Wednesday, September 23, 2009

catch up

so i havent blogged in a while but everything was lame so i didnt really feel like bringing everyone down with my lameness. but everything is better now so ill blog :)

so saturday i went to the beach with ron ron, riess, steph and sister sarah :) my god it was amazing. i was chilling with ron ron and riess first and it was so good chilling with them :) i like that i can chill with them on my own cause i was a bit worried that their acceptance of me was through tom but now i know it isnt :) then me and sister sarah left to go see 500 days of summer :) omg its great :) then we picked up jamie, came back to mine and got ready for jess lees party. jesses was so much fun :) i wasnt really enjoying myself to start with cause i had to keep on looking after nutter but then me and maddie talked. she said "you dont look happy" and i said "im not really" she asked "why?" and i said "nutter" so she said "drink more!" so i did :) then it was much fun :) and marcus came!! he was like the life of the party it was great :) and im pretty sure i talked to other sarahs mum drunk :P and i got rhysiepoo and cj to dance :) man katie was so smashed she was the biggest mess. same with tash. same with mark. and ellie drank! and so did maddie! aimee and morghan were really messy like as soon as they got there and then morghan hooked up with corey so aimee started crying cause aimee liked corey (which morghan knew) so that was pretty bad. aimee had the best quote though she said "i dont want to be a rachelle!" cause rachelle always crys at every party. and i chilled with josh heaps. like pretty much the whole night. and we kissed :) nutter spent pretty much the whole night crying cause of jake and fingers but i really just didnt give a shit after a while. at the start of the night i asked her about the whole situation and she lied but when i asked her when she was drunk and she told me the truth. later on she left the party and i went after her cause she was drunk and crying and she told me to fuck off so i went back to jesses and started bawling my eyes out. tamika and todd found me and they were so lovely they made me feel so much better :) other events of the night include chilling with brae heaps, rhys and sarah wearing the same jacket, josh and sam getting marcus drunk, telling rachelle that nutter calls her "whore" behind her back, other sarah making me feel better by putting sexy bitch on, scabbing drinks just to see if i could and telling tory that she needs better deoderant. then we started walking back home (we being me, the sarahs, jamie and marcus). we sung london underground the whole way home as loud as possible :) and made cheese toasties :) then jake called saying him and brae had no where to stay (id offered before i left) so me and other sarah went to get them. i love brae hes so funny :) then we were chilling in my kitchen and nutter calls saying things like oh yeah im just walking i dont know where i am (she also got angry at me for inviting jake back to my house) so obviously she was asking without asking to stay at mine so we went to get her. the sleeping arrangements once she got back were like this: me in graces bed with her, nutter jake other sarah and brae in my room, jamie and marcus in the spare room and sister sarah on my couch. holy awkward. i was almost asleep then i heard nutter leave so i followed her. she said she left because jake was being mean to her so i walked her most of the way back to jesses. then as soon as i got back jake left to get her. then they all finally went to bed at about 4 am.

on sunday i got up at something ridiculous like 6:30 am and chilled with marcus in my lounge room. he was so fragile the poor boy. then brae and the sarahs got up so we chilled and chatted :) sister sarah left for work then mum got up and took me and other sarah to maccas to get breakfast for everyone :) then jamie got up and we chilled more. then jamie, marcus and other sarah left and i went to wake up nutter and jake. they had slept in my bed and when i went to wake them up she was in just her bra and underware so im pretty sure they had sex. i was so pissed. they got up and it was so awkward just chilling there me nutter jake and brae. me and brae couldnt look at each other cause every time we did we would just start laughing cause it was so awkward. then they left and i went to the beach to meet up with morghan and corey. also awkward. then ron ron, riess and adam joined us and morghan and corey left. it was so good chilling with the boys again :) they had had drinks at riesses the night before and ron ron had invited these 15 year old girls along. the boys spent so long bitching about them then they turned up. when the boys were bitching i was thinking that these girls couldnt be as bad as the boys were saying but they were. omfg they were so annoying! riess was so sick of this girl angie, she was like all over him last night and was still trying to be then and he was not impressed. he kept making sly comments all day. some funny parts include riess swimming about half way to the shark nets and watching angie follow, angie trying to get riess to support her and him pushing her under, riess swimming over to me and supporting me, riess paying angie out for making him hold her hand while she peed last night then saying "but atleast you didnt piss in my garden, oh wait yes you did!" when riess went to go home he was like "bec do you want a lift?" and i said "if you dont mind" so he says "no worries. well i guess my cars full. by girls" angies face was just pure devestation. she text ron ron as we left saying something like "we were together all last night and this morning he pretends it didnt happen what a dog" so i asked riess what happened between them last night and he said "we kissed once" LOL. on the way home me and riess had good chats about the whole tom thing and he said that tom will get over it and everything will be fine again. we talked about other sarah and from that talk i got the idea that he doesnt want anything to happen there. sunday night i found out that josh likes me. how the fuck can he like me we've hung out like twice this entire year!!

monday i went to nutters house and we made carrot cake. we talked about everything and she gave me the whole truth. well i think the whole truth anyways. i tried to show and to tell her that i was angry with her but i feel like my engery was kind of wasted cause everything just seems like a joke with her. then i went home before other sarah picked me and sister sarah up and we went to her house. we chilled a bit before sleeping and they let me vent about nutter :) i really dont know what i would do without them :)

tuesday me and the sarahs went to the d.f.o to shop :) the drive down was so much fun :) i cant wait for schoolies :) the d.f.o was so good i got really nice things :) i got seafolly togs ($116), a dress from some shop ($10), a dress from another shop ($40), a dress from dotti ($10), bicycle sunnies from jay jays ($10), aviators (free cause there was a buy two get one free deal that the sarahs did), my formal shoes from some shop ($55)(reduced from $149 :)) and a ring from strutt ($20). sorry about not putting the shop names in but i cant be bothered going to my room to check. one of the most genius things i did was put on the $40 dress backwards first and not realise until i took it off and put it back on the hanger then wondered why the tag was on the front. the drive home was a lot more quiet we were all pretty tired. we called riess on our way home and found out that he was at home so we swung by to give riess his presents. i dont know if i mentioned this but ron ron has been telling riess that hes going to steal the salt and pepper shakers from hogs breath for riesses birthday cause they are corona bottles and riess loves corona. so when me and other sarah were at hogs breath last week we kind of thought "hey lets do it first" so we did and we gave them to him yesterday :) he was so stoaked :) me and other sarah went to see 500 days of summer :) it was still good the second time around :) and we saw the creek boys and we've decided we only like luke and riley because they are the only ones that talk to us! and we saw jess lee and crew and found out that nutter isnt going to schoolies with them anymore cause of the whole fingers and jake thing.

today i had to work from 7 to 10 which wasnt too bad cause at least i could still do something today even if i had to get up early. i went to work then other sarah picked me up, we picked up corbo and sister sarah then we went to the beach. it was okay at the beach alittle over cast. then we decided it would be nicer if we went to raes house and sat around her pool so we did :) it was nice to see rae again :) her and corbo would be so cute together :) then we went to leave and realised that a dust storm was over the coast. it was freaking intense you couldnt even see buderim hill when we were at my house!! me and josh are talking. i really want to hang out with him but i know that i shouldnt cause i dont want to lead him on. but i dont know if i would be leading him on. hes really interesting and i really enjoy talking to him. oh dear. ohh and tom came back today. we still havent talked. oh well. im sure things will be fine.

well thats everything :)

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