Sunday, August 9, 2009

the best weekend in a long time

it was quite fantastic :)

friday at school was average, then work with brad :S when i got into work he showed me the to-do list and it said on it "bec do socks" but it was highlighted, meaning it was done. then brad said "look i did the socks for you cause i know you hate them" oh dear. but there wasnt really anything else like that :)
then i went home, got ready and taxied it to sister sarahs house :) i had the coolest taxi driver he played guessing games with me and if i got the answers right then he would take money off my fare :) i got to sister sarahs and sister sarah, steffen, emi, ron ron, reiss, tom and two chicks id never met were there. i really didnt like the girls, they were at a lame party so they invited themselves to sister sarahs, got tom to pick them up, and expected tom to take them back to the party once more people had come. and tom had never even met them before! so tom couldnt start drinking until they decided they wanted to go back. eventually tom got sick of it and was like "either i take you now or i start drinking" so he took them then and started drinking :) haha it was so good me and sister sarah have the same cup size so we call each other boob/opai (japanese for boob) and emi asked us why we called each other that and when sister sarah explained why and that we were size F in japanese cup size and she was like "F?! big big big!" and felt me and sister sarahs boobs while saying more stuff in japanese that sister sarah was pissing herself laughing at. it was freaking halarious :) that night i did shots. lesson learned. i came outside and reiss and tom were sitting on one of the benches so i went to sit on the opposite one but tom patted the seat next to him and they moved over for me so i sat next to tom and he put his arm around me :) and then we kissed :) oh i invited the boys to skirmish then later on i told tom that nutter/jake/todd/shane/alyssa were coming and he was like "yessssss" and called reiss out. when reiss found out his reaction was "im going to shoot her in the vagina." so i begged the boys to not say anything to nutter and they said "oh no we wont say anything" i hope they arent too obvious about targeting her cause then she'll get angry at me. it was quite nice, tom was kind of... following me but not in a creepy, annoying way yeah? so we had lots of private moments :) i had been thinking that sister sarah and steffen had a thing for each other and i told sister sarah she should get with steffen to which she replied that steffen doesnt want that so i went and asked steffen if he would like that and he said "no she doesnt want to" so i said "ahhh but that means you want to! and yes she does!" so i ran off to tell sister sarah and soon after they were making out on her bed :) i am so good :) tom took me to emis room (which is normally the spare room) and asked if i wanted to go in there but i told him that it was emis room so thats not going to happen so he led me to the laundry and we started going at it :) then we heard people in the hallway so we went outside and continued on the concrete before getting interrupted by toms phone. you would think that since me and tom were both missing they would have figured it out! so we came back inside and chilled with everyone some more :) it was really nice everyone was watching a movie so me and tom sat down and cuddled :) then jamie and brent got home and jamie was angry cause ron ron had been into her room and put a stool in there. it was like fuck jamie calm down. then me and tom decided to go to the lanos, despite reiss trying to convince us to go to emis bed. we drove into the next street and started :) we were underneath a street lamp which made me a little self conscious but oh well. and he had a condom this time :) even though the lanos isnt my favourite place to have sex it was still... amazing doesnt do it justice :) we swapped positions a lot which was good :) i had my feet on the ceiling of the lanos at one point :D we had sex for like an hour and a half at least but by then i was mighty sore and couldnt handle anymore so i stopped him and told him so. god that was embarrassing. ive had sex with him three times now! i shouldnt be getting sore! so i started giving him head and then he took forever to finish which then he was embarrassed about cause he had drank too much to be able to perform properly which was cute :) especially since i didnt really mind. i probably wouldnt have found it cute if i minded giving head. oh and the condom didnt even come in use! gosh! then we got dressed, tom called reiss back and then we went back to sister sarahs. sister sarah let us in and we searched around for reisses stuff cause him and sam had been kicked out, with ron ron passed out on the couch. when we were searching tom was telling sister sarah all about our sex life and whatnot. ohh and earlier in the night he came up to sister sarah and said "you cant let me drink anymore otherwise i wont be able to satisfy bec later" and she was like "yeah she needs some lanos time" and he was like "what now?!" like really excitedly :) he was so drunk it was halarious :) he asked me if sex with him was explosive to which i agreed :) and he asked me how sex with brad was and i told him it was nice cause thats really all it was. then jamie came out and started yelling at us to be quiet and for tom to leave. so tom did and sister sarah was like "wtf?" then brent came out and told us why jamie was angry 1. cause people had been in her room 2. cause the boys were being loud and were coming in and out the front door all the time 3. cause the boys all hopped into emis bed when she was in there and emi got really scared cause she didnt know what was happening. when brent said that me and sister sarah felt so bad. sister sarah was saying things like "she was my responsibility" and all this stuff and like im not even hosting emi and i felt bad for not being there to protect her. its not like the boys were going to do anything but she didnt know that. so yeah thats why they got kicked out. so sister sarah went to emis room to sleep so that she could appologize first thing in the morning so i slept in sister sarahs bed with steffen.

