Tuesday, September 1, 2009

qcs day 1

lets just say... i pretty much owned :)
i cant believe i was actually stressing, its so much easier than what i expected! win!

the writting task was on time. how good is that? theres so much you can write about time. it wasnt fucking essence or circles, it was something that you could actually write about! yay! i did mine on the watch stimulus and wrote a feature article on how liberating it would be if we didnt have the constraints of time. i made word limit... and then some which ill probably get marked down for but oh well i pretty much knew that was going to happen.
the multiple choice was good too i finished ahead of time and only guessed a couple of questions.

it really wasnt that bad :) afterwards though when me and the sarahs were at the plaza we just kept on failing at speaking. other sarahs quote "is that made eddible?" the best way i can explain it was that my brain felt like mashed potato :)
so ive just got the short response and the second multiple choice tomorrow. then more brain mush. but then its all over :) and i will never. ever. ever. have to do it again. ever.

anyhoo im meant to be sleeping so nighty night.

p.s. i was reading through my myspace comments just before and i found one from brad saying "i thought you were going to text me today :( x" that was on the first of august. it just made me really frustrated and confused. i mean it was a month ago and he was being all like that and now its like he cant even send me a birthday text. i miss his friendship. and whatsmore i feel like hes forgotten me. like im forgetable. like he wanted to forget me.

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