Thursday, August 13, 2009

moving on up

today i did lots of things that i dont normally do.
but in a good way :)

i started my maths assignment before its due :) and i actually got the first two questions done!! so yes that was rather amazing! then i got stuck on the third one haha :) but i did still attempt to soldier on by calling maddie but she wasnt home.
so then guess what i did?! i went for a bike ride! not like a leisurely stroll but like a proper hardcore(ish) bike ride! there are some epic hills in my 'hood' so it was actually close to a proper work out :) im going to try to do that whole 30 minutes a day thing most days from now. yeah it was actually kind of nice :) even if i was sweating and red faced and puffing :)
OMFG OMFG OMFG nutter is pissing me off so badly! shes kind of been a bit strange all week but ive just been shrugging it off thinking it might have been me being weird or something then today she deliberately didnt sit next to me in legal. like its real obvious if someone isnt sitting where they normally sit in all my classes cause in every single one theres like an unofficial seating plan. so nobody was in nutters seat but she sat on the other side of the room. so after class i text her (cause it was the last class of the day) asking if she was okay and she said she was so i left it. but just before me and jake started talking and i finally found out the real reason. so me and jake have been talking most nights for a couple of weeks and even though jake isnt my favourite person i talked to him cause it would be rude not to and also cause i was kind of thinking that maybe if me and jake become friends then maybe me him and nutter could all hang out and i could have my nutter back. then me and jake had this conversation:
;):) J@l<3>l@J:);) iloveyoutaylor - So people say it's weird that I talk to u later at night when I go to bed, do u think so?, ifso I'll stop talking to ya hey
bec - haha nope it dpesnt worry me :) who said it?
;):) J@l<3>l@J:);) iloveyoutaylor - Tbh I'm unsure either Tay or tamika think it's weird that I do so
bec - ohk
;):) J@l<3>l@J:);) iloveyoutaylor - U heard much about that?
bec - nope. nothing
;):) J@l<3>l@J:);) iloveyoutaylor - Eh just tryin to be friendly :(
bec - haha yea i know that :)

sometimes i dont even know why i bother. and it frustrates me so much more that she didnt even say anything to me instead she just gave me the silent treatment! how am i meant to know what ive done wrong if she doesnt tell me?! not that i even did anything wrong anyway! it wasnt like we talked about her or anything! we were just having casual friendly conversation! arrggghhh!! its such bullshit!
*sigh* alright that was my little vent.
now im going to calm down and go to bed :)
thanks for listening :)
p.s. gossip girl has finally come on normal television and after watching one episode im borrowing the season off other sarah cause i highly doubt i could only watch one episode a week <3

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