saturday i had to work so i got up, got ready, caught the bus to the plaza and got maccas for breakfast before going to work. i was working with sarian and nic for the whole day and chloe was in for three hours. i told her about my night :) work was pretty bad though cause the companies decided that juniors arent aloud to use the register anymore :( it was like my all-time favourite. it was really nice though, when nic was on her break sarian let me do register once he had put his code in :) hes so lovely :) then dad picked me up, we went home to get my stuff and we went to his house. it was so shit in the like 10 minute car ride between work and home we managed to get into a fight. so we went to dads and i read a bit then called other sarah to chat and tell her about my night. then later she calls me and offers to pick me up from dads house in the middle of no where so i can go to mels with everyone! i was like are you sure and she said she was so i agreed, got ready in mega quick time and left dads :) i love her muchly :) other sarah was like "toms coming tonight so you can get your lanos time" but i was like "no i cant im broken still" epic sad face. so we got to mels and tom, ron ron, reiss, mitch and mel were there :) ohh btw we brought ashlee with us :) at mels there was actually a decent bonfire going! we always try to start bonfires at mels house and fail but this time we won! then we took mitch with us to the bottle-o to get us drinks :) we got back and started drinking but i wasnt really in the mood for it after friday night so i only had a couple. ashlee gained massive respect that night, she had the best calls "wheres the candy you promised me?" and "got get a lanos" LOL. and her and reiss hooked up :) they were so cute together :) tom talked a lot about the whole incident with nutter and i guess i never really realised how much she devestated him. it was just really sad. but hes all good now, hes over it but it makes being friends with nutter a lot harder after seeing that. me, nick and tom were talking (oh yeah nick turned up later :)) and nick was saying all this stuff, like hed be devestated if him and other sarah broke up, that he wouldnt know what to do if she cheated on him and all this other stuff and i was sitting there just clamping my mouth shut. i wanted to tell him so so so so so so so so badly but i didnt. at one stage me, nick, tom and ron ron were talking about sex and it was really embarrassing cause they all kept on asking me about me and tom and my sexual preferences and everything! its not that i mind talking about it, but with tom right there i was a bit nervous. i was holding my cheeks cause i didnt want to blush, then tom realised what i was doing and kept on asking questions to see if i would blush haha :) its weird but i like that he knew that i was on the verge on blushing. it kind of made me feel closer to him. he was being incredibly sexual it was great :) at one point he grabbed both my hands, pinned me to the wall and started making out with me :) and he said infront of all the boys "bec has a nice body, she looks very good naked" :) and i explained to him what an orgasm for a chick is like and he asked me how many times hes made me orgasm each time we've had sex :) and i found out he wears large condoms :) it was nice in a weird way to be able to be so honest with him :) it was so bad once i had to explain to him that i couldnt do anything. he didnt believe me to start with! he thought i was making excuses cause i didnt want to (like that would happen), cause it was that time of the month (which it wasnt), cause im over having sex with him and probably more shit. after about an hour of me trying to convince him i let other sarah have a go and she kind of got through to him. he still wanted to do stuff though and it was killing me to turn him down. he kept on saying things like "ill just use my fingers" "you'd be amazed at what i can do with my tounge" "i promise ill be gentle" and stuff. it was so nice of him and i just had to keep on refusing :( we cuddled on the couch for ages it was really nice :) when everyone went to bed we pulled out the bed thing that was on the couch and i caved into him trying to "show me a good time" as he put it (with his fingers) but as soon as he touched that general area i actually said "ow!" and moved away from him a bit. god that was embarrassing. he was like "wow" and i was like "yeah see i cant do it" which he then finally accepted :) and i made him happy :) at one point he pushed my head too far down and i gagged a little and even though it wasnt good it was? if that kind of made sense? and ive never noticed this before but when he comes his penis like moves with each burst. sorry if thats too much information but it really amazed me! then he cuddled me all night :)

today i got up, other sarah drove me home and i pretty much slept all day. around 5 other sarah called me and told me that she was going to break up with nick tonight. so we talked it all out and got her mentally prepared. around 7:30 she came to mine and just started crying :( she was so devestated cause he was so devestated. but at least its done. nick said that he wont be able to talk to me or sister sarah and maybe even tom for a while :( epic sad face. and he cried. like bawled his eyes out on other sarahs shoulder :( when she was at mine he called her and asked her if there was any chance of them getting back together and she said "i cant answer that" so i waved my hand in front of her face and shook my head violently cause i dont want her to lead nick on. so then she said no. after a while longer she left and talked to me on the net for a bit before going to bed. nick was online too but he didnt talk to me :( im so scared i think ive lost him :(

now im going to go to bed cause ive got school in the morning :(
night all xx

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