Tuesday, May 12, 2009

feel good songs

music is great. it makes my morning. one song in particular makes my morning. or makes my any time of day really. MIA - Paper Planes. i dont know what it is about this song but i can be running out the door, stressing that im going to miss the bus, but as soon as i put that song on everything just calms down.
im making a morning mix so i can continue my good mood after that song.
heres some possible candidates:

MIA - Paper Planes
Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
Bob Marely - Looking In Your Big Brown Eyes
The Cat Empire - The Car Song
Eric Hutchinson - Rock 'N' Roll
Faker - This Heart Attack
The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger
Kate Miller-Heidke - Cant Shake It
Kate Nash - The Skeleton Song
Lady GaGa - Just Dance
Mamma Mia! - Honey, Honey
Mamma Mia! - Does Your Mother Know
Mamma Mia! - Take A Chance On Me
MGMT - Time To Pretend
MGMT - Electric Feel
Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel
Panic! At The Disco - Nine In The Afternoon
Rascal Flatts - Life Is A Highway
She & Him - Sitting On The Shelf
Venga Boys - Boom Boom Boom

any more ideas?

so this morning i was rushing about trying to get ready on time cause silly me forgot how many times i had snoozed my alarm. i ran to the bus stop. yes thats right i RAN. i never run. but i RAN to the bus stop and sat there waiting. 10 minutes later i get a text from sarah saying that the bus was late, like 20 minutes late. GAHH. so then i text nutter to tell her that the bus was late and the mnt creek bus driver told her that our bus had broken down and was waiting for a new bus to come. GAHH. its now 7:30 which is when first session starts. then kaitlyn who catches the bus from my stop called her dad and got him to pick her up and offered me a lift :D so i got to school about 10 minutes late where as the entire back row of our english class didnt get to school until about 8:10 haha :)
school was good. at lunch i started feeling a bit sick and that stuck around all day but oh well. i got home and slept. when i woke up to have dinner i had 3 missed calls from sarah and a missed call from ron ron saying "bec, if tom dropped his pants and said 'get on!' would you say kay or nay? <3 sarah " obviously not from sarah, definitely from ron ron. so i text sarah and asked why she called. she called me again and turns out her phone wont text :l and she invited me to the movies with her, nick, tom and paul if i could get ready in 10. i could have but mum said no :( i asked her about the text message from ron ron and she was like "he asked me a question that i cant say right now, which i answered then he asked me the one he sent you and i told him i couldnt answer that so he pretended i asked you from his phone" now i rather want to know what the other question was. mum made really yummy thai stir-fry rice stuff but i still felt sick so i spent the whole meal worrying if i was about to be sick instead of enjoying it :l

im thinking about wearing my beret thing the next time i go out.


sometimes i hate my parents. well no hates a too strong a word. sometimes i wish my parents were different is probably the best way to put it. like yesterday i was nanna napping when dad called me. we chatted for a bit then he asked if grace was around. i told him that she was but i didnt want to get out of bed to get her so he should just called her. lazy i know :P he asked if she would pick up her mobile and i said no cause its dead and that he should call the home phone. he then asked if she would pick up. i said she would. he asked me if i was sure. i said i was since she was on the computer which is right next to the phone. we said bye and he called her. to somebody that doesnt know my parents that exchange seems pretty innocent right? well its not. his questions about grace picking up the phone were related to him not wanting to call the home phone and have my mother answer the phone. im definitely glad they are divorced but it would just be so much better if they could at least be civil to each other. even just for the sake of us. its a constant war between them and me and grace are caught in the middle. i hate having to choose between them. i shouldnt have to choose between them.
i get to go to dads this weekend and receive all my exciting presents from america :) i dont know if donna will be there, im kind of hoping she isnt so me and dad can have one-on-one time. im desperately hoping that he got me the 120GB ipod classic in silver. if not im buying it myself next week :)
well i have a hectically busy day tomorrow so id better get some sleep.
sleep tight xx

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