself with my hands as best as i could. i felt so horrible, i couldnt even look at tom and was having major trouble talking to him to explain that i wanted the light off. he was really really shocked at how badly it affected me and was like "look at me" and i couldnt even say no i just shook my head. so he appologised and turned the light off and he asked me why i didnt want the light on, what i didnt like about my body. i told him that i hated how i wobbled and he was like "well you have quite large breasts so of course they are going to move around a bit" and i was like "no its not just my boobs, its my stomach and my legs too" so he ran his hands over my stomach and my legs and told me that i was stupid and wouldnt wobble. which was nice of him :) but he still accepted that the light wasnt going on :) oh and he had a condom this time :) it was so nice to be in a bed rather than the lanos :) throughout the entire thing tom kept on asking me whoose team i was on for skirmish cause he wants me to be on his team which would mean i wasnt on nutters but i still managed to answer "nobodies" every time :) we tried it from behind and it was amazing but he kept on coming out so we didnt do it for very long. it was so goooooooooooooood :) then he turned the light on :/ he didnt even turn it on for long enough to really see anything but i still freaked for a minute. soon after that i discovered i was too sore to keep going so i finished him off again. ive really got to stop getting sore its embarrassing and freaking annoying! then we cuddled and we talked more about how i dont like the light on and i said "i just dont get how you can go from being with nutter to being with mei" and he was like "i hated how skinny she was she never ate anything!" so that made me feel a little bit better :) then i remembered my phone was upstairs so i went back upstairs in time to see ben going home and reiss falling asleep on the couch. i turned the tv off for reiss and went back to tom :) he had pulled his curtains open and one of his walls is made entirely of glass which is facing the whole of the coast and it was so amazing and romantic :) if i ever get up the courage to have sex while tom can see me and we manage to be at his house im deffinetly going to have the curtain open :) then we fell asleep together :) the whole night was just really nice i think thats the first time ive ever chilled with just the boys and i was stressing before i came that i was going to be all stupid and shy but i wasnt :) and i love them so much they are my all time favourites :) and marcus is really cool too :)

sunday i got woken up by the sun rising cause the curtain was still open a bit so i watched the sun rise :) then back to sleep until reiss knocked on the door to get tom to open the gate for him. it was nice of him to knock in case he was going to walk in on something :) then back to sleep then up again when tom went to shower. tom came out and we sat on his deck looking at the coast and chatting for a while before mum came. it was lovely :) i was going to go to the sunshine coast uni open day but i couldnt really be bothered so i got mum to pick me up and take me home. i took ashleys shorts that she had left at toms house the day before and her and other sarah came by before going to the uni to pick them up and chat :) then they left and i got ready for work. work was really nice, we had good customers all day :) then home and i watched movies and ate nachos with mum :) and i did half of my legal revision sheet :)

well that was my dandy weekend :)
and i just really want it to be next weekend already :)
but for now im going to go to bed cause i have school in the morning and i have to write up my maths assignment.
ta xx

p.s. ashley leaves tomorrow :( epic sad face. but shes going home and shes going to try to convince her parents to let her move here :) :) :) epic win if they say yes :) please let them say yes :)
p.p.s. ashley left her heels here :) she said i can wear them until she comes back :)

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