Thursday, September 10, 2009

exams day one

i had my english and maths exams today.
it was pretty okay.
i much prefer exam block than school days. and i much prefer the time inbetween exams than the actual exams.
i do just love how everyone chills together. you get to talk with people you wouldnt normally talk to. it makes you realise that theres no real reason as to why you dont normally talk to them. just cause they arent in your class or in your friendship group doesnt mean they arent great people. im going to make more effort to talk to these people. after all theres only one more exam block. ever.
my phone went off during my maths exam. "im a tits and ass man" ive been told i should change my ringtone. one part of me wants to change my it cause its moderately embarrassing. the other part of me doesnt want to change it cause its moderately embarrassing.
everybody deserves a bit of embarrassment. its keeps people real.
i have my legal exam tomorrow and the silly subteacher hasnt given us the revision sheet. so i dont know what else i can do but write notes. so thats what ill do. possibly after reading qtac. i think its about time to start deciding my life. how exciting :)
im working tomorrow which is nice. my ipod got stolen from my bag yesterday so im quite keen to have moneys to buy a new one. what a waste of money. oh well my fault i guess. i do still feel a little angry though. whyfore does the library bag racks not have cameras on them?

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