Friday, September 18, 2009

everything is shit

so i know i havent written much on here about the whole nutter, jake and fingers story so im going to lay it all out cause otherwise i might explode all over my laptop screen.

so nutter and jake have been going out for about a year now. about half way through their relationship nutter broke up with jake to go out with tom. when she was going out with tom heaps of people including my friends said that she was cheating on tom. people also said that she still liked jake when they were together and told jake so all the time. i stood up for her and lost a fair few friendships by doing so. she saw how upset i was that i had lost people. when i cheated on brad she was angry at me. then a couple of months ago i found out she had cheated on tom with three separate people. and told jake that she loved him all the time. i decided to let it go it was half a year ago theres nothing i could do about it now and besides i had gained my friendships back. about two months ago she started hanging out with fingers and i told jake he had nothing to worry about that it wouldnt be a repeat of tom. i promised. soon after jake and nutter started having problems and broke up. she continued hanging out with fingers and jake but she told me she wasnt doing anything with either of them. for a bit there she was happy, like happier than i had seen her in a long time, like when we first became friends. her and fingers were hanging out more and more and i asked her if anything had happened and she said it hadnt. i had the feeling that fingers liked nutter and she flirted with him all the time. nutter told me that jake was being jealous and was stalking her and things. then jake took rhys' football and gave it to a junior that ran off with it. rhys eventually got it back and then he egg and flowered jakes car. nutter went to samaha and told him that rhys egged jakes car. rhys obviously denyed it cause otherwise it would get him suspended or expelled. jake continued his grudge against rhys and fingers. nutter and jake started having sex again and pretty much acting like a couple but every time i talked to her she said that she didnt want it to be like that with him and she had said that to him he just didnt listen. she always made it seem like if they had sex it just sort of happened. because her and fingers had been hanging out so much i asked her straight out to her face what had happened between them and she said they had only kissed. she then went on to say that fingers isnt the kind of person that you would have sex with. i asked her if jake liked her and she said yes. i asked her if he knew that she didnt like him and she said yes and i asked if she was encouraging him in any way to which she replied no. a couple of days later she told me that jake had broken everything off with them and that he had been abusing her and saying mean things to her. i told her she was better off without him and she said she wanted to get back with him. then i was talking to fingers and he told me all these things about nutter how she had said that she was going to break up with jake for him and once they had broken up she said that they didnt do anything and that she liked him 100% and stuff. also the whole time nutter had been telling jake exactly the same things. and it wasnt just fingers and jake saying this stuff. there were msn conversations, texts and people to back it up. then today rhys and fingers said they had more stuff to tell me so they added me on msn. this is what rhys said: well what happened was nutter told fingers she broke up with jake and liked him instead. which we found out was a lie cause she said the same shit to jake. but what jake didnt know was that nutter and fingers had sex like 3 times that i know of. so she cheated on jake and he didnt know. and now aparently she's pregnant. and we now know that she lied to fingers as well cause she was having sex with jake at same time and we were talking to him today and he said sometimes he didnt use a condom so yeah. and the worst part is she's still denying everything and lieing to jake and is acting like nothing happened and apparently its like the second time she's cheated on him. the whole time i had been defending her and fighting with my friends cause they said that nutter was doing all that stuff but i never thought she would have. not after last time. i asked her straight out what her and fingers had done and she lied to my face. her periods three weeks late and the pregnancy test she took was positive. and she doesnt believe in abortion. and she doesnt know whoose it is. and she told all this to fingers but not to jake. not to me either. its been going on for three weeks and she hasnt told me. its not like there wasnt oppourtunity or anything. im meant to be her best friend shes supposed to tell me things. not lie straight to my face. its the tom situation all over again im just not stupid enough to listen to her this time. i cant believe i had to hear it from fingers and rhys. im at the point where its who i want to believe vs. who it makes sense to believe. i really hope she hasnt lied about being pregnant cause that would be a new low even for nutter. it makes more sense that she would be lying to jake about it cause she wants to get back with him.
i dont even know how to handle all this.
im blown away by everything.
i dont know what to believe anymore.
i feel so stupid.
im so angry.
i feel used.
deffinetly betrayed.
i dont know why she couldnt trust me.
now im going to bed. i doubt im going to sleep though.

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