Sunday, May 24, 2009


i had the weirdest/saddest dream last night.
me and sister sarah were at school and there was some kind of race/competition between jordan grace (in his younger days) and some other bad dude. there was a helicopter (that made no noise?) for each of them with a seat hanging from it, looking much like a chair lift. the boys had to sit on the seat and play their guitars and sing as the helicopters flew around the school. i think they were trying to get their publicity up or something. they also had to direct their pilot to the best places to fly/the parts of the school where certain people sat. me and sister sarah were on jordan graces side. on one of his first flights he took us around with him and him and sister sarah were "cosy". when me and sister sarah were on the ground we would run around making people notice him. then there was a test for the guys. they had to draw their ideal tree to have to fly through. i was next to them and i knew the answer so i pretended i was doodling and drew it, then left. jordan noticed and got out first. he ran out and hugged me (oh wow) and behind him i saw the bad guy advancing on jordans back with a sharpened toothbrush in his hand. i pulled away from jordan and hit the bad guy over the head with a frying pan. jordan looked at me funny and i explained it. then he was all grateful-like with more hugs (oh wow wow) and then he went off to do his victory lap. me and sister sarah ran around the school trying to see him. i ran past grace and she was like "no bec wait" but i was too excited to. i ran to the top of the stairs that lead to the hall, then i saw a massive group of people at the bottom of the stairs and a crashed helicopter. everything stopped. i turned around and sarah flew into my arms crying. we went down there and sarah picked up his guitar and i had a guitar and we started singing and playing the song jordan grace had been playing all competition.
really sad huh?

onto things that arent depressing now.

friday at school was good. we had a practice forum theatre in drama cause the real ones start monday!! i spent like three of my five lessons and a lunch on my maths assignment and i got most of it done as well. i was completely stoaked. the bell went to go to last class so i thought id put it in when school finished. fast track to me going to the plaza, talking to my boss for so long that i missed the 3:40 bus. i went to zarraffas and reasoned that i was aloud to since id done my maths assignment and everything. i was sitting there congratulating myself and then i remembered i didnt hand it in!!!!! shit!!!!! so i went to the plaza post office and posted it to the school but i dont know if ill get penalised or not since it was meant to be in at the end of school. dammit.

then i went home and got ready for cams. me and other sarah went to sister sarahs for dinner. we had nachos with mince (yum) and got ready. brent got lost picking jamie up from the train station so we were late to cams. when we got there i felt a little awkward cause the party was kind of separated. but then i got drunk and made friends. omg this guy pat was so stoned, it was halarious. then mel and tegan turned up randomly. mel had pot and i found teabags so we had a couple. im not really disappointed in myself or anything but i care about what my friends will think. the tom, aaron and nick turned up. again randomly. it was so good they turned up and were pretty much instantly friends with people at the party. somewhere in there me and tom kissed. then i told him that i liked him. he said "i like you to and i know this sounds really stupid but i dont have time for a girlfriend. with uni and work and everything id only get to see you on the weekend which wouldnt be worth it." i honestly have no clue what i said next but i dont think it was anything good. not like rude to him i think i suggested a friends with benefits thing. i dont know! but then i think i said that maybe that wouldnt be a good idea cause i might end up wanting more. again i dont know! we continued kissing throughout the night though. brent was so good all night he was protecting all us girls against sleazy guys. we'd be talking to someone gross and brent would come up and say "come on we have to do the thing you know" and other things like that and just drag us away. i love him :) at some point in the night i felt sick as well but i wasnt :) then me and other sarah were getting tired and we both had to be up early in the morning so we wanted to go back to aarons (that was like 10 away) to sleep. sister sarah didnt want to go so we left her which i feel really bad about but she had her friend there (i dont remember her name) that promised shed look after sister sarah. nick drove us to aarons cause hed had like one drink. at aarons we chilled alittle before going to bed around 3/3:30. me and tom shared a single bed and we cuddled some more. then we woke up at like 6 or something stupid like that cause aaron doesnt have curtains in his room yet. other sarahs mum took me to the plaza on the way to other sarahs netball, which was lovely of her. then work. it actually wasnt that bad. in fact in the morning i was great. we were so busy though. we didnt get all the stock done even though it was our main job. but im hoping that jim sees how busy we were, so he'll understand. i got home, called naomi and then slept.
i woke up this morning and realised that id had 13 hours sleep!! woah!!
now im getting ready for work and im kind of annoyed that i had to work both days this week cause i really needed to do my assignments. oh well i guess chloe didnt choose to be sick.
im cut that tom hasnt text me. bad follow up.

well if i dont move my keester im going to be late.
ill blog tonight.

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