Tuesday, September 8, 2009

im so fully stoaked

so i did some graduation and schoolies totals awhile back.
heres what i was thinking.

heres what im thinking now.

dress ✓
shoes = $70
hair and makeup = $70
accessories = $50
transport = $50

total = $240

room = $520
food = $100 - $150
alcohol = $200 - $250
clothes = $200 - $250
petrol = $50

total = $1260 - $1410

complete total = $1310 - $1440

anz bank = $1150
child support = $150 - $200
work = $300 - $500

total = $1600 - $1850

im going to have like atleast $200 spare for whatever i like!! if not more!! thats amazing!! and im meant to be going to the dfo with the sarahs sometime in the next two weeks and i was thinking that i wouldnt have any money to spend there but i do!! which is great cause i want new togs and new clothes :) yay :)

today i was looking at the clouds and they were real pretty so i started wondering what made clouds and such things. then i started thinking hey maybe theres a career in clouds cause careers are pretty much all thats on my mind at the moment but i decided that i would get bored with that eventually. i would learn about it and the magic would be gone. which makes me really worrried cause regardless what i end up doing im eventually not going to be able to learn any more about it. i love learning its my best skill and my favourite part about school. but you cant learn as a career!!! arghh!!! i hate deciding my life. its really quite stressful. but oh wells.

im talking to andrew who i havent talked to in about a million years :) its nice. hes deferred a year from uni cause its just so hectic which makes me feel better cause he was like the smart one :)

me and the sarahs hung out with hannah today at the plaza. it was nice to chill with her again :) shes halarious :)

last night me and sister sarah went to other sarahs house to practice our english (which we performed today and totally rocked :)) and it was so good to have sarah-sarah-bec time again :) i missed them muchly :)

im so ready for this term to be over. i have an epic day of maths study tomorrow plus writting out notes for my english and getting quotes. then thursday i have my english exam on macbeth first up, a session to study for maths then my maths exam. then home and study for my legal. then friday a session of study before my legal test. then im all done! ohh and somewhere in there ive got to get my film done. omg today we had mr harris (the other legal teacher) come into our class and teach us cause hes the one thats marking our exam since mrs richter is on holidays. hes so good! he explained everything we need to do for our exam and so much of it we hadnt even heard of before! we're so lucky he came in :)

sorry that my blogging is all over the place tonight. it quite resembles my brain at the moment. im sure that if you opened my head you would see either spaghetti or mashed potato. maybe combo of both :)

night all xx

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