Sunday, September 27, 2009

music music music

i dont think ive mentioned this but my ipods been stolen :( yeah my fault for leaving it in my bag at school. still sad about it though.
and now im downloading heaps of music and i want to put it on my ipod but i cant :(


thursday i worked. then i went to aimees and had a scary movie night :) it was much fun. i do love her :) we talked about the whole morghan thing and we've pretty much decided that morghan is her nutter. and the movies were scary :)

i slept pretty much the whole of friday. i was going to go to the beach but then i fell asleep :D at around two riess called and invited me over for pre-drinks at his. so i went at around 4 and him and ron ron were already on the way to being drunk. it was good fun :) we went to the shops and saw toms mum on the way. good work boys having drinks in their hands :) riess was highly violent it was halarious. omg then angie, leisle and jenna met us at the shops. i like leisle and jenna. i hate angie. arghh shes so frustrating. riess had a plan to be rude to her all night then be nice to her at the end and see if she would have sex with him then if he succeeded he would tell her to leave afterwards. he was mean to her at the start which was halarious :) and we came back to riesses to get stuff and i met his family. they are so just not english. they're great :) then we walked back to the shops to meet sarah and josh cause they were the ones taking us to joshes to watch parra play. we got there and started drinking :) it was so much fun at joshes and watching parra play. score was 22-12 to parra by the way :) riess cried when they won it was the cutest thing ive ever seen :) it was the best game. go parra :) then we danced and what not. ohh and tom came :) it was a bit awkward to start with and then he was being really antisocial when parra was playing but after that he cheered up :) and then it wasnt awkward anymore cause i was drunk :) and me and josh were texting. i think i might have mentioned that he liked me. but yeh. and i told him that i didnt like him but that was because i dont know him but that i would like to know him. oh dear bec. its true but i dont want a relationship at the moment and i think hes a bit that way. but i did tell him that as well so at least thats something. then riess came up and told me that tom was keen :) and he was :) haha when we kissed riess started cheering :) then we went for a talk in the study and we talked about the whole ben thing and fixed it. i told him about my theory on pity sex and he thought it was funny :) hahaha riess and sarah were spying on us when we were in the study and they thought they were sneaky but we knew they were there the entire time :) so yeah we sorted thing out :) we were going to make a trip to the lanos but we didnt in the end. and me and riess played rugby :) then the sarahs joined in :) it was so much fun :) and at one point i tackled riess!! like a proper tackle to the ground! and it wasnt like a tackle where i got dragged along and then got him to the ground i just bowled him over! im so one of the boys :) riess failed in his plan to be mean to angie but she still got upset cause he would say that he wanted to date her then he would tell her to leave and stuff. oh well. i was actually nice to her for a bit. go me. and we ordered pizza :) riess invited the pizza guy to come in and he said he couldnt cause he still had to work until 1:30 so riess told him to come back once he finished. guess what? he did!! i would never do that!! he was a bit strange and it was mighty awkward that he was there. his name was fred smith haha. we eventually went to bed or to the couch i guess. me and tom were kissing and cuddling and we must have been loud cause ron ron and riess made jokes about it :) awwww poor ron ron he got up and vommit in the toilet. with the door open haha. then we eventually got to sleep.

today i woke up and felt like shit. we went to maccas for breakfast then to sister sarahs so she could get ready for work then to the plaza. me and other sarah chilled before she went to work and i was dying. work was death. like actual death. nic was a bit angry but oh well. sarian was fun as per usual :) and his brother chilled with us all day cause he was bored. hes nice :) then home and sleep :) and now i cant sleep cause i slept too much before. i talked to josh before and it was mighty awkward :/ i dont even know why though cause we were just talking about normal stuff.

im mighty happy about things being good with tom. even just the friend side. the other stuff is just a bonus :) ron ron called nutter some time last night off my phone last night. im pretty sure he abused her. and she called me today but i was at work so i text her when i finished and she didnt text back. oh well.

now im gong to attempt to go to bed.

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