Sunday, May 24, 2009

did you know you could sprain your knee?

i know right i didnt think you could sprain your knee, since i thought that spraining something was when it went the wrong way. but it would be pretty fucked up if your knee went the wrong way. this is what maddie also discovered when she fell in the shower on friday :( hope she gets better.

i watched an amazing movie today; crazy love. its about this girl who has like o.c.d. and amazingly perfect at everything and does everything for everyone until one day she has a nervous breakdown. she chucks olives and other preserved foods at security guards in a supermarket; its great. then shes admitted to a psych ward and after getting off on the wrong foot with a patient there, they fall in love. she leaves her fiance and they both ignore the doctors advice to not date. in time they are both let out of the hospital and they start living together. then he feels confident about his mental state and stops taking his meds. then he has an episode and tryies to hurt the girl, trashes their apartment and gets taken back to the hospital by the cops. she visits him and even though she knows she cant be with him she still wants to be. they agree they cant be together but she still wants to see him and suggests that maybe she could drop by sometimes. he says that it wouldnt be a good idea. they have their final kiss and she leaves, completely devastated even thought she knows its the right thing.
thats what i want. someone to love me so much that they put me ahead of them. to let me go even though they want me to stay. to ignore me when i still want to see them cause its for my own good.
tom still hasnt txt me. if he hasnt by tomorrow night im doing it. i just want to know whats going on before sister sarahs birthday BBQ.

work today was pretty shit. too many customers. and matt is stupid. but i love sash and jen. they almost made up for everything else.

me and sarah are talking about the whole tom situation. its not inspiring a whole lot of confidence. stupid bec. dont drink and talk about your feelings!! and now im stuck waiting for aaron to come online to see if he says anything about tom. this sucks. stupid bec you ruin everything.
ive decided that once this whole tom debacle is sorted im going to stay away from boys for a while (unless of course tom likes me and wants to date me) which leads me to this quote "serial monogamy is just hidden polygamy"
what if im a hidden polygamist? i mean i jump out of a 1 and a 1/2 year angst fest/friends with benefits/relationship into being surprisingly really into tom and telling him that i like him after like 2 days of realising this. in fact im pretty sure that before brad i liked josh for like over a year as well.
hmmmm maybe i need counselling. kidding. well... kind-of anyways.
im giving up ron ron coming online.
night xx

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