Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i honestly want

to kill myself. or whoever wrote up my maths assignment. its pure and utter shit.
and i have to do well in the assignment cause the exam is on navigation, which i fail in.
ive decided im going to do as much as i can of the first question, then just copy all the others. bad bec i know but... well i have no excuse but if i dont then im not going to get it done and therefore fail. ill pay back whoever i copy it off somehow. maybe a brunch. ive never been out to brunch and would really like to go.

lol when my phone battery is about to die it alerts you by making a sound really similar to the jaws music. its been making it for about an hour now and ive enjoyed it every single time. which makes up for the fact that my itunes wont work for some unknown reason :( eipc sadness.

its raining. but i dont really mind. as long as it doesnt stay around too long.

gosh ben can be frustrating. talking to him is like being interrogated. "how much of the assignment have you done, when did you start, who are you going to copy off, how much did your bed cost, who brought it, are you going to buy my car, a car can get you further than an ipod, what happened to your ipod, what size have you got, what happens when you get your license, how many hours have you got, why have you only got that many" etc etc etc. its intense talking to him.

mum just got home and yelled at grace for not cleaning her room. so i should probably clean mine.
ill be back on later.

p.s i found this really cool thing; Stefan Br├╝ggemann is an artist from mexico. i dont know what it is about his art it just makes me feel good. and the fact that he makes entire art exhibition just out of words is amazing.

same thing?

a box of nothing

romance (is dead)
if you didnt get it

ive always want to know if someone is fluent in two languages, what do they think in?

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