Saturday, June 20, 2009

11:59 pm

well at least im not addicted enough to be blogging after 12 right? :)

i went to aimees yesterday.
we went to the shop and made sherbet.
we were meant to get baking soda but instead we got bicarb baking soda.
i mean "it cant be that much different, right?" wrong.
so it made our sherbet fizz to the max.
it was halarious :)
we had spag bol for dinner which was good.
we watched two of the scariest movies ive ever seen (my bloody valentine and the american haunting) and one really bad one (b.t.k).
jumped an unbelievable amount of times in my bloody valentine.
and the american haunting is true which makes it terrifying.
then we went to bed, woke up and mum offered to pick me up.

i drove to work and worked.
work wasnt very fun :(
but we had a drunk man who de-panted himself infront of us and everyone else in the store.
freaking halarious.
then home and chill.

then other sarah called saying that she had a place for schoolies!!
it was $500 for the week, 100m from cavil and 200m from the beach and it was awesome.
we got fully excited and talked for ages cause we had to wait for sister sarah to finish work to make sure she was cool with it too.
we called, she was and we went to book and.... someone had booked it!
within like the hour that we had waited someone took the last room!
so we looked some more and found one thats $100 more buts still as close to the beach and cavil.
just not as awesome rules and we're on the other side now but still in the same area.
ohh well at least its booked!
step one complete!
fully happy :)
we paid the deposit on mums credit card so everything is set :)
fully stoaked :)

tomorrow im d.f.oing it and sarah is coming along cause grace got to bring a friend.
im rather excited cause im driving there :)
which means i should probably get some sleep.
night all xx

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