Monday, September 7, 2009

a really good question.
i really dont know.
maybe. some days.

anyhoo i know ive been rather absent lately but last week was just heavy and i didnt really feel too good. but i went out this weekend and im feeling all rejuvinated and fresh :) woo :)
the second day of qcs was okay. not as good as the first. but it was never going to be cause the only one i actually like is the writting task. the breakfast was fun though :)
thursday was okay. i went to the plaza to try to order in my formal dress but found out they didnt have it in my size anywhere :( but it was okay cause i chilled with jess lee and other sarah :)

friday was good. i went to the plaza and showed the 10 of my formal dress (that i thought was too big) to mum and it fitted!! so i put it on hold :)
friday night i had two plans, two places to be :) one was at rickys and then the boys were going to a party after but i didnt know the person. the second was watching parra at ron rons :) so we did both :) other sarah picked me up on her way home from the movies with max and sam, we got ready at hers, picked adam up, got him to buy us and ron ron/riesses drinks then went to rickys. chilled there for a bit, it was okay. the whole time we were convincing tom to go to ron rons even though he had a uni exam the next day. haha we were texting off other sarahs phone pretending that i didnt know that they were texting so when tom called while other sarah was driving, i answered, started trying to convince him to come then he said 'i cant just come to aarons to have sex with you its rude" i was a bit stumped as to what to say. i mean i couldnt tell him that i had known what other sarah was saying i didnt want to sound desperate but i did want him to come. so i pretended i knew nothing and convinced him to come :) so we went to ron rons and found out parra lost :( 33 - nil :( then tom came and the boys started wanting to know what other sarah had been texting tom. these incluse "becs monthly starts tomorrow" so the boys asked about that for a bit. then we drank :) it was really quite great i got drunk really quickly off our malibu and the boys drinks (which i payed for anyway) and then sister sarah turned up :) there were epic massages going on with the boys and the sarahs it was quite funny :) then tom and riess started boxing like they always do. it was mental! once tom needed to sit down i decided i wanted to go and even though i didnt hurt riess it was still really fun. my top kept on falling down though. woops. then riess got a couple of hits in and i decided i needed to sit down :) im glad he wasnt afraid to hit me :) im deffinetly one of the boys :) and me and other sarah took some pretty great photos on ron rons camera :) and me and the sarahs quoted our shakespeare soliloquy's :) we are pretty great :) after that i dont really remember much haha. i was on top of tom kissing at one stage which was a bit embarrassing once i realised what i was doing. and i boxed some more :) then it was bed time so me and tom went to ron rons spare room :) he hadnt even drunk much which makes me feel good :) it was the most amazing time yet. like omg wow. i cant even explain it. 7 orgasms :) and we had a condom and it broke! im beginning to ask myself why we bother using them?! tom is just amazing :) and of course i had to finish tom off as per usual :) then we were talking and i brought up the whole riess and other sarah situation (i dont know if ive mentioned this, riess and other sarah kissed last weekend so me and sister sarah have been trying to set up a friends with benefits thing like me and tom have between them) and i found out that tom didnt even know that they had kissed! riess would be the last person i would expect to be a gentleman! and i also found out that ron ron might still like other sarah so the riess and other sarah plan might not work :( then he was going to go home cause of uni and everything but the boys convinced him to stay :) so we fell asleep cuddling :)

saturday i woke up and turned over to get more cuddles... and tom wasnt there! i felt so bad that i didnt wake up when he got out of bed! soon after other sarah came in and we chatted :) then we got sister sarah up, said bye to the boys, went to sister sarahs house, got ready, went to my house to get warmed clothes for work, went to maccas for breakfast then worked :) other sarah visited me for a while at work it was nice :) me and sarian were both hungover it was quite halarious :) then again it always is with him :) on my break at lunch i brought my formal dress :) its so pretty ill have to take a photo asap :) and i showed everyone from work, they were all stoaked :) katie said it was "sexy" *blushes* i was so exhausted when i finished work. dad picked me up, we went to mums to get our stuff and then to dads. i tried on my formal dress and showed everyone. they said it was nice :) im glad dad liked it since he was paying for it :) then i went to bed and only meant to sleep for an hour but i managed to sleep the entire night.

today i got up, gave dad his fathers day present (colonge from rivers), got ready for work and went to work. i was so mega stoaked that i was working with chloe cause i havent seen her in like forever :) and sarian was covering for sasha, i dont know why, but it was good to see him again :) and i brought my dress in to show jenny and sasha which i did (minus sasha). then work. it was okay, fun when i was with people. me and sarian had mad talks about what we're going to do when we grow up and school and stuff. and about mum/grace. it was lovely :) and he made plenty of jokes as well :) i love him dearly :) i really wish either he was my age or i was over 18 he would be the greatest guy to party with :) and i met chloes fuck buddy. wow. yeah. then i drove home and slept before getting woken up by other sarah asking if she could come around later to do english stuff with me. so she did later and it was much fun :) plus we also got work done :) then she left and me and mum got in a fight like straight away. fuck her. and ive been chilling in my room ever since :) now im talking to ron ron and im trying to find an unobvious way to bring up who he likes. wish me luck!
p.s. brad had work people over at his house on friday. minus me. oh the joys of breakups. what frustrates me even more than the fact that he didnt invite me was that im frustrated by that. i had a way better night, i had a great time with my best friends, i had amazing sex. yet im still wishing i had been invited and gone. stupid bec. stupid brad. stupid everything. sarian tried to make me feel better by saying it was last minute but me and brad live two minutes drive from each others houses. and jess has to drive past mine to get to his. but it was nice of sarian to see how much it hurt and try to make me feel better. whats one mean boy to the amount of amazing ones i have :)

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