Tuesday, August 4, 2009

graduation and schoolies costs

its times like these that i wish my parents paid for everything for me.
ive been working out my graduation and schoolies costs for about half an hour now, coming up with the worst and best case scenarios for the costs and how much of my money i will have to actually use for those costs.
now we all know how much i like lists so here it is.

dress = $100 - $150 (and im buying something i will wear again)
shoes = $70 (same deal as my dress)
hair and makeup = $70
accessories = $50
transport = $50 (but i dont even know if we're getting a car or anything we might just all meet there)

total = $340 - $390

room = $720 ($200 of which i get back at the end)
food = $100 - $150
alcohol = $200 - $250
clothes = $200 - $250
petrol = $30

total = $1260 - $1410

complete totals = $1600 - $1800

god did i shit myself when i saw that number.
but then i looked at my moneys.
and this is what i came up with.

anz bank = $1050
child support = $150 - $200
dad = $200 (hoping he gives me this i havent brought it up with him yet but mums given me $200 towards it so he should match it)
birthday = $70 - $100 (possibly more since all im asking for from everyone this year is money)
work = $200 - $400

total = $1670 - $1950

and on top of this if im game enough and mum is willing enough then she could give me $200 for it and ill pay her back when i get my deposit from the room back. but id probably only do that if i didnt make my best which i think i should be fine in getting close to on my own. eeeeeeeee this is so exciting! and i know its a lot of money, i mean thats like half a car but its my graduation from school, thats a necessary and for schoolies its a whole week with no parents, with my best friends, celebrating 12 years of hard work. i deserve to spent that much on myself.
and like with staying in the goldcoast theres obviously going to be other things i need to have but i can take most of that from home like washing machine powder and shampoo/conditioner and cereal and things like that. and im buying clothes that ill wear out to parties afterwards and then eventually clubbing if they still fit. and im not going to buy any more clothes between now and after schoolies cause ive still got stuff from last summer that i can wear. so im saving money and cutting corners where i can.
totally justified.

yesterday was good. sister sarah wasnt at school cause she does headstart now and other sarah left me at lunch so i was a little lonely but it gave me a chance to chill with the boys. in english i was kind of giving nutter a chance to prove me wrong but she didnt. she spent the whole lesson texting and she copied the stuff i wrote without even understanding it and she didnt have her macbeth book. so i talked to mrs oconnor and she said that it was fine to go with the sarahs and that she understood why i was doing it.
then me, other sarah and steffen (oh yeah steffen came to school today) drove to kmart mechanics via rivers (to get my boots :)) to leave other sarahs car then cause the battery was almost dead and therefore needed a new one. then we went to zarraffas where i met emi and we chilled there, visited brent at work, looked at prices for ipod connectors ($100 btw), put $550 into my anz bank account then sat at red rooster eating other sarahs chips before she drove me home. its other sarah and nicks 4 month anniversary today so shes waiting until sunday to break up with him. the whole afternoon nick kept on paying other sarah out cause he had a map with him that left out tasmania (and other sarah is from there, therefore offending her) then he dropped by my house later and showed me his 4 month present for other sarah. it was the map but hed drawn tasmania in and highlighted all the tasmanian holidays and written things like under "launceston show" "so much better than nambour show" and written everyones birthdays in and it was just really lovely.
emi is another person who is really lovely. when she smiles shes just all teeth and eyelashes its so cute :) and when shes excited she jumps up and down and claps her hands while laughing :)

today was good. i woke up earlier and it actually wasnt too bad :) i still managed to end up running to the bus stop somehow though :) i got to chill with elliot in my spare and it wasnt awkward :) yay. i found a dress last night that i am desperate to have for formal but the shop doesnt have any stores in queensland :( and i would buy it, have it sent up and try it and hopefully fall even more in love with it but theres no refund cause its on sale ($100 reduced from $139) i cant really afford to waste $100 :( but its just so amazing! here are the reasons why i love it. 1. it has thick shoulders so theres no problems with bras 2. shoulders also allow me to dance freely 3. it will show off my boobs without showing flesh, making it seem less obvious 4. the belt shows of my little waist 5. theres no hip/thigh issues 6. i can wear it again.
argggg im so in love with it! lifes not fair. but im going to go to all the dress shops on the coast to see if they have anything like it. if that fails i may have to find a dress maker. but that would probably be real expensive. argh. life is shit.
but yes anyway i printed out that picture ^^ in my spare and spent the rest of the time talking to elliot :) at lunch me and other sarah went to see samaha and he wasnt as scary as usual and in doing so agreed to let other sarahs cousin ashlee whoose visiting from hungary come to school for a day :)
i was meant to tell nutter today sometime that i was going to be in the sarahs group for english but i didnt cause i suck like that. we were talking about schoolies on the bus home and lately ive been having the feeling that she didnt want to chill with me at schoolies so i brought it up and she was like "nut its not if i see you at schoolies, im going to see you at schoolies." so thats just made things harder now but it will be better at schoolies :) i was really sad when i thought that she didnt want to see me.
then when i was at home i got a text from nick asking if he could come over after work and get me to try one of the muffins he had just cooked. heck yes! so he came over just before and ended up staying for 2 hours :) and his muffins were amazing :) it was really good to talk to him, it made me feel more confident that we're going to be friends once him and other sarah break up.

i want to go out this weekend for four reasons. 1. emi is here 2. ashlee will be here 3. i didnt really go out last weekend and 4. i have a whole new outfit (the dress i brought from a couple of weeks ago, belt mum got from the markets, stockings and my boots) it will look great :) i love having completely new outfits to wear :)
so thats all.
tomorrow im maybe going dress shopping for a bit with mum before getting stuck into my maths assignment. omg we got our maths assignment today and its due next friday! wtf?! so yea im hopefully going to get about half of it done tomorrow. fingers crossed.
night all xx

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