Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i made a new blog :)

its called sound bite
check it out here
im kind of trying to write something that isn't a diary (like this blog) but more an expression of my state of mind with lyrics, pictures and limited words. im going to try to not say anything specific so people can look at my posts and link it to their feelings. appealing to the wider audience and whatnot :) and it will work for me as well if i look back on it later :)

so monday was pretty interesting for a school day.
we had first session which is my spare so i did my english. then on my way to drama i saw nutter and when we were talking she told me that shes thinking of breaking up with jake. im happy but im not happy because i dont like him or because that means ill get to see her more im happy because he makes her unhappy so she is making a choice to make herself happy. then i went to drama and after a while i got a text from nutter asking to meet me at the bathrooms so we met up and she started crying :( jake was just doing more dickhead shit. then once we talked it out we went to go back to class and the fire bell started going off. so we went down to the oval and sat in our class lines in the boiling heat.
after an age instead of letting us go to lunch they moved everyone into the shade. now we were hot and confused. why had they moved us into the shade instead of letting us go back to class (or lunch depending what time it was by then)? it was weird. so when mr. read walked past i asked him what was up and there had been two bomb threats left on the schools automatic answering machine. shit aye. so we were sitting on the oval cause the bomb squad was currently searching through all the buildings in the school for a bomb. shit aye. so we sat on the oval for another age then we went to the hall and got told that no bomb was found and that the person that left the message was a kid from our school. i seriously hope that no-one from school finds out which kid cause he is going to be mauled if he gets found out. then we had lunch cause we'd been sitting on the oval for the whole of lunch.
mel suggested we go to maccas for lunch so me, other sarah, mel, jake and terri went to maccas :) arghhh terri and jake, well no more jake than terri, are so frustrating!! they are so fake and vain and stupid!! it was torture to listen to them talking. and jake uses mel to drive him everywhere, its rude. then we went back to school for legal and i got my test results back. i got a c-. im pretty upset about it. i havent got cs in legal like ever. im a b+/a- student and i got a c-. not good. my teacher was like "what happened?" and i honestly i dont know what happened. arghh. but oh well its done now. just gotta kick ass in the exam i guess. then english last and me and other sarah showed each other our commentaries for our soliloquys and they are done in really different styles. i like my style of it better but im not the kind of person to say or do anything about it so im just hoping that sister sarah likes mine better haha.
then home and i gave mum her birthday present. i asked her the other day what she wanted for her birthday and she said "you've been so good saving for graduation and schoolies i just want something small like a block of chocolate." so i got her a block of chocolate :) we fought a little that night which im not happy about. i was at least trying not to fight. it just didnt always work out like i planned.

today was okayy.
me and elliot had really good talks in our spare about the whole tom thing and he made me feel better about it :) lunch today with the boys was really good we were all just chilling and chatting :) i had maths and i found out that if i do really well in the exam my marks going to go from a c to a b- but the way i see it im going to get to fourth term and either think "sweet im on a b- i can do shit all work and still pass" or think "its last term i dont give a fuck" so the reality is that i can either do epic maths and have a b on my third term report, going back to a c on my fourth (and only important) report card or i can do no work, keep my c and have that on my fourth report card. so yea im not studying :)
when i got home i set up my new corkboard. im going to have one cork board that has my photos on it and one that has a massive calendar on it so that i can write everything on it from social events to reminders to assignments to work and everything in between :) so i made my calendar one today and its pretty awesome :) then i made my new blog :) and its pretty awesome too. as i said you should check it :) and if you want to write me a list of you little things feel free ill put it up :)
now im going to leave it and try to find more people to make lists for me :)
p.s. ron ron's neighbours put a letter in his letter box politely asking him to not walk around his house naked anymore cause there are young children around. LOL LOL LOL.

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