Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i just had a nightmare that i was back with your mother!

i love the simpsons :)

anywhoose the social last night. oh-mah-gawd why did i never go to one before?!?! it was heaps of fun. the theme was 70s disco and there were so many good costumes, even if i didnt have one. my legs are completely dead :) there was this guy whose apparently in my grade that was really sleazy. he held out his hand to me and i thought he wanted a high-five so i gave him one but he grabbed my hand and like pulled our hips together. i was like ummm okay backing up now :S then he tried to dance with like every other girl at the social. he was going after alex so bad he even had the whole one finger call happening it was halarious :) then he finally found a girl who would degrade herself enough to dance with him and she sloshed her vag against his leg all night. LOL thats officially the worst way to put dirty dancing. he was gross. but yea lots of good things. like intimidating the sleazy man with sister sarah, making up a dance move for me and naomi, having a d-circle with all the year 12s, gordys dancing, rhodys dancing, the IT guys not knowing how to use their own equipment and aimee winning the best costume :) kamaras dancing is insane!! i so wish i could dance like that!! i love socials :) and my friends :)

today i went into school on my day off :0 i know right. but i never do work at home so i had to go to school. it kind of worked as well cause i got my english done :) and i did a bit of maths :) and the first paragraph of my film :) and my hypothesis of my legal + my surveys :) good job bec :)
and sister sarah was there. i think i distracted her a bit but she stilll got a fair bit of her enlgish done :)
it was really sad yesterday sister sarah had a little bit of a break down cause of her family and everything. its her birthday this weekend and her mum isnt going to be there, shed never want to spend it with her dad and jamie is going clubbing. how rude is that?! and shes really frustrated with jamie at the moment cause at every party jamie tells everyone about sarahs fear of wrists and gets them to show sarah their wrists or grab sarahs wrists and it makes sarah almost burst into tears every single time. sarahs tried to explain to jamie how serious it is but jamie just blows it off. and jamie gets their mum to pay for all her living expenses in brisbane like food and rent and everything even though sarahs mum is in serious financial trouble at the moment (which jamie knows). and sarah pays $50 board a week, buys all her own food and anything else that she needs, shes given up two of her dance classes, and her and nel go for weeks without food in the cupboard. and they're putting their house on the market next week. and jamie still asks her mum for money every weekend! she works one shift a week and her excuse is "simply pies will give me shifts in july holidays" well its not july jamie! sarah gives her mum the $50 for board and the next day she gives it to jamie to go clubbing!! sarahs going to be paying for jamie to go clubbing on her birthday!! gosh it just makes me so frustrated cause sarah and nel are such lovely people and its just horrible that they are in this much trouble. and nels too nice to say no to jamie, shed feel like she wasnt a good mum, not being able to provide for her daughter and everything.
gosh jamie!
but yea so me and other sarah are staying at sister sarahs on saturday night after her BBQ so she doesnt have to be alone on her birthday :)

tom text me last night. he said he'd only just got my text and asked how i could have been rude. i said that it was fine and that i wasnt sure if id been rude cause my memorys a bit foggy. he didnt text back after that. epic sad face. i think that saturday is going to be mighty awkward. epic sad face.

oh well im off cause im hungry.

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