Monday, May 18, 2009

happy international museum day!

haha ive become addicted to looking up this sight Earth Calendar (
and today is international museum day. some other holidays for today include flag and university day in haiti, revival and unity day in turkmenistan and battle of laspeidras in uruguay. holidays for the month include breath easy month, corrective posture month, national barbeque month, national egg month, national salad month and asian pacific american heritage month :D every time i feel low i go find something to celebrate :D

sarah got me invited to cams party :D beyond excited. from what ive heard his parties sound epic e.g. mechanical bulls, mud wrestling and just general plastered-ness. it should be good :) and its a costume party; good v evil. all day id been trying to think of what i could go as and when i woke up from my nanna nap the first thing i thought was "little red riding hood" good yes? im going to wear a red cape a.k.a hood, red singlet, black shorts/skirt, red tights and my boots. and im stealing mums picnic basket :D im going op shopping tomorrow to find the cape/hood and the shorts/skirt. and im buying the singlet and tights. i could possibly wear my beret too. idk ill chat to sarah about it. but im very excited!! i love going to costume partys when i have a good costume :)

today for our parade we had john and ulga from AA come to talk to us. they were so funny john talked first and he open with "hi my names john and im an alcoholic" a couple of people (including me) said "hi john" back then after he told us he had been sober for 25 years he asked the whole group to say hello to him so he introduced himself again and the whole group greeted him. his talk was really.. sobering. oh gosh im awful i know :P he told us that one in three women will be abused in their lifetime and then that his wake up call was his wife calling the cops on him. the way he described the effect that alcohol has on him was an allergic reaction to it. his personality would dramatically change whenever he drank. he said he missed drinking, that he wished that he could drink like other people; it was really touching. then ulga came up and she was such a cutie and just halarious. "if you would rather sit and drink than have sex with a cute boy, then you've got a problem" :D and a guy had a question but then he forgot it or something and she said "do you want my number" she was great :) it was really powerful hearing how they turned their lives around. it got me thinking that maybe i would like to get into something like that (helping alcoholics not becoming one) as a career or maybe just volunteering. id guess though that you'd have to be older. i shall look in to it none the less.

i have a new favourite band. Never!Shout!Never! they're not my usual kind of stuff... i dont know what it is the singers voice just entrances me and his lyrics are a cross between cheesy and honest. check them out, particularly happy and trouble.

anways gnight

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