Monday, August 31, 2009

qcs soonishly

so yeah the queensland core skills test starts tomorrow at 9 am tomorrow. or is it 8:30 am?
fuck you can tell im prepared cant you? :)
anyhoo we have a communal breakfast for the grade starting at 7:30 am to promote eating before the big test and to bring the group together which should be fun :) other sarahs taking me as well :)
then the writting test starts. im kind of happy that that ones first cause thats my best one so ill be feeling great for the multiple choice in the afternoon :) unless i completely fuck the writting test. then ill probably be on the edge of suicide. nahh jokes everything will be fine :)
then me, the sarahs and anyone else who wants to join is going to zarraffas to relax :)
then we do it all again on wednesday with the short response in place of the writting task. oh joy. but then its done and over which will be an amazing feeling :)

and im meant to be sleeping now cause samaha told us to go to bed early but i doubt i could sleep if i was in bed anyways. so instead im watching a show about penises. go choice. whats more im watching it with my mum. go awkward situations.

i really quite miss tom. i mean i havent had proper tom-time in two weekends now. but we had the cuddly side last weekend which was great :)

on another point i may have found my formal dress today. its much to hard to explain so ill just take a picture when i try it on next :) im taking dad to see it on saturday or sunday. im taking mum to see it sometime too. then if i get approval from both of them (and ive already got approval from the sarahs) then ill buy it :) and its only $200 so that means $100 left over for shoes/bag/jewellery/makeup/hair :)
im a bit sad that we cant take dates to formal. well no thats not right we can take dates but we have to take people from our school and grade and even though i love our boys im not game enough to ask any of them in case they think im lame which pretty much leaves it up to them and i dont think they would ask if they wanted to. so yeah essentially no date. but oh well that means i can dance with whoever i like :) still it would have been pretty awesome if i could have brought tom, other sarah brought ron ron and sister sarah brought reiss :)

well thats all thats happened in my life really. i really really really just want it to be wednesday afternoon when everything is done. the song that comes to mind is the cadbury ad song "wouldnt it be nice..."
p.s. sister sarah brought her formal dress today :) its rather pretty :) and black. so if i get the dress i think im getting it will go sister sarah in her black dress, me in my black and white dress, other sarah in her black dress. i think that would be quite an esthetically pleasing photo :)

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