Sunday, May 17, 2009

belated blog

theres no internet at dads and i went out last night so thats why theres been no blog until just now. ive pretty much been having blogger withdrawals hahaha

so yes to my weekend.
school on friday was good. nothing really happened as far as i remember. then mel drove me to work and ive decided im never driving with her again. shes shocking. work was good. then dad picked me up and took me home to get our stuff/grace. when we got home the house was in shambles. grace had decided to try to put her bed up. so her whole bedroom was in the kitchen/sunroom and her bed was half made in her room. im guessing she found it too hard haha so we got our stuff and went to dads. on the way to dads grace got a call saying her friend had been hit by a car :( hope they're alright. then we got home and had dinner. donna made this spinach pie thing it was gooooooood. then dad gave us our presents. he got me
a bag
a one-of-a-kind wallet
a shirt
and... an ipod.
but not the one i want. so now i have a dilemma. i want a silver 120GB ipod classic so badly it might as well be a need. i have a couple of options on how to go about it 1) i tell dad straight up that im seeling the one he got me to get the one i want 2) i tell him that it got stolen from my locker so i brought a new one or 3) i tell him that a friend got given a new ipod for their birthday so they gave me their old one. i want to pick the one that will hurt his feelings the least. i think its a choice between 1 and 3. oh well ive got two weeks to decide.

ohhhhh tangent for a minute; nics pregnant!!!! yay yay yay!! im so happy for her!! im going to be an aunt :D and she told me before she told dad!! ive so replaced him as family-non-family :D yay :)

ok back on track now. then i called maddie and chatted with her then i went to sleep. i got a text sometime in the night from sarah saying we were having drinks at pauls tomorrow night. and a goodnight text from david :)

then work on saturday. it was such a good shift i was just in a great mood so nothing brought me down even though we had the rudest customer. hed been in on thursday, friday and then he came back again on saturday!! poor jess and nic they had to deal with him all three times i only had satuday. the whole deal was over a belt that he claimed he only brought a couple of weeks ago and it had cracked and split a fair bit. he didnt have his receipt so we couldnt give him a refund and we offered to send it away for factory assessment, so that if there was a fault with it then the company would send him a letter with a credit note in it. so therefore we had to take his details. he wanted us to send it away for factory assessment but he didnt want him to give us his details cause he didnt want catalogues and stuff sent to him. which wouldnt happen and we explained that to him but he didnt believe us. he wanted us to send it away without details (which our computer system wont let us do) and when it gets sent back to us (which it wouldnt) we would see him in the store cause hes "in here all the time" and give it to him then. i hope everyone else sees how impractical that is. then he went even crazier and was saying that hed buy a new belt, he wouldnt keep the receipt and if it broke in three weeks hed come back and nic would have to give him a new belt. then she busts out with "im not going to sell it to you then. i have the right to refuse sale to anyone i chose and since i know you're not going to keep you're receipt im not going to sell it to you" ha-ha-ha take that!! so then he gave us his details :P then he has the nerve to hit on nic!!! bahahaha what a mess.
then i bussed it home, called mum, slept, asked sister sarah to get my alcohol and then got ready. other sarah came and picked me up and we went to pauls. other sarahs mum gave me an idea with my ipod. apparently target/kmart (i cant remember which) will take back anything that they sell in the shop and give you a credit note for it if you dont have a receipt. so if they sell my ipod there ill do that :) then we got to pauls and kitty was there. her and dylan are moving out together :) we chilled there for a bit and it was boring so i called jess and she said shed take us to rickys. shes so lovely :) we got to rickys and found out that we had to be really quiet cause rickys mums dad (rickys pop) had passed away three days ago. the boys spent the whole night making "ya mum" jokes out of anything that riley said and imitating haden talking about his dick. they both got kind of mad by it. a couple of hours after we'd been at rickys we decided to go down to the park so that we werent keeping his parents up. luke and adam came a bit after that on a boat :) completely blind as well :) so we chilled some more then adam and qamil got in a fight. it was over a joke that went too far but i think they worked it out. then nick came and something went on, im not sure what. the sarahs had a fight over the way that other sarah was ignoring nick. it was weird how other sarah was ignoring nick. i dont know what happened but i hope its all worked out now. other sarah went back to nicks house. then we chilled some more, sister sarah went missing for a bit but she wasnt really missing, then we decided to go home. luke said we could stay at his so we went via boat back to his. it was so funny there was me, sister sarah, julian, alistair, luke and haden in this tiny tinny. we dropped haden at his house then got to lukes. we tried not to wake his parents up but we failed. his mum came into his room to check it out and when she saw me and sister sarah in lukes bed (we were all planning on sharing lukes bed) she told luke "no funny business" hahahaha so me and sarah were on a mattress on the floor with the boys on lukes bed. then luke came and joined us. then he went back to his bed then he came back to the mattress and sister sarah went to the bathroom. then we kissed. then sister sarah came back and sent him back up to the bed. i told sister sarah and she was like "what happened to tom?" and im like "i dont know!" then luke came back down and we kissed again. sister sarah went up to the bed cause she felt uncomfortable. then some funny business happened :P lukes so funny hes completely open about whatever hes thinking. so many times he interrupted us kissing to say things like "even though you're little you have the perfect boobs to ass ratio" and "omg how did you take your bra off so quick?" hes great :) then at about 5 AM luke wanted juice so we had poppers then we decided we should go to sleep :)
this morning i text riley and asked if he could swing by lukes when he goes home and pick me up. he said yes :) hes such a lovely boy. so around an hour later ricky and riley came by and woke us all up. we all hung out, had breakfast then riley dropped me home before meeting up with the rest of the boys at the beach. mum was on the phone to nanny when i got in so i waited for them to be finished. when mum hung up i apologised for not staying where i told her i was (pauls) and not telling her. she was really good about it :) she told me about her weekend at coolum. she did the walk for breast cancer thing with a group of friends and they stayed in a hotel in coolum for two nights. she had a nice time. then she made me french toast :D i tried to help her put graces bed together but failed miserably. then i went to bed, woke up, had dinner and watched tv. then i blogged :) now you're up to date in the world of bec :)
i like that i hooked up with luke. he was a good choice for a rebound boy cause i know he doesnt want anything from it and it wont be awkward. and hes just lovely.
today somewhere in between sleep and dinner i had a big "what if" sesh. like "what if id never met the sarahs?" my life would be dramatically different. they have both taught me so much about being a better person. the little things that sister sarah does for people just cause it would make them happy, the way that other sarah does things for people without them even asking. they are both amazing. and i wouldnt be half as confident as i am if i hadnt met them, they pretty much taught me how to talk. i would have exploded by now if i didnt have sister sarah to talk to about all my stupidness and i wouldnt have learned to listen if other sarah didnt talk over people. then theres the social side of it. i wouldnt have become friends with the creek boys, past and present, i wouldnt have become friends with the internationals like steffen and sebastian, i probably wouldnt still be friends with the boys at school and countless other friends. im beyond grateful that i met them. they changed my life. i hope ive changed theirs. i cant really see how i have but if they've done this much for me then i must have had atleast a bit of effect. well i hope so anways. it would be really depressing if i hadnt :)
even though i had a pretty reasonable amount of sleep tonight im still tired so im off to sleep some more :)
oh p.s i decided that i needed a way to tell the sarahs apart for everyone that cant read my mind so sister sarah is sarah larchin cause shes got jamie as a sister and other sarah is well... other sarah :P
ohhh p.p.s here are the photos from landmark with sister sarah.


the wharf


loo with a view

thumbs up


thumbs up

haha i love her




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