Tuesday, June 23, 2009

rain rain go away

i hate rain.
like i really hate rain.
it just makes everything harder, miserable and cold.
i hate rain.
and its been pissing down all day.
i missed the bus cause i was looking for an umbrella.
i hate rain.
i had to run to and from the bus stop in it today.
thats right i ran.
i hate rain.

so yes as i said i missed the bus this morning so instead of seeing the hangover at 10:30 me and naomi saw it at 12:45.
i got there and we shopped.
well no naomi shopped really.
she got a really nice hoodie from cotton on. i want it.
i tried to return my sweater jacket thing today but i cant so i guess ill just have to wear it :)
we visited tom at terry whites and brought swine flu masks :)
i hate how i like him as much as i do.
its like whenever i see him, talk to him, even think of him my brain goes blank and i cant breathe and my mouth goes dry and my palms sweat and i get this stupid goofy smile on my face that i cant wipe off and i cant stop staring at his face he is just the most beautiful person ive ever seen and no matter what he says i giggle at it.
i hate it, im so embarrassing. and theres no way he doesnt notice.
ohh and i saw brad today.
i saw nails and dunny walking in the plaza but i didnt see brad and whenever i see nails i instantly look at the ground until hes gone past. instant reaction from when i was dating brad i guess. so they passed then i finally realised that brad might be with them so i turned around and he was. so he probably thought i was intentionally ingoring him whereas my plan i had for the first time i saw him was to say hi and try to start our friendship up again. so yeah thats ruined.
so me and naomi continued our shopping then went to the movies. we got our tickets torn, started walking up the isle then i turned around (for i dont know what reason) and saw them again.
we sat down in the movies, waiting for it to start and whatnot then they walk in. brad walks straight past me (isle seat and all) not making any eye contact.
so yeah i doubt we're going to be friends.
i can see his side of it though cause if he ignored me (unintentional or not) i would ignore him back.
so yeah.
and worse still i think i felt something today. oh dear.
i dont want anything. i cant have anything. no.
after the movie me and naomi went and chilled before walking her to her car.
then i met up with other sarah and yoshi and we hung out.
we visited tom again but it was better with other sarah cause she talks so much.
then we dropped yoshi home (via maccas haha) then she dropped me home :) shes so lovely.
then i slept.
now im blogging cause i cant sleep haha.

i really need to get over tom. its ruining our friendship and fucking with my head. im sick of having dreams of us being together then waking up and having everything shatter. it ruins my mornings.
and i really need to not like brad. thats just ridiculous.

im going to go download some musics to make me feel better.

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