Thursday, May 21, 2009

i didnt get my ipod

epic sad face :( they only take back stuff that they specifically sell. me, other sarah and nick tried target to with the same response. dammit. its fair enough but still, dammit.
the rest of my day was super-dooper though.
well no actually qcs wasnt but it was better than usual. jesse fell out of his desk. LOL.
i got all my maths assignment copied (off tamika/zack :D thankyou) now ive just got to do a good copy. which i should probably be doing now. oh well.
nutter was either shitty with me or just shitty in general today. im hoping it was the second one which could be possible cause she was stessing heaps about her maths.
i saw sarahs art work. oh-my-freaking-god. i wish i could paint like that. shes painting me *blushes* and its really good. i told her i was going to buy it off her and give it to mum for her birthday. depending how much it is i think i will. is it incredibly up yourself to buy a painting of yourself? :S
then me and other sarah met nick at the plaza and went shopping. i got a red cardigan thats intensely long so im going to wear it as a dress to cams tomorrow night. *sidetrack for a moment; eeeeeeeee cams is tomorrow night im so excited!! and i dont have to work on saturday!!!!* i also got a yellow pair of ballet shoes and an awesome bag that has an indian on it. and i brought max (other sarahs brother) a policeman hat to replace the one i broke. and omfg i got a fake camera that shoots water :D its awesome.
tom was working so me, nick and sarah chatted to him for a bit. butterflies be still!! later on, after sarah and nick had gone to their works, i was on the way to see nic about the whole crazy whore lady (see blog below) i walked past toms work again and stopped in again. by myself! we talked for like 15/20 minutes and it was really good. i didnt embarrass myself or anything. and hes coming to sarahs BBQ next weekend :)
i went into work then remembered that nic finishes at 12 on thursdays. silly bec. so i called mum and she came and picked me up which was nice.
when i was getting my costume together i discovered that i have lost the black singlet i was planning to wear underneath my cardigan, and also remembered that my tights were red, not black like i now needed. so im going shopping after school tomorow to get them, and salvo-ing it to find a cape. if i cant find a cape then i can borrow one of max's but i dont want to loose it or anything.
maddie told me about this amazing magazine, Frankie. i cant afford magazines but the websight is incredibly grand. check it; its got like art, craft, food, travel, fashion, events, music and and anything else you can think of. its all really cute and the craft part has given me some awesome ideas for my room. **ohhh i forgot to mention the other day when i went into this shop, the very thing im pretty sure its called and i found heaps of stuff for my room like little lady bugs/butterflie/dragonflies and a heaps of little peices of drifwood tied with fishing line and pictures and everything**

wouldnt that be therapist is you, my blog. you, is tom.
eeeek. what am i getting myself into.

both images from le love.


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