Wednesday, May 20, 2009

all customers suck

ive had a formal complaint laid against me at work. fuck.
as far as i knew we werent aloud to return socks cause of health and safety regulations which is what i tell every person i sell socks, underware and bathers to. so when a lady came in on saturday wanting to exchange two pairs of socks, even though she had her recipet and her socks with the tags still on them, thats what i told her. i went back to my work, she found the socks she wanted and i sold them to her. the socks are $2.95 each and she brought two pairs. she wasnt rude to me, she didnt make a fuss so i presumed that considering it was an extra $6, like most people, she didnt mind.

obviously not. she sent a huge email to the head of rivers saying that i was rude to her, that i didnt even look at the socks, that when she was looking for her socks i swore while having a conversation with whoever i was working with, that i finished my conversation before serving her and that when i served her i was rude again.
wrong wrong wrong.
i dont think i was rude to her, i looked at the socks cause i knew that they still had the tags on them, i didnt swear cause 1) i dont swear at work, im not stupid and 2) we have code words for bad words and 3) i was in a good mood so i wouldnt have been swearing, i wouldnt have finished my conversation cause i knew id be back there in like a second and again i dont believe i was rude to her.
her email was so fucking intense it was talking about how she was never told about these heath and safety regulations (which really isnt our fault cause she got them from another store), that she would lilke to know where she can find these so called regulations, how i obviously wasnt hired for my bright and sunny disposition, that she has worked in retial/banking on the front counter for over 10 years and therefore knows what is the correct protocol for someone in that position and that she will never shop with us ever again nor will she recommend us to anybody ever again which will have a dramatic impact on us cause word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising.
and this was over two pairs of $2.95 socks. jeeeeeesus.
i hope she doesnt come in again. shes obviously a little intense.

gahhhhhhhh im going to bed.

p.s. haha i think its funny that theres always more bold in my blogs that im passionate about.
p.p.s. im going into work to have a chat with nic tomorrow about it all, so ill try to print out a copy and i can show you how intense the email is.
p.p.p.s. im scared of losing touch with brad via losing my job.
p.p.p.p.s. im getting my new ipod tomorrow hopefully :) my one ray of sunshine through all this shit.

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